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Catching up with Amy Barickman

It's National Sewing Month and we are chatting with Amy Barickman from Indygo Junction about all things sewing.

I just love that our community let's me combine two of my favorite things; friends and sewing!  Today, Amy Barickman from Indygo Junction is stopping by for a visit during National Sewing Month.  You might remember me chatting about her latest book Dimensional Denim a few weeks ago. Let me start off by giving some background- I first met Amy a few years back at The Creative Connection … [Read more...]

Chatting with Patty Young

It's National Sewing Month and not only are we are chatting with Patty Young from MODKID but we taking a peak inside her studio.

I'm super excited to be chatting with today's special guest Patty Young from MODKID Boutique.  Her work is super playful, completely infused with color and Oh So Graphic. Patty Young grew up in San Jose, Costa Rica, in an environment where she was encouraged to express her creativity freely. Both of her parents dabbled in the arts so it was only natural that she would inherit their creative … [Read more...]

Meet Cindy from Riley Blake Designs

It's National Sewing Month and not only are we are chatting with Cindy from Riley Blake Designs but we are getting an insider view of her sewing room.

National Sewing Month 2014 has brought on some fun and thoughtful conversations about the comeback of sewing and the details of WHY we sew but today, it's time to get into some fun stuff- like fabric.  Please help me give a warm welcome to Cindy Cloward from Riley Blake Designs!! Let me first start with a little back story for anyone not familiar with Riley Blake.  They are a family owned … [Read more...]

The 5 W’s of Sewing | Reasons for sewing

Reasons for Sewing. The Sewing Loft

I can not tell you enough how grateful I am for your comments, personal experiences and general discussion taking place on The Rise of Sewing post. It really drives home one of the reasons why I started this blog... because being connected to like-minded peeps helps me feel at home, like I belong to something bigger, a community! Not to mention that I love it but really, that is only part of the … [Read more...]

Sewing Trend: The Rise of Sewing

What has brought sewing back into fashion? Why is this sewing trend popular again? The Sewing Loft

Sometimes, when you're crafty, you tend to surround yourself with crafty friends and read crafty books and blogs, to the point where you get this unrealistic idea that everyone knows how to sew their own skirts or bake their own bread from scratch. Then you find yourself talking about seam allowance in a group of "Muggles," and you realize that you're very much in the minority. But lately, … [Read more...]

TJ Celebrates National Sewing Month

marbled paper machine sewn

Hello everybody!  It's your old friend TJ here from Studio Mailbox tuning in for the first Friday post of September.  I have appreciated all the support and tips from TSL readers as I've undergone my work with my denim quilt project.  This month we're interrupting the regularly scheduled program to celebrate national sewing month! Sewing means different things to different people.  As a mixed … [Read more...]

Sewing Differences

Sewing is so much more than just a needle and thread. Let's explore during National Sewing Month on The Sewing Loft.

Wasn't that sewing quiz fun!  It has really become clear to me that the simple act of sewing requires more than just a needle and thread. In fact, over the past few years I have dabbled and admired so many forms of sewing that I thought it would be fun to explore a few different areas during National Sewing Month. For anyone just joining our little sewing circle, National Sewing Month is a … [Read more...]

What’s your sewing IQ?

It's time to celebrate National Sewing Month on The Sewing Loft

Woo HOO, it's time, National Sewing Month is here!   To kick start the month off, let's test your sewing IQ with this fun little quiz. Play Below-   So, how did you do?  Are you a savvy stitcher, stitching student or sewing genius? Feel free to spread the fun and share with your friends. Stay tuned.... We have SEW many fun things in store for you this month! … [Read more...]

Sew Inspiring: Scrap Buster Projects

This board is jam packed with some of the most amazing scrap buster projects I have found. Be sure to follow along and keep all those small bits of fabric goodness!

We all know that I am a total scrap hoarder and that I am always on the hunt for creative ideas for these little bits of goodness but did you know that I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to scrap buster projects and ideas?  Well if the answer is a big fat no, this is one board that you will want to follow and check often!   Do you have a favorite scrap project? Leave me a … [Read more...]