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Artwork Embroidery Pillow

My youngest (Missy S) is in love with the fresh modern look that's ever so popular right now and she has been begging for new pillows. So, to motivate me along in the process she came to me with a fun drawing. Her plan was simple, artwork embroidered pillows. Now, at first I was thinking this was crazy to do by hand but my little smarty pants reminded me of the cool feature my Baby Lock Destiny … [Read more...]


It's July, it's July, it's the first Friday in July people!  TJ Goerlitz here from Studio Mailbox stopping by to touch base about this year's campaign highlighting random acts of sewing kindness or RASK for short.  Last month I shared my contribution towards a tiny books project, this month I've been busy cleaning up my sewing room which means I've finally decided to bring old Betsy in for … [Read more...]

It’s Sew Easy Upcoming Episodes

Earlier this year, in the cold of February, I flew to Ohio and filmed a few new episodes of It's Sew Easy. Just like last time, I arrived the day before to prepare my samples and get settled in on set. Not only did I get to triple check everything but I was able to see a few friends I met while filming the series last year. Love the @itsseweasytv reunion! @makeitcoats @thesewingloft … [Read more...]

11 Easy DIY Projects for 4th of July

If you live in the USA you know just how big the 4th of July is. It's a day to kick back with friends, enjoy the summer sun and smell the BBQ. This year, I thought it would be fun to put together a few fun ideas to help celebrate my country's Independence Day but many of them are perfect for everyday events. DIY Projects for 4th of July   Show your pride Check out these easy DIY … [Read more...]

The Sewing Loft Weekly Newsletter

I have a question for you.... Are you in the know? Do you get the inside skinny on sewing? Well, the answer is NO if you haven't signed up for The Sewing Loft weekly newsletter yet. Have you subscribed to my weekly newsletter? If not, what's stopping you?   Just in case you're still on the fence, I thought I'd give you an inside peek into what you can expect from my newsletter and … [Read more...]

Notions | Sewing Term

Notions - noun An umbrella term that refers to a variety of small articles used for sewing and haberdashery.  They can include items like buttons, snaps, thread, and ribbon, or sewing helps like pins, thread, and seam rippers. Notions are found grouped together in the same section of a retail store. In sewing, notions are small items that can be grouped into two categories: … [Read more...]

Common Threads 2016 Love of Sewing

We all dream of getting away for a few days to stitch with friends but how many of us actually do it? Well, thanks to a special invitation from my friends at BabyLock, last week I did just that. I hopped on a plane and headed out to St. Louis, MO to visit Tacony Headquarters and spend a few days with friends at the BabyLock Common Threads 2016 Event. For the past three years, Baby Lock has … [Read more...]

10 DIY Inspiring Yardstick Alternatives

When you hear the word yardstick, what comes to mind? Measurements right? We use them for everything from measuring the distance between our hemlines and the floor to keeping up with our kid's growth spurts. Beyond the practical, yardsticks are also a great medium for sparking your creative genius. Yardstick Alternatives Below are 10 amazing yardstick alternatives that will help push us … [Read more...]

Block 5 Variable Star | Starry Night Quilt BOM

It's a new month and that means it's time to stitch up another block in the 2016 Block of the Month Sew Along with Fairfield World.  Block 5 is the Variable Star and I can not wait for you to get started. I love how the simplicity of this block design allows the fabric to shine through! Even though this block is very simple to stitch together it's the cutting that counts. You will … [Read more...]