Homemade to Handmade Sewing

Learn how to elevate your garments to a new level of handmade with these simple steps. The Sewing Loft

In my world, there is a difference between homemade and handmade.  When I think of homemade my mind lingers towards the negative.  I'm not sure why so please don't judge but I tend to think of a DIY gone bad.  But handmade on the other hand screams quality.  I think of the countless hours of attention to detail and love the project was made with.   When you wear a garment that you made for … [Read more...]

Double Fold Hem Basics

Learn tips and tricks for the basic double fold hem. The Sewing Loft

The double fold hem is the most basic hem out there, which also makes it one of the most useful hems you can learn. As the name indicates, a double-fold hem is made when you fold the fabric over on itself to the wrong side two times, to hide the raw edges and create a neat, finished hemline. Uses for the double fold hem: Hemming garments - use a double fold hem on the bottom edge of a … [Read more...]

100+ Fat Quarter Projects

100 plus fat quarter projects. All patterns are free with step by step instructions. The Sewing Loft #sewing #fatquarter

Have you ever walked into a quilt shop and thought wow, I'll take one of everything?  Well, with the help of the fat quarter, you can!  This little gem of a fabric cut is the most economical way to shop but then what?  Here is a list of AH-MAZ-ING fat quarter projects to keep your needle moving!     Since some of you are taking part in the Sew My Stash sew along challenge and … [Read more...]

Rockabilly Headband Tutorial

Rockabilly Headband Tutorial on The Sewing Loft

During a recent "What are you working on's", Allison shared this amazing Rockabilly headband and so many of you wanted to learn more!  So, I asked Allison to join us today and share her process. Rockabilly Headband Tutorial    This project is for all levels. Skill Level- 1 Button Supplies: Fabric Wire Electrical Tape *Note: A wire coat hanger can be used, although … [Read more...]

To Starch or Not to Starch

Do you use spray starch when you sew? The good the bad and the.....The Sewing Loft

Who would’ve thought that one little question on Facebook would spark such an amazing conversation? We had a simple question that yielded big results! Do you use spray starch when sewing?     A few months back, we posted a question to the Sewing Loft Facebook page - We wanted to know how many of you out there like to use spray starch for your sewing projects, and how many of you don’t. … [Read more...]

Pressing and Ironing – What’s the difference?

Pressing and Ironing are common terms in sewing but do you know what they mean? Let's breakdown the differences. The Sewing Loft #sewing #ironing #quilting

You may have heard the terms “pressing” and “ironing” being used interchangeably in casual language. In sewing terms, however, these two words have very different meanings indeed - and using the wrong one in your sewing projects could mean ruining that project before it’s even finished. Pressing and Ironing    So - what’s the difference between pressing and ironing? Ironing … [Read more...]

Top 5 Tutorials of 2013

Top 5 Tutorials of 2013 on The Sewing Loft

Can you believe that we are in the final countdown of 2013?  Not me, I feel like this year flew by! But before we jump ahead to 2014, I wanted to take a quick look back at the top 5 tutorials of 2013. I mean we have covered some great topics, created some amazing projects and swapped a ton of trims along the way. These are your favorite sewing projects of the year. Top 5 Tutorials Of … [Read more...]