Just One Little Minute | Sewing Humor

Just one little minute Dear..... No self respecting fabric hoarder ever said when entering the fabric store. Enjoy the weekend!   PS- Click here for a slew of sewing funnies!      Hello! Are you new here? Do you want to learn more about sewing? If so, be sure to sign up for our newsletter HERE and never miss a stitch! Daily Sewing Tips, Everyday Projects … [Read more...]

Scrappy Sewing with The Littlest Thistle

Katy from The Littlest Thistle is here today to share with us some of her favorite scrappy sewing projects. I know you'll be inspired by Katy's projects to try some of your own! TSL: Katy, what do you like to do with your scraps? Where do you get your scraps from? K: I'm mad enough to buy other people's scraps to make crazy patchwork type bags from, such as Karen Lewis Textiles and … [Read more...]

Fabric Selvage – Sewing Term

Selvedge, selvege, selvage noun a specially woven edge that prevents cloth from raveling edge of a woven fabric, where the weft threads run around the warp threads, creating a finished edge. any edge of fabric finished so as to prevent from raveling   In basic terms, this area runs along the fabric edges and is considered waste. Most manufactures place special markings for … [Read more...]

Burlap Fabric – Sewing Term

Burlap- noun a plain-woven, coarse fabric of jute, hemp, or the like; gunny. a lightweight fabric made in imitation of this. Burlap is also known as Hessian cloth. It is an awesome fabric that gives a nice natural, classic, or rustic appeal to any sewing project. This rustic fabric is super affordable, available in a variety of prints and readily easy to find.  However this loosely woven … [Read more...]

Sewing with Tulle – Easy Tips

Tulle fabric is a light and airy, netting like fabric that was named after the city of Tulle in France where it was first manufactured. It is commonly used for making wedding dresses and bridal veils. " alt="alt description." /> There are different variations and quality of tulle. Some are thick and stiff, while others are soft and flowy. Each has a purpose in sewing, so … [Read more...]

Tulle Fabric – Sewing Term

Tulle- noun A lightweight, very fine netting which is often starched. It can be made in various fibers including silk, nylon and rayon.   This light and airy fabric is most commonly used for making bridal veils, wedding gowns and ballet tutus. It can be tricky to work with and can snag easily. Tulle does not fray and does not require a hem.     Click photos to learn how … [Read more...]

Dog Days of Summer Giveaway

I'm not sure if you noticed but the dog days of summer are here! Between the 98+ temps in the south, crazy deadlines and my 2 girls being home, things on the blog came to a grinding halt last week. Honestly, my head was just stuck in the weeds and I needed to focus. But that's all about to change! That's right, I hit the send button on my deadline and am about to spend some … [Read more...]

{How To} Use a Fat Quarter

Ever wonder what a Fat Quarter is?  Well, if you are not a quilter you might think it is a plump coin for your pocket. But no, it is not a new measure of $$. It is a piece of fabric that measures 18" x 22". Fabric stack from Fabricworm.com From this piece of fabric that is much that can be created!! Did you know that from just one fat quarter you can create.... 6  6 1/2" squares 9  6" … [Read more...]

Tips for Faux Fur Fabric Succcess

Faux fur fabrics are great for making soft toys, outerwear, accessories and even costumes! But though you might enjoy the idea of a faux fur vest or throw pillow, you may find it a bit intimidating to work with the actual faux fur fabric. To be sure, faux fur isn’t as easy to work with as cotton or canvas, but with a few simple tips you’ll soon be on your way to working with a wide variety of … [Read more...]