Quilt Binding Made Simple

Quilt binding does not have to be stressful. Let's learn the basics at The Sewing Loft.

You've spent hours piecing together that quilt or special project and now what?  The edges need to be finished with binding…. Sometimes, this can be a daunting task.  Let's break quilt binding down into bite size steps and take the "stress" out of the task! This project is for all levels. Skill Level- 1 Button Quilt Binding Basics   You will need to start with a long continuous … [Read more...]

Quilt of Many Colors

Vintage Denim

Hello Friends of First Friday!  It's TJ from Studio Mailbox here to share with you where I'm at on my denim quilt project.  Thanks to everybody who piped up and took the time to comment on this project sew far.  *cymbal crash* Now that I'm finally working through my hoarded stash I have quickly realized a few key things: 1) Some of this stuff is O-L-D (can you say acid wash?) 2) Some of … [Read more...]

Quilt in a Year

Quilt in a Year | The Sewing Loft

It's the first Friday of the month and I'm back as promised. Therefore I am here to proudly unveil what I will be bringing to you this year, and I'm going to type it out like a wedding vow so that you know just how serious I am about it. I, TJ. Do solemnly swear. To share the progress I make as I embark on this journey of sewing my very first quilt. Maybe this proclamation doesn't … [Read more...]

Save Thumbs with Kwik Klip | NSM

Kwik Klip Tool on National Sewing Month | The Sewing Loft

Cheryl from Nap Time Quilter is here today sharing one of her favorite tools in the workroom.  I am kinda giggling, this is another one those tools that was never on my radar, the Kwik Klip. I'm going to chalk up my lack of knowledge on this quilter's tool to my apparel background and call it a day.  Love learning new things! Cheryl and I crossed paths earlier this year at spring market in … [Read more...]

50+ Sewing Tips Round Up

50 + Sewing tips | The Sewing Loft

I think that every seasoned sticher has a sewing tip or two up their sleeve. Well, I am realizing that I have several tucked away and have been sharing them on a regular basics. Sewing Tips   Here is a quick snap shot of some of the tips shared on The Sewing Loft. Click the photo to see the full list of sewing tips.   Sewing Tips   Sewing Tips: By my definition are … [Read more...]

Calculating Continuous Bias

Calculating Fabric for Continuous Bias | The Sewing Loft

Now that you know how to create a continuous bias strip, let's learn how to calculate yardage.  Now, I'm not just talking about determining the total amount of bias needed to bind your quilt.  I mean, how much material is actually needed to create that continuous bias strip used to finish your project.  This way, you are not left guessing.  You can head to the store with confidence and purchase … [Read more...]

Binding Your Quilt -Quick as a Fox Quilt Along

Binding your quilt made easy | The Sewing Loft

Binding your Quilt Welcome everyone to the Quick as a Fox Quilt Along!  If you are just finding this for the first time, you can find all the previous blocks here and the photo gallery here. Today we will be finishing up the quilt and hopefully you are keeping right up!  How did your quilting go? There are a few ways of doing your binding.  The most typical type of binding is what I … [Read more...]