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Washi Tape is more than just a pretty package. It can help keep your hem line straight. Easy sewing tip by The Sewing Loft #sewing #sewingtip
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Going on a Denim Break

T-shirt quilt

Hello friends of first Fridays!  This is your old pal TJ from Studio Mailbox.  I'm here on the first Friday of every month to bring you a dose of sewing humor and check in with this fabulous creative community.For those of you who've been following my posts you already know that my original plan was to eradicate the piles of denim in my studio and come out on the other side with a quilt.  Through … [Read more...]

TBT: Sewing Tips & Tricks

Throw Back Thursday on The Sewing Loft. We are flashing back to easy tips and simple projects that are great for gift giving.

Welcome to Throw-Back Thursday, everyone! This month, I've been browsing The Sewing Loft archives and I've dug up a ton of tutorials for you. The featured posts for today include sewing tips and great DIY gift ideas that are perfect for the holidays, but not necessarily so "Christmas" themed that you couldn't use them for another event. Got an autumn or winter birthday gift to whip up? Want to … [Read more...]

Free Sewing Printable- Handmade

Cheap green Feature

A few weeks ago I shared my Seam Ripper sewing printables. It is part of a larger collection of printable sewing art that I think would be super fun hanging in my studio space. Today's installment is all about the value of handmade.You know the drill, we all spend countless hours stitching our hearts out to create each project but have you ever put a real value to your work? If you have, you will … [Read more...]

It’s beginning to look a lot like … Holiday Sewing!

This board is jam packed with holiday goodies and inspiration. Be sure to follow along and keep all those Christmas gift ideas in one place!

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! This is one of my favorite times of the year, and it's also one of the times that I feel the most inspired to create things. Whether it's baking cookies with my girls or making handmade gifts for family & friends, this time of the year brings out the Maker in me, big-time. Sometimes, I get a little carried away, and my ideas for projects far … [Read more...]

Quilt Market 2014, Houston & Giveaway

Fall 2014 quilt market recap and giveaway. The Sewing Loft

The past week was jam packed with so many fun things that I just have to share! I had visits from friends and Fall International Quilt Market in Houston rolled into one. It started off with a local conference that let me kick back and hang with a few blogging friends. Actually, I kinda cringe to write the words "blogging friends" since I chat with them all the time and consider them true … [Read more...]

How to Successfully Sell at Craft Shows

Tips to improve your craft show and ensure success. The Sewing Loft

Selling at your first craft fair can be overwhelming, and you may feel lucky if you remember just to bring all of your products to sell! But with a little careful planning, your day will go a lot more smoothly if you’ve prepared ahead of time.   Tips for Selling at Craft Shows, Part 4: The Big Day   Today we're going to cover what to do on the day of the craft show. First up, a … [Read more...]

How to Set Up a Craft Show Booth

Craft Show Booth Set Up is so important at craft shows. Learn more tips on creating inventory and pricing products in order to have a successful craft show. The Sewing Loft

Welcome back for part 3 of our series on craft show selling success! Today we're going to talk about how to set up your booth in order to showcase your products and attract plenty of buyers. Let's get started! Tips for Selling at Craft Shows, Part 3: Booth Setup When it comes to setting up a craft show booth, there are a lot of areas to cover! So let’s break them down, one by one. Step 1: … [Read more...]

Successfully Sell at a Craft Show: Products & Pricing

Tips on creating inventory and pricing product to have a successful craft show. The Sewing Loft

Welcome back to round 2 of our series on selling your handmade goods at a craft show! Today we're going to talk about setting up the products you're going to sell. Tips for Selling at Craft Shows, Part 2: Products & Pricing Step 1: Prepare your Inventory It’s time to stock up! For any craft fair, the goal is to have enough inventory to fill your booth, and then some. How many … [Read more...]

Set Yourself Up for Craft Show Success

Tips to improve your craft show and ensure success. The Sewing Loft

If you’ve been making things for a while and you’re thinking of branching out and selling your handmade goods at a craft show, that’s great! The whole process may feel very overwhelming, but it’s really a situation where practice makes perfect. Once you get through your first show, you’ll come home with a million new ideas for how to make your next one even better! It would also be great if you’d … [Read more...]