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{How To} Button Tree Art

100+ Creative Button Projects

Did you know that today is National Button Day? If you've got a lot of spare buttons lying around, it's time to dump them out on the table and get inspired! If you don't already own a button tin (or jar, or box, or whatever!), I bet this roundup of DIY button craft projects is going to make you want to start one! 100+ Button Projects   Hurry up and grab Grandma's button box because … [Read more...]

Simmer & Sew | Carving out Time

This post contains affiliate links to products I own, use and love. Carving out time to sew is always tough for me. I tend to feel guilty that I'm not doing things around the house like laundry, leaves, listening and more. At times I really feel like I should be in the Michael Keaton movie Multiplicity with the clones giving me a hand... But that is all about to change! As of this … [Read more...]

Vintage Thread Spools DIY Project

Know that we know thread has a shelf life, let's explore creative uses for our vintage spool collection! Vintage Thread Spools   Not only are these ideas creatively cool but they are so easy to achieve. Be prepared to think beyond your sewing space. Vintage spools make the perfect place cards for any special occasion.   2.  Thread spool turned pincushion. 3. … [Read more...]

Vintage Thread Spools

Vintage thread comes on pretty wooden spools that are totally cool to look at but did you realize that thread has a shelf life? Reasons Not to Use Vintage Thread   The quick answer is yes they do, especially when they are exposed to light and air for an extended period of time. They become brittle, tend to jam up in the sewing machine and can break when used. Another factor that … [Read more...]

Fall 2015 Quilt Market Recap

Fall quilt market in Houston is always a blast and this time was even sweeter! Not only did I get to see many of my friends but the eye candy went on for miles. Here are a few quick snap shots of what could be seen on the floor. Let me just say.... Houston, we have invaded! Prepare yourself for photo overload. Fall 2015 Quilt Market   And one more tidbit to … [Read more...]

Holiday Preparations

Hello Friends of First Fridays!  It's TJ from Studio Mailbox here to deliver your monthly dose of sewing humor.   I'm happy to report that I've been faithfully wearing the apron I created last month.  It's transformed my life and turned me into some kind of whirlwind producer of handcraft.  Oh who am I kidding?  That's not entirely true but it is helping me transition into holiday project … [Read more...]

Flexible Tape Measure | Sewing Tool

This post contains affiliate links to products that I own, use and love. Flexible Tape Measure sewing tool A long flexible ruler. It consists of a ribbon of cloth, plastic, fiber glass, or metal strip with linear-measurement markings. This is one of the most used tools in your sewing basket. The flexible properties of this ruler makes it perfect for measuring around the body.  Tape … [Read more...]

Sewing Studio Must Haves

A few weeks ago I asked a simple question on The Sewing Loft's Facebook page: What is the one thing you wish you had in YOUR sewing room? The response was amazing. Not only did you come up with a clear-cut list of sewing studio must haves but the add on's were perfect. So, if you're on the market for a sewing studio makeover, this list is a MUST read with tons of great things to … [Read more...]

Purse Palooza | The Venna Tote

Even though I'm on my way to quilt market today, I wanted to share something fun that's coming along for the ride. Sara from Sew Sweetness asked me to join the Purse Palooza fun and when I mentioned it in passing to my girls they both jumped up to help out. Before I knew it my younger daughter had selected a pattern and fabrics from my stash. Clearly, I could not say no. Her choice: the … [Read more...]