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Quilt Box Organization & Giveaway

Keep projects organized with these simple tips and this quilt box giveaway. The Sewing Loft

Things have been crazy here and this quilt box collection is just what I needed!  Sometimes you have to stop and organize. Today's work in progress is something that I struggle with.  That's right, the task of organizing my space always puts me in a tail spin.  Chewie gets to see my space in all its creative glory (umm, I mean mess!) on the average day but today, I am excited and somewhat … [Read more...]

Quilting Foot or Patchwork Foot

Take your top stitching to the next level with a quilting foot. The Sewing Loft

Sometimes we get so settled into the routine of sewing that we forget to look past the basic sewing machine foot.  Well today, I want to share a new discovery…. the quilting foot or patchwork foot.  It has this amazing 1/4" guide on it to make every stitch line up perfectly. . This little nugget of goodness seems to be a tightly guarded secret in the quilting community.  So, the question … [Read more...]

Chain Piecing – Streamline your project

Chain piecing is the perfect way to streamline your sewing on large projects. Learn the basics at The Sewing Loft.

Chain piecing and assembly piecing are interchangeable terms in the world of sewing.   They refer to assembly line sewing and just like the 1/4" seam are considered a staple in the world of quilting. I like to think of chain piecing as the assembly line sewing. You are essentially sewing like pieces together in a repetitive fashion. This method is super efficient and the perfect way to … [Read more...]

Sweet Floppy Bunny Pattern- Your WIP

Your WIP Button RC

With spring in full bloom and Easter is just a few days away, our Sweet Floppy Bunny Pattern is getting a bunch of attention. I am seeing these cuties hopping all over the place and just love seeing the different color combinations.  Here are a few pictures of cuties you shared this week. Sweet Floppy Bunny Pattern   A big Thank You to Christi, Elaine and Lydia for sharing a … [Read more...]

Rolled Hem Basics & How To

Basic rolled hem is perfect for napkins. The Sewing Loft

A rolled hem uses a special foot on your sewing machine - called the rolled hem foot, appropriately enough - to roll the edge of the fabric onto itself and stitch it in place. You can also create this type of hem by hand if you don’t have a rolled hem foot for your machine or if the type of fabric you’re sewing is very delicate. The rolled hem is ideal for lightweight fabrics, knits, and any … [Read more...]

Homemade to Handmade Sewing

Learn how to elevate your garments to a new level of handmade with these simple steps. The Sewing Loft

In my world, there is a difference between homemade and handmade.  When I think of homemade my mind lingers towards the negative.  I'm not sure why so please don't judge but I tend to think of a DIY gone bad.  But handmade on the other hand screams quality.  I think of the countless hours of attention to detail and love the project was made with.   When you wear a garment that you made for … [Read more...]

Baby Lock Heather’s Helpful Hints

Come find me sharing helpful sewing hints on Baby Lock's blog.

I have some news to share.  Once a month you can find me hanging with the crew at Baby Lock. I'll be sharing helpful hints and chatting about all things sewing.  To kick off the new column, I am highlighting National Serger Month with tips to take the scary out of serging.  Take the Scary out of Serging!   These tips are really geared to help you push past the “scary” and dive … [Read more...]