Dirty Iron? Try Iron Off

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I hate to admit it but I have been known to muck up the household iron from time to time!  Actually, it got so bad that Mr. TSL insisted I get my own iron.  I swear, no matter how hard I tried to keep it clean when creating appliqués or using fusible fleece, I always left some residue on the iron.

Well, if story sounds all too familiar and you’re anything like me, you will be excited to hear about this product from Dritz.

Clean your iron in a flash with Iron Off by Dritz. Quick Tip by The Sewing Loft #sewingtip

Dritz Iron Off Cleaner


This tip is for all levels.

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Basic Instructions:

It is super easy to use.  Let me give you the basics-

  1. Empty water from iron and set on “cotton” setting.  *It is extremely important that you do not apply to a cold iron!
  2. Squeeze about a 2″ blob of iron off onto a thick folded cloth.  (I used an old towel.)
  3. Rub hot iron over the cloth in a circular motion.  If the residue build-up is thick, repeat steps 1 & 2 as needed.
  4. After residue has been removed, thoroughly wipe iron down with a clean, thickly folded cloth.  *Be sure that all of the iron-off has been removed from around the edges of the soleplate and steam vents before using.

Clean your iron in a flash with Iron Off by Dritz. Quick Tip by The Sewing Loft #sewingtip

The iron in the photos is my old iron and boy oh boy was it dirty!  Iron Off cleaner amazes me every time!  I just love how this stuff cuts through all the grime with no heavy lifting on my part.  Check out how much grime came off. YUCK!

Learn how to clean your iron with Iron-Off Cleaner by Dritz. Quick Tip by The Sewing Loft #sewingtool #sewingtip

Now, if your like me and LOVE your iron, you might want to clean it more often. Here is what cleaning my sewing iron looks like.

Keep your Oliso iron clean with Dritz Iron Off. Quick Tip by The Sewing Loft #sewingtip

It is a must-have for any household and not just for use in a stitchers world.  Iron-Off can be found here or at your local sewing store.


The Sewing Loft



ps- A few additional things I thought I would share about the product – Use in a well-ventilated area.  While ironing I noticed a coconut-like scent. It was not overpowering or heavy by any means but it reminds me of my teenage years and tanning beds…..

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  1. Great tip!

  2. Georgia Anderson says

    Yes, grime can be grim!

  3. cliffa wareing says

    Just a suggestion, but why are you not using a Teflon sheet when using your iron for applique? This helps with not having such a build up of gunk on your iron.

    • Honestly, I don’t know why. I never thought to use one and do not own one! I think it’s time to do some research and find a new tool for the workspace.
      Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Maria Beuttenmuller says

    Looks like my iron!!! This is a great product, however, next time try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponge! No fumes…and you can even clean your glass stove top with them. I use on my iron every week, but use on cool iron!

    • I went out and bought this stuff and was very disappointed 🙁 I used half the tube and it barely made a dent on the build up on my iron, which looked like the before pic in the above photo. My iron plate is Teflon though, I wonder if that makes a difference? I’d be curious to see how it works for others with Teflon plates.

      • I’m sorry to hear this Cyndi! It worked like a charm on my iron. When you applied it was your iron hot? I needed to reapply the cream 3 times to get the surface completely clean but it was pretty like a mirror when I was all finished. I’m not sure about the Teflon plate and have not heard anything about it. I can reach out to the manufacture and see if they respond.

    • Anna Dilley says

      Maria Beuttenmuller that’s what I use too . Mr . Clean Magic erasers . They work wonders . Annie

  5. Honestly, what would you rather suggest instead of the iron off as it’s not available all over the world!

  6. magic erasers take everything right off, and there are no fumes 🙂

  7. Dee Carvill says

    Always have 2 tubes on hand! Works great!

  8. It also works well on curling irons and hair flat irons. Takes the gunk from product off quick and easy.

  9. I’ve used this on my iron and curling irons for years now and it works great! To get into the steam holes on the iron, I squeeze a little onto a Q-tip & clean each one like a charm. The trick is to make sure you have a hot and dry iron. Joann’s carries it for about $5 a tube.