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The automatic needle threader is a game changing feature on any sewing machine. See how easy it is to use and why it is so important.

Automatic threader –


  1. a special feature on sewing machines that automatically threads the sewing needle for the sewist

Many sewing machines sold today come with an automatic threader function. This is essentially a lever that will guide the thread through the eye of your sewing needle for you so that you don’t have to do it yourself. Many sewists prefer to thread their own needles, but if you have difficulty performing this task then a machine with an automatic needle threader might be very useful for you.

The automatic needle threader is a game changing feature on any sewing machine. See how easy it is to use and why it is so important.

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How to use an Automatic Needle Threader


  1. Pull down the little lever as far as it will go – if you look closely, you should now see a teeny little hooked wire through the eye of the needle.
  2. Wrap the thread to the left and under the plastic hook in the middle, pull it to the right just in front of the needle, hooking it into the little wire.
  3. If you let go of the lever – or push it up – the wire should pull a big loop of thread through the eye of the needle.


Needle Threader Stats-

  • Where:  The automatic threader will be a little lever, on your sewing machine,  located to the upper left of the needle. Check your machines manual to see if you have one or if it is in a different place on your machine.
  • When:  Every time you start a project, or need to change your thread color you will use the automatic threader to thread you needle.
  • Quick Tip:  Remember to check that the thread is going from front to back through the needle and that it isn’t twisted.
  • Bonus: This feature will help you get stitching faster.


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  1. This will only work if your needle is in its top-most position. If you have used your hand wheel to move the needle up or down, the needle eye may not line up with the tiny hook.

    • Alll my Pfaffs had needle threaders. They were usually attached in such a way so no matter what position the needle was in, you could still use it to thread the needle. I think it was attached to the needle bar

  2. Surely that’s an ‘ assisted’ needle threader? automated to me means I press a button and it does it all for me 🙂