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Quilt Confession | National Quilting Month

It's National Quilt Month and I am determined to make a quilt just for me. Don't laugh but this is my inspiration. The Sewing Loft

Did you know March is National Quilting Month and that March 21st is National Quilting Day? Who knew???  Well to celebrate I am going to share a secret...... Well, it's more like a confession, actually but it sure feels like a dirty little secret. Quilt Confession   I have never made a traditional quilt from start to finish. I mean, I've stitched tee shirt quilts, commissioned pieces … [Read more...]

Big Quilt Block Alternatives | Think Big

Think Think Big Quilt Blocks| Pillow Collective

This week Amy Ellis is celebrating her new book Think Big and hosting her second annual Pillow Collective series.  You will find many talented artists on the tour sharing their spin on her designs. You maybe wondering what's the deal with the "Think Big" title since we are talking pillows. Well, that's the beauty of the book. Think Big walks you through the process of thinking beyond the big … [Read more...]

Sew and Swap: 2015 Sewing Swaps

Sewing swaps are a fun way to get your creative juices flowing and meet other people passionate about sewing. Check out this great list for 2015. The Sewing Loft

Have you ever seen a post on Instagram that someone you follow is participating in a really cool swap, and you're sad that you missed the sign ups? Sometimes you just have to be on the right webpage at the right time to get in on the swapping action, but we're doing our best to round-up some future 2015 swaps for you right here, so you can join in the swapping fun, too! Instagram Swaps - you … [Read more...]

Sewing Retreats 2015 | Come Sew Away

Sewing retreats are a fun way to get your creative juices flowing and meet other people passionate about sewing. Check out this great list for 2015 retreats. The Sewing Loft

Have you ever been to a sewing retreat before? Maybe you've always wanted to go to one, but you weren't sure where to look? We've rounded up a great selection of sewing retreats that are coming up in 2015 - maybe there's one that is just right for you! Sewtopia (Illinois and Oregon) - This retreat is held in two locations each year - in Chicago in April and in Portland in November. Come … [Read more...]

Button Fitting Foot

Learn how to use the button fitting foot to attach buttons and small trims. The open foot provides a clear line of site making it easy to use. The Sewing Loft

Have you explored the button fitting foot yet? Well, if you have ever had to attached a small army of buttons or small trims, this foot and the button sewing lockstitch will quickly become your best friends! Button Fitting Foot   The button fitting foot is a strange shaped foot with a prong down the center.  It snaps directly onto the shank of your machine and allows you to … [Read more...]

20+ Tips for Sewing Handbags

20 tips to help you get starting sewing handbags at home. We will show you how to customize it with all your favorite elements. The Sewing Loft

Did you ever scour the store looking for a new handbag, only to come up empty because you couldn't find one that was "just right" for you? It can have you feeling like Goldilocks, right? Well, there is a simple solution to this problem, learn how to sew your own handbag. Tips for Sewing Handbags   Part 1: Materials That's right, armed with a sewing machine and a little big of … [Read more...]

Add cross stitch to your sewing projects

Add a simple cross stitch detail to your next project. Learn the basics. The Sewing Loft

Cross stitching has gained popularity in the last few years - it's not just for samplers and handkerchiefs any more! If you've ever wanted to learn more about cross stitch and how to incorporate it into your regular sewing projects, read on! Let's get started with a basic definition: Cross Stitch noun. a stitch in which pairs of diagonal stitches of the same length cross each other … [Read more...]

Heart Cookies – Sweet Nothings

These felt heart cookies are easy to make and zero calories. Grab the free pattern and stitch up a batch today. The Sewing Loft

Sweet treats are my downfall and cookies are my favorite. So, with Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I thought these zero calorie heart cookies would be perfect for the little ones. I know, totally selfish but I really don't need the temptation of cookies on my counter. Heart Cookies This project is for all levels. Skill Level- 1 Button   Supplies: colored felt matching … [Read more...]

100+ Free Embroidery Designs

Keep your creative juices flowing with over 100 free embroidery designs rounded up in one place. Everything from hand embroidery to machine applique.

February is National Embroidery Month and I wanted to celebrate in style. So, I've rounded up over 100 free embroidery designs to help keep you inspired!   100+ free Embroidery Designs   Please remember that there are all different types of embroidery designs on the market today.  Hand Embroidery, Machine Embroidery and Applique. Many of these designs are available in … [Read more...]