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How to Set Up a Craft Show Booth

Craft Show Booth Set Up is so important at craft shows. Learn more tips on creating inventory and pricing products in order to have a successful craft show. The Sewing Loft

Welcome back for part 3 of our series on craft show selling success! Today we're going to talk about how to set up your booth in order to showcase your products and attract plenty of buyers. Let's get started! Tips for Selling at Craft Shows, Part 3: Booth Setup When it comes to setting up a craft show booth, there are a lot of areas to cover! So let’s break them down, one by one. Step 1: … [Read more...]

Successfully Sell at a Craft Show: Products & Pricing

Tips on creating inventory and pricing product to have a successful craft show. The Sewing Loft

Welcome back to round 2 of our series on selling your handmade goods at a craft show! Today we're going to talk about setting up the products you're going to sell. Tips for Selling at Craft Shows, Part 2: Products & Pricing Step 1: Prepare your Inventory It’s time to stock up! For any craft fair, the goal is to have enough inventory to fill your booth, and then some. How many … [Read more...]

Set Yourself Up for Craft Show Success

Tips to improve your craft show and ensure success. The Sewing Loft

If you’ve been making things for a while and you’re thinking of branching out and selling your handmade goods at a craft show, that’s great! The whole process may feel very overwhelming, but it’s really a situation where practice makes perfect. Once you get through your first show, you’ll come home with a million new ideas for how to make your next one even better! It would also be great if you’d … [Read more...]

Kitchen Mat Cover Up Tutorial

Kitchen Mat Cover Up DIY. The Sewing Loft

I like to update my kitchen mat from time to time.  It helps keep things fresh and makes me feel like I have redecorated.  (total fake out!) I originally shared this kitchen mat cover up project during National Serger Month with BabyLock but wanted to remind you that this project is perfect for clearing out smaller fabrics in your stash. Kitchen Mat Cover Up   This project is for all … [Read more...]

How to Make a TShirt Quilt: Finishing

Mini Series. Learn how to make a tshirt quilt on The Sewing Loft

We have gathered, prepped and stitched our favorite tees into this amazing story.... Now what? Well, it is time to add  the batting, some simple quilting stitches, and attach our backing fabric. Did you miss the beginning of this series? Click here for Part 1 - Materials & Cutting. Then click here for Part 2 - Assembling the Quilt Top. Then get ready come back here and put it all together … [Read more...]

Make a T Shirt Quilt: Stitching

Mini Series. Learn how to make a tshirt quilt on The Sewing Loft

Last time we started the prep work for an easy T Shirt quilt.  We gathered our favorite tees, fused with interlining, determined finished quilt size and cut our blocks. No worries if you missed the prep work- Just click here and you will be up to date in a flash! This project is for all levels. Skill Level- 1 1/2 Buttons  For a full list of the materials needed, check out post 1 in this … [Read more...]

How to Make a Tee Shirt Quilt: Materials & Cutting

Learn how to make a tee shirt quilt with these easy step by step instructions. The Sewing Loft

Over the years, I have made countless memory quilts for clients.  The materials range from baby clothes to concert shirts to full-blown 3-piece suits. The excitement and joy my clients express during the "big reveal" of their memory quilt is always truly touching.  The one question that I am always asked is, "How did you do that?" This "How To"  series will walk you through the basics of … [Read more...]

Dritz Mystery Box Challenge

Dritz Mystery Box Challenge zipper bag with pattern. The Sewing Loft

Today's post combines a two of my favorite things- snail mail and sewing!  Our friends over at Dritz just launched their fantastic new site filled with all sorts of sewing goodness including projects, tips and you guessed it notions & tools!  To help celebrate, my friend Jennifer from Ellison Lane issued a challenge of sorts.... Use 5 items from a mystery filled box of happy mail from … [Read more...]

Hanging Scarf Organizer

This hanging scarf organizer will keep your favorite accessory ready when you are. Easy to make and includes a free pattern. The Sewing Loft

Cooler weather means scarf season in my world. This simple accessory can transform any basic outfit to fabulous in a flash but the biggest bonus is that I never have to worry about whether or not my pants fit. The problem I always have is how to store them. In my mind I think they would look good all folded up and stacked on a shelf but reality sets in and they wind up crumbled in a ball. Insert … [Read more...]