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Blanket Stitch | Sewing Term

Blanket stitch - noun   a buttonhole stitch with spaces of variable width used on materials too thick to hem   A blanket stitch is made by hand stitching, and traditionally works well to create a hem on blankets or other items made of fleece or felt. The blanket stitch is one of the most popular decorative stitches used today. It can be created by hand or with your … [Read more...]

Learning to Sew | Who Taught You How?

Sewing has been around forever, but the funny thing is that outside of the "fancy" machines that we have now  to speed up the process, the basic elements are the same. Needle + Thread + Fabric = Magic What started out as a necessity and an art form that was past down from mother to daughter for generations has morphed into something completely different today. Over time, as clothing started … [Read more...]

10 Stunning Vintage Doily DIY Ideas

This post contains affiliate links to products I own, use and love. It's pretty clear that I "love me some vintage " but I've never really dived into different ways to incorporate these goodies into our sewing.   So today, I've rounded up some stunning vintage doily DIY ideas to help get your creative juices flowing! Stunning Vintage Doily DIY's   Using vintage doilies is a great … [Read more...]

Knee Control | Sewing Term

Knee control - noun   an accessory on a sewing machine that allows the user to control the sewing machine’s power with a knee   A knee control is a lever that can replace your sewing machine’s foot pedal. Some sewists really like the knee control, as it allows them to lift their knee and adjust the machine’s starting, stopping, and speed. Many machines do not come with a … [Read more...]

Sewing Machine Pipe Cleaner Brush

It's spring and while the bunnies running around my yard make me smile, the ones multiplying under my machine do not. I've shared to I clean my sewing machine with step by step photo instructions before but now I have another tip to share. Actually, it's a new tool and you can't buy this one in any store. Nope, this sewing machine pipe cleaner brush you can make at home for pennies! Pipe … [Read more...]

Sewing Kindness, a Legacy

Hello dear friends of First Fridays, it's TJ from Studio Mailbox here to bring you your monthly dose of sewing humor.  This year I'm rolling out a campaign promoting Random Acts of Sewing Kindness or RASK for short.  I hope it will catch on so please allow me to update you on what's been happening! My Grandma came for a visit and before she got her shoes off she plunked her old serge machine … [Read more...]

Pintucks | Sewing Term

This post may contain affiliate links  to products I love and use.  Pintucks - noun A pattern of ridges in fabric formed by a series of tucks placed at regular intervals in the fabric. Can be made by hand, or by machine. A fabric with a pintuck surface has a series of folds or tucks in it. You can sew these tucks in place by hand, or use your sewing machine. You might find this … [Read more...]

10 Dresden Plates to Drool Over

This post contains affiliate links to products I own, use and love. Not only do I love the look of dresden plates but they are perfect for scraps. Although they are commonly used in quilts, I've shared 10 alternative uses below to help spark your creativity! Each dresden plate project has a link below the picture. Click the link to find more details. 10 Dresden Plates   Even … [Read more...]

Twin Needle | Sewing Tool

  Twin Needle- noun Twin needles are two sewing machine needles attached to one shaft with a plastic bridge connector. One needle is shorter than the other which makes it possible for the bobbin to catch the thread in both needles when sewing.  This needle is commonly used for decorative stitching and the creation of pintucks. It is also popular for creating hems on knit … [Read more...]