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Calculating Fabric for Continuous Bias | The Sewing Loft
These easy fabric postcards are great for summer vacations. Add your pin dot on the map for a fun visual.
Trim Storage Options The Sewing Loft
Top 5 Tutorials of 2013 on The Sewing Loft

Printing on Fabric at Home Q & A

Get the skinny about printing on fabric. All your questions answered and photos after washing. The Sewing Loft

Last week I shared easy techniques for printing on fabric and the response was amazing.... But you had questions, many questions. So, I wanted to take the time to answer all of them and share a few more photos.  (Be warned, this is a long post due to the questions and photos but I wanted to be thorough.)  Printing on Fabric at Home Q & A   Please note that many of the questions … [Read more...]

Sewing Machine Cover Sew Along

Sewing Machine Cover Sew Along | The Sewing Loft

Are you ready to sew along with me? Hello, Happy Stitchers! The time has come to discuss a dirty little secret many of us are holding onto: we’ve got naked sewing machines! Are you guilty of this one, too? Don’t be embarrassed; it’s a wide-spread problem in our community! Many of us probably bought a sewing machine that didn’t come with a case or cover. Maybe you bought a hard case, but do … [Read more...]

Bar Tack Stitch

The bar tack stitch is most commonly seen on denim apparel. With a few slight adjustments it can be made on a home sewing machine.

  Bar tack stitch - noun A reinforcing stitch made on an industrial or home sewing machine, used to stabilize stress areas in a sewn item.   If you’re wearing jeans right now, look at the pockets - do you see a line of tiny, tight zigzag stitches near the top corners?Those are bar tack stitches; they’re used to give stability and strength to the area of your jeans that’s going to get … [Read more...]

Creative Storage Solutions

Creative Solutions

It's officially the new year and reality has hit, it's time to dig in and organize. This task is something that I dread! I seem to collect stuff like mad with the thought process that eventually I will use it.  Does that sound familiar?  Well, if so, just know that you are not alone. This year, I am determined to pair down and find a few creative storage solutions that actually work for me. Not … [Read more...]

Printing on fabric at home

How to Print on Fabric feature

Have you ever worked on a project and wanted to have a special something printed directly on matching fabric? Well today, I'm going to share an easy tip that will have you printing on fabric at home. That's right, directly from your home computer! There are four key ways to print directly on fabric from your home computer. Each requires you to cut the fabric to size. Let me explain each … [Read more...]

100+ Scrap Fabric Projects

100+ Scrap Fabric Projects Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft

Scraps, Scraps, Scraps! Ever wonder what do you do with all of those little pieces of leftover fabric bits? Well today's post is going to help keep you inspired with over 100 easy scrap fabric projects.  100+ Free Scrap Fabric Projects There are so many great projects on this list that you will want to take your time and PIN THIS for … [Read more...]

Easy Valentine’s Day Projects

Easy Valentine's Day Projects | The Sewing Loft

Valentine's Day is just a few short weeks away and I know that I need to get things started to make sure my peeps feel the love.  To get your creative juices flowing, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at all the past projects shared on The Sewing Loft.  Maybe one of them will be perfect for someone on your list.   Easy Valentine's Day … [Read more...]

Sewing Machine Mat How To

Use shelf paper to create a sewing machine mat. The Sewing Loft

Many of us share a work surface to sew on. It could be the dining room table, a small desk or even the kitchen counter. (don't judge, I've done it!) I've tried a bunch of different things to prevent scratching the surface, including a bath towel. This helped prevent scratching but not reduce the noise or the shaking. To help solve my issue, bust through my scrap bucket and stitch something … [Read more...]

Around the World Blog Hop

Around The World Blog Hop The Sewing Loft

Last week, I got a pretty cool invite from my sweet and talented friend Jennifer of EllisonLane to take part of the Around the World Blog Hop. I feel so lucky to have met Jen. She is local.... HURRAH!!! Is the amazing host of Sew South and has the most amazing sense of color. I swear, I'd be happy to have just one of anything she makes! Just check out that triangle quilt. Around the World … [Read more...]