Drawstring Backpack Bag

Early this week I received a few pictures of Kathleen's latest project in my in-box.  It was her version on my Drawstring Backpack Bag and I was speechless!  I can not say it enough-  I LOVE this type of mail!  Seriously, just seeing what others inside our sewing circle are working on brightens my day. Kathleen used the drawstring backpack pattern to create this fun bag but she did not stop … [Read more...]

{How To} Pin Cushion Crush

Well, some of you got a glimpse at this crush last week via email.... Sorry for the mix up.  I hit the wrong button and before I knew it my unfinished post was out and about in the world - wide - web.  You caught me... I'm human! . Today's post is about the little things for the studio.  We all have fun tools that we love and can not be without.  Well, I have a small thing for pin cushions. … [Read more...]

{How To} Find Amazing Fabric

Ever wonder where some designers find such amazing fabrics? I do! I am in love with fabric.  My collection is sometimes considered a borderline hoarding addiction.  And don't laugh but it has also been said that "at times I am in need of an intervention". Photo credit to bhg.com & Vintage Chic Furniture I like to look to the past for fabric.  Many of my most prized fabrics have been … [Read more...]

The Sewing Loft Black Friday – Cyber Monday Etsy Sale

If your Thanksgiving was anything like mine, you woke up with a fridge full of leftovers, dishes to put away and fun memories of yesterday! Nowhere in my mind is the thought of leaving my house to go holiday shopping today.  No, instead I will enjoy the shopping experience from the comfort of my home. So, if you’re like me and shopping from couch today, I just thought I would let you in on a … [Read more...]

The Creative Connection Event- Wrap Up

The weatherman kept saying "it's 38 degrees and frost is on the ground, I hope you protected your plants last night."  Any which way you slice it, 38 degrees in mid September is cold in my book.  But the outside world is something I would not see or feel today. Classes started at 8:00 am and I wanted to be sure to soak everything in. So, it was off to the Starbucks line for a cup of my favorite … [Read more...]

The Creative Connection Event

The bags are unpacked, laundry is in the wash and now I am starting to think about all the wonderful friends I have made along the way.  As I mentioned in the quick post Monday, it was amazing.  Honestly, I am not sure how to even begin writing about everything.  There is just so much to process. So, I think I am going to break it down into a few posts, hit the high points and share some fun … [Read more...]