Skirted – March Project Wrap Up

Skirted Wrap Up | Easy Skirt Tutorials

Hello Sewing Loft Readers! So either I'm a great teacher or you already know everything there is to know about skirts, because you didn't really have many questions last week. The only question was about flounces, so I'm happy to answer that. I use my flexible ruler (seen below) to make my curve. It also helps if you cut the piece while folded in half, so the sides of the curve match. … [Read more...]

Skirted: Skirt Pattern Variations and Questions

Learn easy skirt variations | TheSewingLoft

Hello Sewing Loft Readers! Today, in addition to taking your questions about skirt drafting/sewing, I'm going to show you how to take the pattern we drafted last week and turn it into other variations. Let's start with adding facings - the facings and sewing a zipper into the center back seam are the only things I added to make this fitted skirt. You'll cut your facings on the fold, just … [Read more...]

How to Draft a Skirt Pattern

Draft a Skirt Series on The Sewing Loft

Hello Sewing Loft Readers! Today I'm going to show you how to draft a skirt pattern from scratch - no rub-off patterning this month! To start with, you need three measurements: your waist, your hips, and your waist to hip length. Let's discuss more. Waist: This can be your actual waist, or where you want your skirt to sit. I prefer my skirts to sit above my hips, but lower than my actual … [Read more...]

March Project – Skirted – A fitted skirt pattern

March Skirt Project | The Sewing Loft

Hello Sewing Loft Readers! I hope you enjoyed the t-shirt sew along last month. If you missed any posts, you can find them here: T-shirt Introduction T-Shirt Tutorial T-Shirt Questions and Tips for Sewing with Knits T-Shirt Answers and more Knit Sewing Tips This month we're tackling the perfect thing to go with your new t-shirt - a spring skirt! Spring has already arrived here in … [Read more...]

Sewing with Knits – Your Questions Answered!

Sewing with Knits Q & A

  Hello Sewing Loft Readers! Today I'm answering your questions about sewing with knits. Forgive me for paraphrasing some of your comments, but hopefully this way everyone gets the info in an easy to follow format. Q: What do I do about my knits curling on the edges? A: Knits like jersey definitely tend to do this, and especially when they are lightweight:   What works for … [Read more...]

February Project – Sewing with Knits & Questions

Sewing with Knits | The Sewing Loft

Hey Sewing Loft Readers! How are your t-shirt projects going? And what questions do you have for me? Today I'm going to talk a little about tips for sewing with knits, and then I'm opening the comments up for your questions. So, tips for sewing knits - here's the biggest one: DON'T STRETCH THE KNIT WHILE YOU SEW.  Because if you do, this happens Yup, I am responsible for that ugly, wavy … [Read more...]

T-Shirt Variations

Create and Sew T-Shirt

Hey y'all, I'm back to show you how to sew your own t-shirt, and how to make variations to a basic t-shirt pattern to customize it. First: how to sew a t-shirt. I wrote a tutorial about that here. It's super easy; once you get the hang of this you can knock these out in 30 minutes or less. Next we're going to talk about how to modify a basic t-shirt for raglan sleeves. Raglan sleeves are the … [Read more...]