{KISS How To} Coffee Cozie

Keepin’ It Super Simple!

My kids are notorious for leaving a trail of half filled glasses all around the house.  So, to help solve this problem I am creating a few cozies for them to use.  My plan is for them to use one glass all day!  Plus, my scrap basket is jam-packed and needs to be cleaned out!

This project is for sewers of with basic skills.

Skill Level- 1 Button


  • fabric
  • batting  (side note- I used a piece of fleece, remember clean out time!)
  • hair pony
  • button
Basic Instructions:
Since these posts are all about “Keepin’ it Super Simple”, I am not going to reinvent the wheel and create a new pattern.   House On Hill Road blog has this easy to follow pattern.  Click here for the direct link.
  1. To be fair, I wanted more room to “play” and get creative on my cozie.  So, I increased the height by 1/4″.  Then I outlined my pattern direct onto the face of my fabric.  This is now my “canvas”.
  2. I wanted to create a fun abstract figure.  So, after a quick sketch,  I began cutting and layering everything up until I was happy with the outlook.
  3. Then over to the machine to stitch everything in place with a straight stitch.  This is where you should have fun!  Consider using contrast thread or even a decorative stitch.
  4. Then return back to the directions from House On Hill Road and you are all set.

How cute are they!

**Need a gift- no problem!  Add a few boxes of flavored tea and you have a super simple yet personalized gift!

Remember, Keep It Super Simple!!

Happy Crafting!
ps- Don’t miss out, the party starts tonight on The Patchwork Posse!  This party decor workshop includes 4 new patterns to create that special day for the little princess in your life.  Click here for more info.  Be sure to tell Becky that you are a TSL fan for an extra “sweet treat” pattern.


  1. I LOVE these! Maybe even I…the biggest “unseamstress”…could make these! :)

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