20+ Tips for Sewing Garments

Take your garments to the next level with these easy sewing tips. The Sewing Loft

Whether you’re ready to sew your first-ever garment, or you’ve been sewing them for a while and you’d like to refine your technique - The Sewing Loft has your back! We’ve rounded up the best of our sewing tips to make garment construction a little bit easier, and to help your handmade garments look like they came from a boutique specialty store instead of something you whipped up in your … [Read more...]

100+ Free Scarf Patterns

100+ Free Scarf Patterns Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft

Cool crisp weather is on the way and before you know it we will be pulling out our scarves from last year. This simple accessory is easy to make and always fits no matter what size is written on your label.  To kick start the season, I have rounded up over 100+ free scarf patterns to get you inspired. 100+ Free Scarf Patterns   This list is pretty AWESOME! I never realized that there … [Read more...]

Indygo Junction Dimensional Denim

Take a look at Indygo Junction's new book Dimensional Denim. It shares creative ideas for fabric manipulation techniques and easy projects for home and fashion.

I'm excited to share the news about Amy Barickman's new book Dimensional Denim.  The book shares creative ideas for fabric manipulation techniques and easy projects for home and fashion. I mean come on - just look at those images!  You know this book is gonna be good.  Here are a few of my favorite projects. Personally, I have always been inspired by the simplicity of solids.  Something about the … [Read more...]

Travel Handmade WIP

I'm traveling #handmade with this carry on sized duffle bag. The Sewing Loft

When you travel do you carry handmade?  Well, today, I am heading out the door on a quick trip and realized that many of the items packed are handmade. Here is a quick snapshot of what I am bringing. Pattern: Travel Duffle with Trolley Sleeve by Studio Cherie Fabric: Dowry by Anna Marie Horner for FreeSpirit This carry on duffle bag has to be one of my favorite things packed.  In order to … [Read more...]

100+ Free Skirt Patterns

100+ free skirt patterns. Easy sewing for any skill level. The Sewing Loft

Nothing says skirt season like warm weather!  They are easy to make, forgiving in fit and come in so many varieties! So, to help kick off my summer sewing, I have rounded up over 100 free skirt patterns to help get you started. 100+ Free Skirt Patterns This list is pretty AH-MAZ-ING and includes something for everyone on your list!     1. No Sew Shirt … [Read more...]

Kettle Dyeing Fabric or Yarn

Breathe new life into fabric or yarn with Kettle Dyeing Learn tips and tricks during the fabric dyeing series on The Sewing Loft

Kettle dyeing your fabric gives slightly less predictable results, but with a little practice it can be an excellent way to create beautiful, variegated designs onto your fabrics. This method will work best with an undyed fabric, such as unbleached muslin or undyed silk scarves.   Gather your materials: In order to kettle dye fabric at home, you will need: a stock pot a large wooden or … [Read more...]

Dip Dyeing Fabric

Dip Dyeing fabric is the perfect way to breathe new life into old fabric. Learn tips and tricks during the fabric dyeing series on The Sewing Loft

Similar to tie dyeing, dip dyeing fabric involves submerging your fabric into a bucket or vat of dye to make it a different color. Use dip dyeing if you want to dye an entire piece a new color or if you want to get a striped or ombre effect to your fabric.   Gather your materials: In order to dip dye fabric, you will need: fabric dyes fabric or a garment to dye a large bucket (one for … [Read more...]

How to Tie Dye Fabric – tips & techniques

Learn how to Tie Dye Fabric with simple tips and techniques. Part of a fabric dyeing mini series on The Sewing Loft.

If you want to change the entire color of a piece of fabric instead of just adding a design onto the existing background, then fabric dye will come to your aid! Whether you want to make your fabric into one solid color or use the dyes to create your own designs, there are plenty of options available. Today, it’s time to go back to your roots! If you ever made a tie-dyed T-shirt as a kid, then … [Read more...]

Dyeing Fabric at Home – Mini Series

Let's talk fabric dyeing tips and techniques. Mini series on The Sewing Loft

Get Ready for Painting & Dyeing Fabric at Home! Over the next few weeks we will explore different methods and techniques to help you transform fabric at home into a one of a kind masterpiece. Let's talk about fabric dyeing.   Let’s see if any of these fabric stash scenarios sound familiar to you: You got a REALLY great deal on a piece of fabric - maybe you found it at a yard sale, or … [Read more...]