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Zippered Bags with a Twist- One Way Zip Class

This post contains affiliate links to products that I own, use and love. Have you seen this new Zippered Bags With A Twist- One Way Zip Class with Joan Hawley on Craftsy? If the answer is no, then my question to you is why not? Not only did I really enjoy watching Joan teach but the projects are quickly becoming my favs!  (Actually, if you are on my Christmas exchange list please stop … [Read more...]

Pattern Attachment Lines | Sewing Term

This post contains affiliate links to products that I own, use and love. Attachment lines - noun Markings on a printed pattern piece indicate where to join two or more pattern pieces prior to cutting the fabric. Pattern attachment lines usually on PDF Internet patterns show where to join two pattern pieces to create one large single piece.  Standard printer paper measures 8.5 X 11" … [Read more...]

Block 6 Diamond Sky | Starry Night Quilt

It's a new month and that means it's time to stitch up another block in the 2016 Block of the Month Sew Along with Fairfield World. Block 6 is Diamond Sky. Would you believe that are officially at the halfway point! So, if you have been stitching along, you should have completed 5 blocks by now. That's a pretty sweet stack if you ask me. By far and away, the Diamond Sky is my favorite … [Read more...]

Ballpoint Needle | Sewing Tool

This post contains affiliate links to products that I own, use and love.  Ballpoint needle - noun   a sewing needle with a rounded tip used for sewing on knit or other stretch fabrics.   A ballpoint needle has a rounded tip instead of a pointed one which allows it to separate the fibers in a knit or stretch fabric. This "gentle" separation allows it to pull … [Read more...]

Sewing Soothes The Soul | Time for Me

Last week, from the cutting room floor, I shared the sad news that my little scrap manager Chewie passed away. It is with heavy heart that I share one final picture of my little scrap manager. Chewie was an amazing companion that I never knew I needed! Even though it was for just a short time, it was such a gift to have him with us. Celebrate your babies today and give them an extra squeeze … [Read more...]

Vintage Sewing Machine Transformations

A few months ago, I shared an amazing vintage sewing machine transformation on Facebook (the polka dot one at the end of this list), and boy did it get a response! I have 2 vintage beauties myself and would probably not have the courage to paint them without fear of retribution from my elders, ha! But, still, in a modern, artistic sort of way, these "redos" are amazingly creative, even awe … [Read more...]

Machine Stitches | Sewing Term

Machine Stitches - noun a general term for the collective body of stitches able to be performed on a sewing machine Machine stitches refer to the collection of stitches a sewing machine can perform. Individual sewing machines may come with just a few stitches, or several, depending on the style of the machine. Whenever you see a pattern that calls for “machine stitching,” that term is … [Read more...]

Artwork Embroidery Pillow

My youngest (Missy S) is in love with the fresh modern look that's ever so popular right now and she has been begging for new pillows. So, to motivate me along in the process she came to me with a fun drawing. Her plan was simple, artwork embroidered pillows. Now, at first I was thinking this was crazy to do by hand but my little smarty pants reminded me of the cool feature my Baby Lock Destiny … [Read more...]


It's July, it's July, it's the first Friday in July people!  TJ Goerlitz here from Studio Mailbox stopping by to touch base about this year's campaign highlighting random acts of sewing kindness or RASK for short.  Last month I shared my contribution towards a tiny books project, this month I've been busy cleaning up my sewing room which means I've finally decided to bring old Betsy in for … [Read more...]