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Lately, I am finding myself being pulled over to the quilting world and I must say, I’m totally enjoying it!  So, for those of you like me who are new to this area of sewing, I thought I would round up some amazing quilt blocks to get you started!

Keep your creative juices flowing with over 100 free quilt blocks rounded up in one place. The Sewing Loft

100+ Quilt Blocks

Remember, all quilt blocks listed below are free to download. Be sure to PIN THIS list to refer to over and over.

100 Free Quilt Blocks Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft

1. Block House

2. Diamond

3. Maple Leaf

4. Dog House

5. Concentric Heart

6. Flamingo

7. Herringbone

8. Pineapple Log Cabin

9. Mugs and Teacups

10. Mushroom

11. Paper Pieced Heart

12. Paper Pieced String Block

13. Pineapple Block 

14. Sleeveless Dress

15. Santa Gnome and Holiday Tree – love these colors

100 Free Quilt Blocks Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft

16. Chevron Doll Quilt

17. Crazy Scrap Block

18. Modern Tree

19. Shoo Fly

20. Friendship Star

21. Fast Flying Geese

22. Triangle Star

23. Whirlwind

24. Scrap Basket Block

25. Scrap Jar Stars pictured

26. Quiltmas Spectacular

27. Stacks & Stacks

28. String X

29. Sun Rays

100 Free Quilt Blocks Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft

30. Trick or Treat

31. 3-D Block

32. 3-D Bowtie 

33. 3-D Pinwheel 

34.  4-Patch Slice endless options 

35. Arrows

36. Broken Herringbone

37. Bear Paw

38. Aztec Block

39. Patchwork Apple

40. Comforts of Home

41. Cranky 9-Patch

42. Curved Block

43. Disappearing 9-Patch love the colors she used!

44. Disappearing 16-Patch

45. Dresden Peppermint Pinwheet

46. Dresden Plate

47. Easy “H”

48. Easy Pinwheels

49. Easy Weathervane

50. Sunburst

51. Flying Geese

52. Fool’s Square

53. Frippery Block

54. Garden Fence 

55. Grecian Square

56. Hexagon Flower

57. Desert Flower

58. Hourglass

59. Interlocked Squares

60. Popsicle Party

61. Log Cabin

62. Maple Leaves

63. North West Quilt Block

64. Pinwheel Disappearing 4-Patch

65. Purple Stars & Whirligigs

66. Quilting Made Simple blocks

67. Road to California

68. Santa Face

69. Scrappy Hearts

70. Semi Simple Drunkard’s Path

71. Scrappy Acorn

72. Gnome

73. Shoo Fly

74. Shooting Squares

75. Somewhere My Love

76. Sweet Heart

77. Hashtag

78. Mini Heart

79. Square in Square

80. Double Hourglass

81. Wonky House Perfect for clearing out the scrap basket! (paper pieced)

82. Windmills at Night

83. Wonky Block Great for making in batches

84. Woven Blocks

85. Woven Chevron

86. Wonky Pinwheels just beautiful!

100 Free Quilt Blocks Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft

87. Nova Star

88. Friendship Star

89. No Points Star

90. Hunter’s Star paper pieced

91. Christmas Star  paper pieced

92. Night and Day paper pieced

93. Ohio Star 

94. Paper Pieced Star paper pieced

95. Labyrinth

96. Sedona’s Star  paper pieced

97. Starflower Block

98. Star Petal paper pieced

99. Rolling Star paper pieced

100. Friendship Star 

101. Wonky Star

*Stars lend themselves to paper piecing due to their intricacy.

100 Free Quilt Blocks Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft

How to Square Up a Quilt Block

Paperless Paper Piecing Tutorial

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Honestly, this list is only the beginning! I could probably create 3 or more lists just like this and still wouldn’t scratch the surface of the wide assortment of amazing free quilt blocks available today. But I’m willing to try if you leave me a note in the comments below!

ps- Don’t forget to PIN THIS for easy reference!

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  1. Cristina Maria says

    Excelente semana para você.

  2. Marilyne meek says

    Thank you for free patterns. I hate to buy the more expensive ones and never use them or disappointed in instructions or complicated for me as a beginner. Looking forward to finding some that interest me,.

  3. I am confused. Your March 9th 2015 – 100 free blocks. How do I get to the block patterns? I click on an item from the list and it takes me to websites to either buy or watch videos. Is that was this is, a list of buying opportunities in disguise?

    • Hello Rebecca,
      At the time of article publication, each block was published to the web for free. Nothing to buy, purchase or otherwise. Now, it was been a few years since the original post date and each author has the right to change their terms but to the best of my knowledge, all have remained free.

  4. Jacqulyn Perry says

    You need to check you quilt block list. A LOT of these are gone.

    • Hello Jacqulyn,
      Thank you for reaching out. We know that designers change the availability of patterns and are in the process of updating all of our mega round up posts. Be sure to check back, as it will be re-released soon.