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Oversized Bag | The Sewing Loft
Valentine's Day Card via thesewingloftblog.com
Ruffle Pillow Small Collage
Get the skinny about printing on fabric. All your questions answered and photos after washing. The Sewing Loft

20+ Free Mini Skirt Patterns

Update your wardrobe with over 20 free mini skirt patterns. Many are so easy you can make them today and wear them tonight. The Sewing Loft

Summer is almost here and it's time to gear up. That means mini skirts and tee shirts in my book! Here are 20 fun mini skirt patterns to add to your wardrobe today. Many are so easy that you can make them today and wear them tonight! 20+ Free Mini Skirt Patterns   1.  15 Minute Skirt (any size) 2. Boardwalk Skirt (6 months to 14 years old) 3. Chalk Lines 4. Easy Elastic … [Read more...]

Sewing Machine Cover Video Class

Learn how to get creative with applique and free motion stitching. In this free video class you will make this sewing machine cover to keep your machine in tip top shape and dust free! The Sewing Loft

Oh My Goodness..... I feel like we have saved the best for last! Today is the final project in this Baby Lock Sew at Home video series and boy, oh boy, it's a goodie. We are making a sewing machine cover! During class, I will share one of my favorite out of the box materials, demonstrate just how easy it is to layer details onto any applique with free motion stitching and add whimsical … [Read more...]

Fabric Drape – Sewing Term

What is fabric drape? Learn this sewing term on The Sewing Loft

The hand-feel and drape of fabric can make or break your sewing project! But what exactly does drape mean? Drape - verb  to cover to cover or adorn with or as if with folds of cloth to cause to hang or stretch out loosely or carelessly to arrange in flowing lines or folds the way a fabric hangs or arranges itself in folds     Drape is the way that a fabric hangs … [Read more...]

Jelly Roll Quilt Ideas

Jelly roll quilts are easy to make and stitch together in a flash. Here are a few of my favorite free patterns to help you stitch up a storm. The Sewing Loft

While at Sew South last weekend we had a jelly roll race for charity. Each table received a jelly roll and was told to just go for it. Since the concept was left open and loose we all dove in to see which table would be the first to complete the mission! After we divided up the roll we all went to town stitching as fast as we could. In the end, we made 15 quilts in 15 minutes. It was … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Pick up a few of these fun Mother's Day gift ideas and quickly become the favorite child! The Sewing Loft

Every time I turn on my computer I find something new to inspire me. Whether it's to write a blog post, finish or start a new project, write a new tutorial or make something for someone I love, I find so much encouragement and motivation from others who share their ideas! So, today I wanted to take a minute to share some of these fun finds with you...and since Mother's Day is right around … [Read more...]

Shake Your Bootie

Post Operative Boot Cover

Hello Friends of First Fridays!  It's your old friend TJ from Studio Mailbox here bringing you your monthly dose of sewing humor.  As some of you may or may not know, Heather is currently recovering from surgery and laid up with one of those ugly black velcro boots on her foot.  Sew not fashionable!  Never fear, she is healthy and in good spirits despite the weeks of recovery facing her … [Read more...]

MakeUp Brush Case Video Class

Learn how to create perfect binding every time while making this custom makeup brush case during my free video class with Sew at Home. The Sewing Loft

Today's project is one that I use all the time! The makeup brush case helps keep every thing altogether and tidy, especially when I'm traveling. During class, I will show you how to simple it is to add bias binding in one pass and the best part is the machine will do all the work. That's right, the bias binding foot is pretty amazing and make your work sing! Don't just take my word … [Read more...]

How to Read a Sewing Pattern

Learn how to read a sewing pattern with these easy steps. Each part is broken down into simple terms. The Sewing Loft

If you're sewing from a pattern, it may seem like it's all cut and dry - but sometimes once you open up that pattern envelope, all the different parts can be confusing! We're here to help with this simple guide to get you started with learning how to read a sewing pattern.  How to Read a Sewing Pattern   Not all sewing patterns are made the same way, but the basic idea is there for … [Read more...]

Update your Sewing Tools – New Giveaway!

Update your sewing tools with this new giveaway from The Sewing Loft.

Sewing is a skill that has the capacity to enhance just about every aspect of your life! From clothing and bags, and pillows to decorations, there truly is no end to the things you can learn and make. But we all quickly learn that without our sewing tools we get nowhere fast! So when is the last time to treated yourself to some sharp new pins or a new rotary blade? Are you about due for a new pair … [Read more...]