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To stash or destash our fabric? That is the burning question on everyone’s mind this time of year. I look at my insurmountable fabric stash, including scrap stash because let’s face it, I love to save every little scrap, and wonder, “how did this happen again?”.  Most creative types keep every last piece and that fabric pile builds up fast.

Keep your fabric pile in check with these tips for keeping and destashing. Trust me, your sewing space will thank you!


As crafters and sewers the main resolution each year is to use up our fabric pile before buying anything new. I for one have a hard time keeping that resolution as I’m sure many of you do also. So how does one go about de-stashing and organizing their fabric you may wonder. Does the thought give you heart palpitations just thinking about it?  I can assure you that there are many satisfying ways to destash and organize your fabric pile that are not only satisfying but also fun to do!


Fabric Pile Clearing Tips

Social Media

As we work through our fabric sometimes we run across pieces that are just not “us” anymore. A great place to unload these fabric pieces is Facebook. There are a lot of great destashing pages just waiting for you to post your fabric and it is as easy as doing a search for the groups and joining. Also, outside of Facebook you can sell your fabric at Thrift sales, Yard sales or Freecycle in your area just to name a few.


Another way to unload fabric that we probably won’t use is to gift it to charities, church groups, or clubs.  These groups will always gladly accept fabric for their programs. You can search online or through word of mouth to find them. Groups such as binky patrol, and project linus use donated fabric to make blankets for children. Your local 4-H clubs, or quilt groups love to have donated fabrics, and hospice centers use fabrics for quilts, and hospital gowns. Lastly, if your schools still teach sewing you could consider donating fabric to the teachers who teach those classes.

Keep it!

Sometimes we just can’t part with a single piece of our wonderful pretties and that is ok. Instead of getting rid of the fabric take it and turn it into something beautiful you can give to someone. You can sew up gifts for any of the holidays, or birthdays throughout the year. I know I love to receive handmade gifts because it gives you warm fuzzies knowing the person was willing to spend time on a personal gift just for you. Remember, no holiday is needed to sew up special projects to give away. There are many things you could make such as easy boho bags, or crazy quilts to give away to people. Scrap busting projects such as these are usually great at helping to get rid of the overflowing basket or bin in your sewing room. Speaking of scrap basket another way to use up fabric is to make this basket to store your scraps in.

Donate to a New Sewer

If there is someone you know old or young that has shown an interest in sewing, now might be the time to help them learn to sew. By sharing your talents and fabric with them they will be able to learn a lifelong skill and help you destash your sewing space. Besides, it is always fun to share with others and who knows it could create a lifelong friendship.


A fun way to organize and destash is with a group of your sewing friends. You could get together with your sewing community or friends and hold a fabric swap night. Very strict rules must be put into place and adhered to, because if you are not careful with this one,  you could end up coming home with more than you gave away.

Keep your fabric pile in check with these tips for keeping and destashing. Trust me, your sewing space will thank you!As we celebrate this New Year let us remember how much we can accomplish when we are organized and how great it feels to release those things that we truly don’t love or will never use to bless others lives. Who knows you might enjoy the process and make it a once a year goal that is actually kept.





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