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Working with faux fur fabric can be tricky but set yourself up for sewing success with these easy tips. The Sewing Loft
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From Curtains to Dog Bed

Unzip it to flip it

Hello friends of first Fridays!  It's your friend TJ from Studio Mailbox here to bring you the monthly tale of my latest sewing triumphs.  This time I came up with a relatively simple way to transform an old set of curtains into a doggie pillow and I'm excited to share it with you! Heather and I got puppies around the same time.  We've had many conversations about the trials we've faced with … [Read more...]

Tips for Faux Fur Fabric Succcess

Working with faux fur fabric can be tricky but set yourself up for sewing success with these easy tips. The Sewing Loft

Faux fur fabrics are great for making soft toys, outerwear, accessories and even costumes! But though you might enjoy the idea of a faux fur vest or throw pillow, you may find it a bit intimidating to work with the actual faux fur fabric. To be sure, faux fur isn’t as easy to work with as cotton or canvas, but with a few simple tips you’ll soon be on your way to working with a wide variety of … [Read more...]

Incredible Summer Giveaway!

Enter to win one of three gift cards to Fabric Geek and stock up your sewing supplies in the summer giveaway on The Sewing Loft

Summer is right around the corner and school is almost out! Excitement is in the air and I'm adding more right now with an INCREDIBLE new giveaway for THREE LUCKY WINNERS:) Let me introduce to you a brand new online, Fabric/Notions/Everything-Sewing shop, Fabric Geek! Here's a note they sent just for you...read on! Now for the fun part... Here's what's up for grabs in the … [Read more...]

25+ Things to Make With Fabric Selvage

Ever looked at the edge of your fabric and think how pretty the markings are? Well, this list of 25+ Fabric Selvage Projects will make you wish you've saved them. The Sewing Loft

Today I want to highlight a frequently overlooked but incredibly unique and valuable little bit of fabric...Selvege strips! You know, those little sections on the edge of your fabric with color dots and designer info. These are so fun to work with and can tell the story of all your favorite fabric choices if you only let them:) There are no rules here, only creativity and expression. Take … [Read more...]

Cutting Table – Sewing Term

The right height cutting table in sewing is extremely important. It can prevent back injury, improve cutting accuracy and work speed. Learn more at The Sewing Loft.

Cutting Table - noun a surface used for cutting fabrics   In a fabric store, a cutting table is usually a long surface with a built-in yardstick on one edge and a long groove for scissors going across the center. At home, your dining room table might become the cutting table for your sewing adventures! But remember, if you don’t own a table that was specifically made as a cutting … [Read more...]

Search The Sewing Loft!

Search The Sewing Loft for your favorite projects, sewing tips and free patterns.

Searching your favorite sewing and crafting content from The Sewing Loft is so easy! Did you know that there are literally HUNDREDS of tips, tricks, links, ideas, helps and so, so much more available to you with a few key words and the click of your mouse? Take a look for a quick walk through... How To Search on The Sewing Loft   First, locate the search tab located about halfway down … [Read more...]

How to replace a zipper

Don't toss your favorite jeans, learn how to replace the zipper instead. The Sewing Loft

When a garment zipper breaks, it can be tempting to toss the whole garment into the trash (or to salvage the materials for your sewing stash, which isn’t always a bad thing!). The next time you think about tossing a favorite item, take a minute to try replacing the zipper first. You’ll save your wardrobe AND your wallet at the same time! We’ve got instructions for replacing a zipper in the … [Read more...]

Muslin Fabric – Sewing Term

Muslin fabric is commonly used when creating apparel and sewing projects. Learn more about this standard sewing term and characteristics.

Muslin - noun   a cotton fabric made in various degrees of fineness and often printed,woven, or embroidered in patterns, especially a cotton fabric of plain weave, used for sheets and for a variety of other purposes. an item sewn from such fabric   Muslin is a type of cotton fabric. It is sometimes printed, but most often in the sewing world when you hear the term it’s going to … [Read more...]

100+ Easy Summer Dresses

Easy Summer Dresses Feature

Warm weather is on the way and that means easy dressing. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can have a new dress at your fingertips with a little bit of help from your sewing machine! We've rounded up over 100 free summer dress sewing tutorials to spruce up your wardrobe.   Easy Summer Dresses   This round up is pretty AH-MAZ-ING and includes something for everyone on … [Read more...]