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Hanging Scarf Organizer

This hanging scarf organizer will keep your favorite accessory ready when you are. Easy to make and includes a free pattern. The Sewing Loft

Cooler weather means scarf season in my world. This simple accessory can transform any basic outfit to fabulous in a flash but the biggest bonus is that I never have to worry about whether or not my pants fit. The problem I always have is how to store them. In my mind I think they would look good all folded up and stacked on a shelf but reality sets in and they wind up crumbled in a ball. Insert … [Read more...]

WIP it Good … Misery loves company!

Sewers and their WIP's- How many do you have?

Be honest: what is the last time you sat down and counted your sewing-related WIPs? (WIP = works in progress) Are you afraid to even look? The other day I posted a question about this on Facebook - and I got a pretty big response! Here's the breakdown: It seems like a lot of us get caught up in the WIP trap: we're attracted to the idea of a new, shiny project. New fabric! New techniques! … [Read more...]

How To Install a Grommet

Learn how to install a grommet. The Sewing Loft

Have you ever used a grommet?  If the answer is no, my question to you is simple, Why not? Grommets are one of my favorite types of trims to add on a project.  I like to use them on everything from curtains to bags, heck even in home organizational projects.  One of my most popular projects is the Scrap Bucket Bag. Let's explore: Grommet noun an eyelet placed in a hole in a sheet or panel … [Read more...]

Haunted House Applique

Easy to make Haunted House Applique Template by The Sewing Loft

It's almost time for that big candy haul called Halloween. You know what I mean, the day the kiddos get dressed up into something magical and go racing door to door to see what sweet treats they can score.  The challenge is what do you put this amazing booty in? Well, if you were like me as a kid, you carried around a standard issue pillowcase and clearly, that will just not do these days. I can … [Read more...]

Halloween Tote Bag Pattern| Bag O Bones

Halloween Tote Bag Pattern by The Sewing Loft

Halloween is right around the corner and it's a big day in my world. The girls just love dressing up and knocking on doors but safety is always my number one concern. Let's face it, the best time to go trick or treating in their eyes is at night.  Factor in the excitement level and darting across the street to see a friend and you can understand my concerns. (Sorry, it's just the mom in me!) So … [Read more...]

100+ Free Scarf Patterns

100+ Free Scarf Patterns Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft

Cool crisp weather is on the way and before you know it we will be pulling out our scarves from last year. This simple accessory is easy to make and always fits no matter what size is written on your label.  To kick start the season, I have rounded up over 100+ free scarf patterns to get you inspired. 100+ Free Scarf Patterns   This list is pretty AWESOME! I never realized that there … [Read more...]

Transitions Between Projects

TJ is here talking about those in between transition projects. The Sewing Loft

Hello Friends of First Fridays! It's TJ from Studio Mailbox here to update you on my year-long journey with denim. Can you believe October has rolled around already?  As it gets dark earlier and earlier I can't help but think that it's nature's way of telling me to get sewing.  If this isn't the perfect time of year to start a project that requires some handwork in front of the TV at night, I … [Read more...]

Free Sewing Printables- Seam Ripper

Funny sewing memes can add a punch of humor to your sewing space. These free sewing printables are formatted for a 8" x 10" page. The Sewing Loft

These days I am really enjoying playing with sewing memes and I think this one fits me to a tee!  I think it would be super fun to have a few different sayings printed and framed to hang in my studio space. So, I have put it together in a free printable format for all to enjoy. Before you hit the download button, I kindly ask that you consider sharing on Pinterest or with a friend. This … [Read more...]

The Value of your local Quilt Shops

Local fabric and quilt shops can be the best kept secret in town. Take a look at how they can help improve your sewing experience and become your secret weapon! The Sewing Loft

Local Quilt Shop noun A business specializing in the sale of fabric, thread, sewing notions, patterns, and sewing equipment. A gathering place for sewing enthusiasts; often the location for education, socialization, & inspiration. The best resource in your sewing tool kit! Many times our local shops are overlooked as a valuable resource in our sewing tool chests.  Well, today I … [Read more...]