Jelly Roll Fever Bug | Giving Day 11

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It’s pretty safe to say that once you’ve been bitten by the jelly roll fever bug, it’s hard to resist. With each store visit you will find yourself reaching for these sweet fabric rolls of goodness.

Days of Giving - 12 Days of Giveaways

Today is day 11 in the 12 Days of Giving  and the next package is all about making your machine applique dreams come true! Let’s take a look.

I've been bitten by the jelly roll fever bug! This box of goodies can arrive in your mail box. Giveaway is packed with sewing inspiration. Be sure to see all of the prize packages being offered during The Sewing Loft's 12 Days of Giving. Over $1200 in prizes.


These box contains all things jelly roll related. From written inspiration to ruler options, it’s all included!

The best part about using jelly rolls is that you can save a TON of time at the cutting table and head straight to the machine. Normally sewists tend to just sew the strips together in a straight line pattern but you can do so much more. That’s where these amazing ruler templates come in handy. They will have you slicing into that fabric in no time flat.


Jelly Roll Fever Giveaway


Gift package includes:

Gift package is valued at approximately $100.00.


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Now for a little brush up on the knowledge and basic skills to keep your machine embroidery looking fantastic!

Learn why the jelly roll is so loved in the world of sewing and quilting. It's compact size makes it affordable and attractive on many levels. See more.





Jelly Roll Basics

Jelly rolls are so loved in the world of sewing and quilting. It’s compact size makes it affordable and attractive on many levels. See more.


Jelly Roll Quilts from Sew South 2015



Jelly Roll Race

Jelly roll quilts are easy to make and stitch together in a flash. Here are a few of my favorite free patterns to help you stitch up a storm.



Join the Sugar Bloom Quilt pattern quilt along. It is perfect for perfect for picnics in the park, catching fire flies in the summer and mid afternoon naps in the shade.





Sugar Bloom Quilt Pattern

Join the Sugar Bloom Quilt pattern quilt along. It is perfect for perfect for picnics in the park, catching fire flies in the summer and mid afternoon naps in the shade.



I’m sure by now you been bitten by the jelly roll fever bug and I’ll warn you again, it’s contagious!

Jelly Roll Fever Giveaway Package

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment at the end of this post sharing your favorite experience made while sewing. I’ll go first. It’s actually a toss up between a few for me but one that relates is- While at a retreat with my mom we participated in jelly roll race. During the event I could see how excited she was and determined to finish fast. It was the smile on her face that really hit home for me. Sewing is something that we really share. From exchanging ideas to weekend retreats, it’s a tie that bonds us even closer together. (Love ya Mom! xoxo)

Giving Day 11 | Jelly Roll Fever

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Remember, ’tis the season for giving and this jelly roll fever package is only one of the amazing prize packages. Be sure to look at the full line up and enter to win each of the fantastic prize packages being offered. There are over $1200 in sewing treats being giving away this season and I can’t wait to see you stitch up!






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  1. My favorite experience was teaching my grandkids the basics of sewing – they were thrilled with a needle and thread!

  2. Tracy Painter says:

    I made my first jelly roll race quilt and it was so much fun!

  3. Liz Horgan says:

    I love the surprise and happiness when I gift a quilt to someone!

  4. I’m a relatively new quilter. My greatest experience so far has been when my 94 YO grandmother, who has been quilting for many, many years, said that my first quilt was beautiful. I felt a small sense of pride and accomplishment.

  5. NevadaJane says:

    The fact that my soon to be12 year olds are still very protective of their baby blankets I made them and that my younger ones seem to gravitate toward the quilts I made over their other blankets.

  6. Denise Inman says:

    March 2016, first time in over 20 years I was able to spend time with my mom sewing in her sewing room.

  7. Sally Chan says:

    Wow, result was amazing.

  8. Dawn McGee says:

    When I have had a bad week at work, sewing calms me and I get lost in it for a few hours. I always feel more relaxed after I have spent time sewing.

  9. Christina Miller says:

    I love the way sewing calms my mind and how giving a hand sewn gift to a loved one feels 🙂

  10. I made all the halloween costumes when my kids were little. Their excitement to pick out their costume and finally get to wear it are some of our best memories. <3

  11. Lynn Proger thomas says:

    Using that seam ripper when I put my blocks together backwards! Rip rip rip

  12. Quilting Tangent says:

    Cutting a scrap to fill a spot in the quilt and it worked.

  13. carol nelms says:

    I love doing workshops and retreats with guild always so much fun. Thanks for the giveaways.

  14. Dawn Jones says:

    When I was little my mom used to make me Batbie clothes. Those clothes were so much nicer than the store bought clothes, I always felt lucky to have a mom who would take that time for me. In general sewing makes me think of my mom. Have a great day!

  15. Margaret Maley says:

    I loved making Halloween costumes for my kids – being able to make them whatever they wanted was so much fun. My favorites had to be the Sailor Moon/Mini Moon costumes for my two daughters.

  16. My favourite experience while sewing is to see that I can actually make those points meet where they are suppose to!

  17. Mother taught me to sew. When I think back on the learning process, I remember how she would cut all the fabric and pin it together then hand the pieces to me at the machine to sew together. It’s one of the few things I remember us doing together at a young age and, therefore, a favorite experience.

  18. Shannon Yiannaki says:

    I love fabric shopping with my mom and then going to her house and putting everything together. She’s always there to help me when I’m stuck on something or frustrated with my stitches, which to me, is just my favorite thing to have her there.

  19. Norene Keller Skiles says:

    Teaching my granddaughter to sew and quilt hands down is the best.

  20. I love sewing with my kids. It can be frustrating at times but I love seeing them proud of their work

  21. Lanetta Oxford says:

    Best of my sewing is when a quilt that I made for a veteran is given to them. Special moment.

  22. Katie Wink says:

    I love that my mom has started sewing again with me!

  23. DeeDee Johnson says:

    Teaching my granddaughter to sew.. just like my grandma did me

  24. My best memories are of quilting with my daughter. She taught me and we use to quilt together often. The past few years she has gone on to other things, but once in a while we get to make a quilt together and I love and cherish those days!

  25. Evelyn Ware says:

    I have been teaching my Granddaughters to sew and they love it. For a year now we have made so many things. They also got a new baby sister this year and made a quilt and toys for the shower. They keep me so busy and I couldn’t be happier that they want to carry on with their MawMaw’s love of sewing!

  26. Kathy Davis says:

    My greatest experience sewing happened in 1962 when I was 10. I wanted to make a quilt and I roamed the neighborhood asking for fabric scraps. My mom taught me how to make a nine patch and I actually finished an entire quilt top. My dad then built a quilt frame in our basement. My whole family, Mom, Dad and my two older brothers all quilted. Lots of sore fingers later I had a finished quilt that I still have and cherish every day. My parents are gone now but the memories of this special time together are so special to me.

  27. Stephanie Stavert says:

    My daughter’s confidence in my sewing ability – she is convinced I can make anything!

  28. Susan R Jones says:

    I just love learning new skills. Took years to learn applique, now it is one of the funnest and easiest things I do. Who knew?

  29. Jeannie Zimmerman says:

    I remember starting my first jelly roll quilt and thinking how easy and quick it was going to be. Then I got derailed matching and mixing all the beautiful fabrics. LOL. It was easy once I got to the sewing.

  30. I haven’t made that many quilts. Just a few baby quilts that were very easy but I am working on Lori Holts Farm Girl Vintage. I enjoy it so much.

  31. Sandy Allen says:

    Like you, I have a lot of fun experiences to choose from. One of my favorites is when a group of us who met on line in a quilting group got together at one of the moderator’s house. We made several charity quilts and went to a huge quilt show together and everyone got along. One member even drove 8 hours to get there! It was so much fun meeting “in person”!

  32. the endorphins that kick in when I am sewing since I know I am going to make someone very happy with their quilt.

  33. My favorite sewing experience was helping my 7 year old granddaughter sew a jumper as a Christmas gift for her twin sister. She was so excited and galloped along on my machine and serger. Oh, and my favorite comment when she was cutting out the dress- “Mama doesn’t let me use her scissors!”

  34. I love getting to know the ladies in my guild at our annual retreats. At one retreat I was talking to one of the ladies and learned that we had mutual friends in another state.

  35. A favorite sewing experience would be when I was teaching my sister and niece to sew and we spend the day cutting fabrics and making pillowcases for our annual holiday gift giving. Even my nephew joined the fun ironing fabrics for us. It was a great day for all.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  36. A favorite time for me was when I was making ornaments and my favorite Christmas songs were playing on the radio. And my cat was “singing “ in the chair next to me.

  37. my favorite experience from sewing is making new friends across the world. The sewing community is full of wonderful and amazing people

  38. Laura Brown says:

    I have sweet memories of my mom sewing late into the night for me and my brother. Now I am sewing with my daughter, but not into the night! We use the time to be together.

  39. I was making a quilt with the thought of giving it to my newborn niece. It was my first fully pieced, free-motion quilted, and bound quilt that I have ever made. I just loved the quilt and I loved it more and more the more I worked on it. It was hard to give up. I hid some uplifting words in the FMQing. My sister-in-law (mama of the niece) loved it, too, and found the words right away without any prompting from me to look for them.

  40. Melinda Mustered says:

    I just made pajamas for my grandkids. Today I’m making doll clothes. I love teaching the grandkids how to sew. My husband noted that I let the grandchildren use my machine but not him. LOL

  41. Annette Canonica says:

    I really got started sewing when a friend helped me make a kitchen valance. Since then, I have gone on to join a quilt guild that I am very active in and have made so many great friends through sewing. It has truly blessed my life.
    PS – I love your blog and have been following you since early on!

  42. sewing with my 2 daughters -watching them learn

  43. Maggie Sheer says:

    I love my annual sewing retreats – one house, twelve women, a lot of love and laughter.

  44. kathy Persons says:

    I had three pre teens come over and we sewed up one of your bag patterns

  45. My favorite moment was when my 7 year old son joined me when I was sewing using my old childrens sewing machine from 1975 and it was still working after all these years, and he looked so happy!

  46. Diane Magnuson says:

    I’ve been a sewer for as long as I can remember, but never a quilter. I recently made a quilt for my niece’s wedding gift and discovered that there is way more to quilting than I ever imagined. Loved the quilt and really felt a great sense of accomplishment.

  47. Favorite experience while sewing is going to Quilt Camp with my mom and grandma, and finishing my first quilt with them cheering me along!

  48. I found a pattern for a 4 pillow mattress/ lounge type chair or fort I made for 2 of the great-grandchildren that they loved.

  49. Lori Smanski says:

    I love it when I get my own light bulb moment while sewing. “ahha so that is how it works” LOL I seem to always be getting these. I love learning

  50. Discovering some very cool podcasts.

  51. Jayne Dough says:

    I just love having time to sit at my machine and create. And my daughter loving what I make her. 🙂

  52. I will never forget the first time my daughter finished a project and the excitement she had.

  53. K'Lynn Wait says:

    I have only recently discovered your Blog so I have not yet had a chance to sew any projects from you. After the new year I have a list of projects to get started on! Love your Blog, it’s the first thing I visit when I get on the internet! Thanks for sharing with us!

  54. Susan Jaisle says:

    I am new here! And new to quilting! I am loving all of the info on this site!!

  55. Michele shearin says:

    My favorite part of seeing is the color matching. Pulling all the wonderful fabric patterns and colors together to make a whole new wonderful unique item.

  56. My granddaughter is often by my side always playing with my scraps, asking questions and making comments about someday learning to sew. I tell her anytime she is ready I will show her. She doesn’t seem ready now and I don’t want to push, but she loves to watch and be by my side. I cherish that!

  57. Angela Bowling says:

    I think my greatest experience is to see how a design comes to happen. You start with a bunch of pieces of fabric and then you carefully sew them together and in the end you have a great design. Sometimes it is amazing how it happens.

  58. gerri s cook says:

    learning to make my favorite quilt pattern a drunkard’s path

  59. Lorene Holbrook says:

    I have always loved to sew. Mom made it possible for me to learn how when i was 11 yrs old. She bought a machine for me. She always encouraged me. Fast forward to a few years ago….. i discovered quilting about 30 yrs ago. My parents have been gifted with several quilts. They both love them. Mom finally decided to learn how to quilt. We would sit on the porch in the cool mountain air and sew away. The hummingbirds were our music. She had made a quilt for their bed and for each of us kiddos. I think she is done. 😉 I have such fond memories with my mother.

  60. When I was in 4-H, my patch puff pillow won a blue ribbon. I was so proud of what I’d made! That encouraged me to continue working on my sewing.

  61. Barbara Takemoto says:

    My favorite memories of sewing is the anticipation of seeing the reaction of the gift recipient. There have been some major let downs but I still enjoy making things to give away.

  62. Sandy Allenbaugh says:

    Love jelly rolls!! Thanks

  63. Colleen Gonzales says:

    I had the best time quilting and learning at my first quilt retreat which was just a month or so ago! Looking forward to many more! ❤️

  64. Mary Morrison says:

    I went to my first sewing retreat this year and met the kindest women who were willing to laugh and support and share their knowledge! I sincerely hope I get to go again and I’m able to share what I love about sewing.

  65. I’m guessing something I’ve made from this blog. Off hand the first thing that comes to mind was the strawberry pincushions. They were a hit and a lot of fun to make.

  66. Lorraine Warner says:

    I’ve just found you but I am looking forward to many hours of inspiration and new techniques.

  67. I remember hand sewing scraps at my mom’s feet while she stitched on her machine…now I’m making similar memories with my daughter, love that!!

  68. My favourite is the happy look on the face of grandchildren when I give them their quilt.

  69. I think my favorite sewing experiences were at a retreat my guild ran for many years at this very scenic Pearson college of the pacific. It is right on the pacific ocean with wonderful views. They were weekends of learning new things, making new friends. Just lovely. Now that there are so many more options for retreats our guild is not running this particular event.

  70. My favorite experience was learning was my Grandmother and bonding over sewing.

  71. Maurine Monson says:

    I don’t think I have one favorite. But sewing with my daughters, seeing them follow me, I followed my mom and it goes on back in our history.

  72. My mom going over different techniques on my sewing machine during a project.

  73. My greatest experience was when I was teaching my cousin how to sew(cousin,Oh I will never sew like you do,or even sew for that matter) Well she did learn and she gave me a table runner and a set of sewn mats, for Christmas,when I opened them I thought she bought them from a store(truly I did) I love them. Gee I will never be able to sew lol. Sheila

  74. My husband would ask me questions about what I was sewing and why I did things a certain way. Then one day, I was having difficulty with a particular part of a block, and he came along and helped me figure out what I was doing wrong! Thanks!

  75. Raquel Litherland says:

    While I was working on a quilt, my then 4 y/o daughter made her first sock doll.

  76. Debra Miller says:

    My best experience working with The Sewing Loft was working with my little grandaughter. She has learned her numbers on the measuring tape, is familar with sewing tools and has her own little set. I have loved sharing with her.

  77. I loved making my grandson an “I-SPY” quilt. He enjoyed using it too! I have many other wonderful experiences making dresses for my girls when they were young.

  78. Once a week I meet up with friends to knit or sew or just to have a chat. What a great way to spend an afternoon

  79. Estela Reyes says:

    My favorite experience so far is making dresses for my two granddaughters. They are easy enough for a medium level seamstress like me to accomplish.

  80. Brenda Hulsey says:

    I love all the ideas I get from your blogs and newsletters! I can’t keep up!

  81. Mary Landau says:

    I recently joined a sewing group. Most of the ladies are older than me but at our last group sewing time, I was able to help some of them which was a nice surprise.

  82. Angela J Short says:

    Everytime I sew, it’s an experience! I like the experience of learning new things all the time because I haven’t been sewing too long. Happy holidays!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  83. Paula Hensel says:

    First off Heather, I want to thank you again for the wonderful giveaways that you do. I made a valor quilt from a jelly roll. my first venture of doing one. It was really a blast to sew up a quilt in just a few hours. My favorite sewing experience was when I made my wedding dress with my Mom, who was a wonderful seamstress. The wedding went off without a a seam opening, no buttons coming undone or the train falling off. Just on the side note Mom made a lot of my clothes as an infant. After she passed away I found a dress and bonnet for a toddler and I think here is a picture of me in it. She made by hand meaning she didn’t have a sewing machine 60+ years ago. Thanks again Heather.

  84. Kellie Campbell says:

    My favorite experience in sewing would have to be the moment that I learned a new technique and it turned out right the first time. That does not always happen to me so it was pretty special. Lol.

  85. DeeDee Isaacs says:

    The finished project is always something to look forward too.

  86. The awe on my sisters face when she tried on her first perfectly fitting dress that I made for her.

  87. One of my daughters is a quilter also and I treasure the times we have worked together sewing quilts.

  88. I think the best experience are all the sewing friends I have made throughout the years!

  89. Debbie Ward says:

    actually getting to spend time with my Gma Eva after my breast cancer we went to the fabric store with tops my inlaws gave me and we bought fabric came home and she helped me to make 3 different skirts without any patterns

  90. When your points are good and matching!

  91. I don’t know if I have one favorite experience, but I do enjoy making gifts for others (rarely do I make anything for myself) and love to think about and pray over that person as I am sewing for them. I imagine how much they’ll enjoy my personalized gift.


  93. Marg? Thanks

  94. This past year I learned how to paper-piece & found out I love it – it’s my favorite block in quilting! Thank you, Susan

  95. Carla Hundley says:

    Taught my grand niece
    to sew making a zippered
    bag during a family reunion.
    Carla from Utah

  96. I like the joy people have when they receive something handmade.

  97. My favorite experience sewing was making quilts with my two granddaughters to give to their younger cousins (my grandsons.) We had so much fun together.

  98. Denise Lamy says:

    I guess it would be the silliness and goofiness of being at retreat, getting my bed short sheeted, hiding stuff, trying to scare each other. Makes me feel young again

  99. nancyangerer says:

    When I was 8, I wanted to make my mother an apron for Mothers Day. I had never sewn before, but she dug into her fabrics and helped me make her an apron. I am now 75, and I have been sewing ever since. (Nancy A)

  100. My favorite experience sewing and quilting is with my 3 best friends. We get together for our own retreat and leave our worries at home. We cover all the world’s problems and go out for lunch and dinner for 4 days. We usually complete a charity quilt and still have time to make something for ourselves.

  101. The best has been my daughter learning to quilt with me..lon distance at that!! lol She lives in NC, I live in Ohio! 🙂 We pick a pattern..the make in fabrics the other likes..and usually round Christmas..we exchange our finished quilts! Such fun!! 🙂 True Heart Memories shared!

  102. Margaret Wellstead says:

    Making things for people, family and friends and seeing the joy on their faces.

  103. Marti Meadows says:

    Teaching my daughter how to quilt.

  104. Each summer when my sister visits with her grandson, he is always anxious to sew with Auntie Vicki.

  105. I give my 3 year old granddaughter my smaller scraps and she will sit beside me when I sew and play with them. It’s also nice to hear her say she loves something I’ve sewn for her.

  106. I like to sew items for children’s craft shows and I love their excitement about being able to buy a gift for their family.

  107. Love finishing a project and seeing it enjoyed by the recipient. Makes the planning and effort so worthwhile. Also enjoy helping others learn to sew.

  108. Karen Miller says:

    My favorite memory is making a stuffed animal with my 12 year-old-daughter; she made the pattern, cut it out, sewed and stuffed it all by herself! It was a little crooked…..but it was GREAT!!

  109. My favorite sewing memory was when I was in home ec. and we sewd a pencil case and I got it right. the rest of the class needed extra help.

  110. I found that listening to podcasts while sewing is very enjoyable for me! I don’t have time otherwise to listen, so I plug in my iPad and listen away!

  111. Cheryl Beck says:

    I learned to sew from my Mom when I was eight years old. I miss those times now. I started quilting before my 1st grandson was born. He is 5 years old now and still loves the baby quilt I made him along with many other thing I have made. I have 3 Grandsons now. They keep me busy needless to say.

  112. Karen Miller says:

    My favorite memory is making a stuffed animal with my 12 year-old granddaughter that she cut out, sewed and stuffed. It was a little crooked, but it was GREAT!!

  113. Seeing my young grandlings (2-4yrs) become interested in sewing, embroidery and applique. To think that theres a possibility to share this craft/hobby with them fills my heat with joy and excitement. It is far better than sitting them down in front of a tv or handing them a handheld device. To me the simple task of sewing is a life skill and it just so happens its one passed down from both my grandmothers.

  114. NancyB from Many La says:

    I loved being able to give my son the first quilt i made (he was 5) and he loved it!

  115. Diane Marie says:

    I just thrive on your ideas and creativity. I have trouble picking a favorite project but I know I love giving away my creations to my friends & loved ones!

  116. The first time I spent a long weekend with my sister-in-law and she guided me making my first quilt

  117. Kathy Cummings says:

    I binge watched “House of Cards” while quilting a quilt!! I think of that when I see that quilt!!
    Thank you!

  118. Penny L Potts says:

    The proud moment when I finished my first baby quilt for a grandbaby that hasn’t even been born yet. I was so proud and it was so fun!

  119. Karrie Smith says:

    When my Grandma taught me to sew. I would give anything if she could sew with me now!

  120. My favorite experience when I became a quilter was to go to a quilting retreat and meet so many other quilters who were so generous with their time and so very helpful.

  121. Leslie Marling says:

    Introducing my 3 daughters to sewing and quilting and seeing them creating projects that they enjoy doing.

  122. Jayne Emsden says:

    I love to sew anything but love Christmas, you name it I’ve sewn something for it

  123. Francie Holt says:

    I taught my niece how to sew a little wallet & a hair scrunchie, we had so much fun that day!

  124. Sheryle J Augustine says:

    I am always surprised when a difficult pattern turns out to be easier than I expected. Thanks for the contest.

  125. My favorite experience sewing is when you teach someone who is new to this wonderful pastime and they get it

  126. Sharon Crawley says:

    I just love when I have people praising my sewing makes, it makes me all warm inside, and very proud of myself xx

  127. I took my first quilting class in Bolivia when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I started a quilt for the baby and finished it when my third child was born, only because my mother and mother-in-law came to visit and they finished the quilting.

  128. Linda Colwell says:

    Being able to make quilts for family and happily watch their reaction when they open their new quilt. Priceless.

  129. I made a quilt from a kit and it was exciting to see how it all came together.

  130. Watching each of my grandchildren in turn making something of their own on the sewing machine

  131. Andrea Larsen says:

    Learning how to trim my blocks , before sewing them together.

  132. When my first mini quilt (quilt) ever was completed, that was sheer happiness!

  133. Brenda West says:

    I am a beginner sewer. Teaching myself. My favorite thing was taking my son’s old John Deere t-shirts and making them into a quilt for his graduation. I made my own design. Though it is not perfect. He really loved it. I am so glad I was able to do this for him – he is a great young man.

  134. Michelle M says:

    Love planning a quilt. Matching fabric with a pattern and then watching it come together when it is finished.

  135. Joanne Roberts says:

    When I was pregnant with my 1st child, my grandmother and I made all the baby clothes, towels, blankets. That’s also when my grandmother taught me how to do a French seam.

  136. I was still learning and my mom was teaching me to make shorts to be used as pajamas. The pair I made for my husband came out hilarious! I had attached the inner seam wrong so they looked funny. We still laugh about it.

  137. A favorite memory was the first quilt I felt confident enough to give away to a friend!

  138. Teaching Leilani to sew! We had a great time. She learned how to sew a dress for her AG doll. From choosing fabric, laying out pattern pieces, cutting to threading the machine & sewing. A great time was had by both if us.
    Becca G

  139. neena simmons says:

    My favorite was the joy of finishing the first Quilt I ever made.

  140. Sandra L Woerner says:

    I have to say my favorite moment was making my sisters wedding gown when I was 17 years old!!! Prior to that I had only sewed a jumper in Home Ec class in Middle school, so it was so exciting to push myself and the results were great. She loved it and still has it 50 yr later.

  141. Cherri Kincaid says:

    I have made a lot of new friends that I now sew with.

  142. Debbie Brewster says:

    My favorite experience was completing my first free motion quilting sampler.

  143. I started getting bored, so I decided to make my own jelly rolls with my scrap pieces. I sewed small pieces on cut newspaper strips. I had so many( and still do) that I ended up with a throw size quilt. As I laid them on my board I decided to put a small 1 inch strip of black between the strips. As I stared at it, it started to look like my dads old 35mm movie film. So I called it Kodachrom. One of my daughters aunt n laws which loves photography fell in love with it. She asked if I was selling it. Though I don’t sell any of my quilts, I told her no cause people don’t really want to pay for time and material. Needless to say her birthday was the next month, so I wrapped it up and gave it to her as a gift. If never had someone cry over one of my quilts. It was the most heartfelt feeling.

  144. Simone Thompson says:

    My favorite experience happened twice. Once when helping my daughter learn to sew. And again when helping my daughter-in-law learn to sew. I gave them each an older machine in its own cabinet that my husband and I cleaned, repaired, and tested. The machine my daughter received used to be my Mom’s machine 🙂

  145. Well, my most recently memorable experience was the frenzy to finish “in period costumes” for me and my daughter. We were attending a Dickens Christmas weekend. Complete with bonnets. How was it, you ask? Well, let’s just say that the difference between my “snow globe, wassel-filled, caroling-for-figgy-pudding” idea and reality is enough to fill my daughter’s stand up routine. We had a great weekend away. But I’m on a hunt for a Dickens Christmas, were we can wear our costumes next year…

  146. Lorene Holbrook says:

    I made a photo quilt for my parents 50th anniversary. It was a total pleasure from start to finish. I was so proud of the quilt, it turned out perfect!

  147. My favorite experiences are seeing the reactions of the people that receive the quilts and gifts I make.

  148. My favourite experience was the feeling I got when I finished my first quilt. I still get a rush everytime I finish one, but nothing like the first time.

  149. My favorite sewing experience is sewing a baby blanket with my mom.

  150. My favorite experience was passing down baby blankets that I had made for my daughter, to my grandson and finally to my great grandson and my great granddaughter.

  151. My favorite experience is learning to sew with my grandmother 55 years ago. I haven’t stopped since.

  152. My favorite experience has been making new friends at an annual quilt retreat. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  153. The relaxation and relief I felt while sewing became so real when I was recovering from lower back pain. It amazed me how much relief I received.

  154. My favorite experience was me & my best friend making hand made wristlets & gave them out for to help aa fundraiser ….

  155. I loved teaching my niece to sew, by helping her make a baby quilt for her new cousin.

  156. patricia Murphy says:

    I once made quilt for my best friend’s wedding and see how much she loved it and knowing she still does

  157. Nancy Baker says:

    Teaching my grandkids to sew!

  158. Annette Moore says:

    Sewing with friends is my favorite

  159. Cindy Zink says:

    My favorite experience while sewing is when my grandchildren began an interest and even fight over things Nanny has made.

  160. I haven’t gotten to sew with you yet. But I can’t wait for the new year to get started on something.

  161. Cindy McIlvain says:

    I had fun sewing pillowcases for my grandchildren while they all watched in my bedroom.

  162. Jane from MA says:

    Love the encouragement and creativity that it fosters.

  163. I’m still using the somewhat battered quilt I made years ago. The cat likes it too:)

  164. Patti McGarry says:

    I love getting together with friends to sew and chat and just share in the creativity!

  165. Sewing for my baby grandsons is the best experience! I waited a long time for them!

  166. Upcycling wool sweaters

  167. Seeing the joy on brides faces when there wedding dress fits and is done!

  168. Barbara J. Lubahn says:

    I like that with each quilt I make, it gets easier.

  169. My favorite experience was learning to make doll clothes with my grandmother when I was very young.

  170. Bethni Lee says:

    I made my father a memory quilt, and gave it to him on Father’s Day this year, which also happened to be my birthday this year, too. It was very special to me. I had started making it last year, but was put in to overdrive when we found out he had pancreatic cancer in March, and was given 6 months to live. Thankfully, he’s doing great, and still with us. But I’ll never forget that memory.

  171. I love that my girls will wear matching clothes if I’ve made them. They would never do it otherwise.

  172. Guiding my grandaughter’s stitches as she sits on my lap at the machine.

  173. I had a lot of fun designing my granddaughter’s bedroom with her assistance.

  174. Sommerville says:

    This is a difficult one as there are so many wonderful memories! To choose one though, I’d say when my daughter, at the age of about 6 or 7, stood looking at a dress I’d just completed for her and said : “Mommy, how do you turn a plain piece of that (pointing to a pile of fabrics) into this (her new dress)? It’s like magic!”

  175. Sue Holman says:

    I call my sewing room “my happy place”. Sewing always helps me jettison all those bad thoughts. I am looking forward to teaching my granddaughter to sew this Christmas season.

  176. Making members of my family happy with the things I’ve been able to make for them.

  177. Patricia Howard says:

    Recreating an advent calendar the kids remembered from their younger years that I had made, wanting to continue the same tradition for their families.

  178. My favorite quilting memory so far was teaching my daughter-in-law to quilt.

  179. Teaching my nieces how to sew at Christmas and seeing their faces when they completed a winter scarf for their dads and a fuzzy pillow for their moms. Beautiful!

  180. The sweetest thing I ever had the privilege to make was a complete set of doll clothes for a little girl who’s doll was her only treasure. It was a delight to see her eyes light up.

  181. Giving my mother a quilt for Mother’s Day is a favorite memory.

  182. Accomplishing a new pattern, one I thought was beyond me.

  183. Vicki Formby says:

    I love the fellowship and sharing at quilt retreats.

  184. Dawn Gilbert says:

    Would love to win this

  185. My most treasured experience in sewing was when my dad helped me make my wedding dress.

  186. Kellie Warren says:

    Learning how to sew garments with my mother

  187. carolyn montgomery says:

    i love making quilted and sewing presents for my family and friends.

  188. I taught Cub Scouts how to sew on buttons as one of the skills at an event. They were so excited.

  189. Cindy Jones Bechinski says:

    When I could sew for my first grandchild!

  190. Teresa wise says:

    I would have to say sewing for my then soon to be child (now 5 months old) my very first quilt and jelly roll race, modified to also be a quilt as you go and using the backing as the binding as I was/am a novice sewist as well and just seeing her playing on it everyday makes me want to keep on sewing and learning.

  191. Bonnie L Thiem says:

    I met my dearest best friend while sewing at a Quilt Shop.

  192. Helen Glover says:

    Some of my favorite experiences have been giving the quilts I made for them to my sister and best friends. These were special gifts for them and they were truly pleased. I will always treasure that joy of giving something I’ve spent time and effort making especially for someone.

  193. The first quilt I ever made and had no one to help me. It turned out to be beautiful!

  194. My dog wanting my attention.

  195. While in high school, I used my gift of sewing to enter items in the county fair. I made enough in prize money to pay for my class ring!!!

  196. Joyce Carter says:

    My greatest experience was designing and making a queen sized quilt for a special boy.

  197. Memories. When I sew a log cabin block, I think of my Mom. She made three full sized log cabin quilts. I didn’t get one but warm memories thinking of her making log cabin blocks.

  198. I was assisting my sewing instructor while she taught kids on how to sew. The kids were challenging but absolute fun!! We taught each other in different ways. I loved it!! I have also taught one of my adult nieces how to sew.

  199. Karen Stephens says:

    Watching my daughter create without a pattern. I taught her the basics. So proud of her.

  200. Lynne Dardanell says:

    Involving my 9-year old daughter in the design of my project for one of The Sewing Loft’s fun swaps! She loves getting creative with me and thinking about what the recipient might like!

  201. Leslie Marling says:

    One of my favorite experiences is having introduced my 3 daughters to sewing, to now watch them to use their skills and talents to finish their own creations. They are using these skills to help others and to supplement their incomes.

  202. Brenda Ackerman says:

    I once made my Father a free motion machine embroidered block of a Dragon and he was so proud of that he showed everyone!

  203. One of my favorite sewing experiences was going to my first quilting retreat.

  204. Hearing my grands brag Bout the Quilt I made to their friends.

  205. Renea Yarolim says:

    My favorite experience would have to be making my very first jumper and blouse when I was 11 yrs old while I was in 4-H. I got blue ribbons on both projects at the county fair and was asked to model the outfit. I have been sewing/quilting ever since!!

  206. Shauntrisa says:

    My favorite experience was walking my daughter through her 1st project (pillowcase). She was so excited about doing everything herself.

  207. My favorite experience in sewing is the monthly “Sit and Sews” that my quilt guild holds. The friendships, the techniques learned, the sharing of our works in progress and the fun that we have brings so much happiness into my life.

  208. I love sewing with my daughter. It doesn’t happen often, but I treasure it when it does!

  209. Sharing my love of sewing with my two girls,Such a pleasure when they were young, and now, seeing how much they love to sew.
    Such a pleasure!

  210. I love pulling out home sewn holiday decorations for the family to enjoy, and remembering the years I made them.

  211. Ivonne Walters says:

    Teaching one of my daughters to sew!

  212. Teaching my granddaughter how to sew a fleece throw for her high school boyfriend.

  213. I make a small handmade gift for the people in my small quilt group every year. I have the joy of creating and my friends always make me feel like a rock star regardless of what I have made each year.

  214. auntiepatch69 says:

    While making the costumes for The Wizard of Oz, I spent hours hand sewing yarn together to make the Lion’s mane. It turned out great so it was worth the sore fingers.

  215. Incredible resource for a new sewer. Best experience is feeling confident that I can trust sewing loft to make me successful

  216. Cindy Bowling says:

    I have been teaching my youngest granddaughter to sew. I love watching her face when she makes something by herself.

  217. My friends owned a small shop, and have since retired, but I loved going there and doing a sit and sew. I had a few friends who would come on a regular basis, and we just chatted, shared lunches, and had a blast.

  218. Feeling of success when completeing projects

  219. My grandson wanting to help me make him a pillowcase.

  220. Jennifer Essad says:

    My favorite was seeing my mom teach my daughter to sew like she did me

  221. Love converting non-sewers into quilters!

  222. Linda Avolio says:

    I’m a fairly new quilter…I am doing a “Quilt Along” online…and JUST LOVE IT. I made my first quilt for my granddaughter and really enjoyed it. How the design pieces go together just amaze me.

  223. Donna Stellway says:

    My favorite experience has been teaching my granddaughter to sew and seeing her share my love of sewing.

  224. Leah Sandholm says:

    I made a shirt for my teenage daughter and she exclaimed that she never had a shirt fit so well. That was a pretty good feeling.

  225. Deb Pommier says:

    Sewing with ladies from church for charity projects

  226. Jennifer Collins says:

    My favorite experience is the satisfaction I feel each time I complete a project.

  227. Edith Gorzo says:

    Being able to make something for someone and know they are enjoying it as much as you did making it.

  228. Teresa Knittingdancer says:

    My favorite experience is seeing the look on someone’s face when I give them a completed project.

  229. Teaching the kids in 4-H to sew and seeing them so proud of what they made.

  230. Lauren Dalton says:

    Every year it’s been my stepsons and my “thing” that I make him his Halloween bag. I never tell him no, or that his idea is too complicated. I want to teach him that if he can think it – it can be created. It started with a shark bag I made to go with his pirate costume, then a BB8 bag to go with Darth Vader, then a Darth Vader helmet-shaped bag to go with his stormtrooper outfit. I love having something special that he gets really excited for each year

  231. Sam Nicholson says:

    Favorite experience would have to be discovering that I can actually do it!!

  232. Linda Kernodle says:

    I love when my grandchildren sew. They are so creative when they get in my scraps.

  233. Having a bunch of friends come over for a girls quilting weekend.

  234. My favorite time sewing was with my 2 sisters at quilt camp. We had a jelly roll race and we each taught a new project.

  235. The pleasure when i finished my first bag, when i had just learned machine sewing

  236. When I was very little my grandmother taught me to sew practice seams on wax paper using her treadle sewing machine. I loved spending time with her.

  237. Sewing my mother’s formals and then having her friends ask me to make clothes for them such an ego booster for my sewing ability

  238. The last time my daughter was here we sewed together.

  239. Linda Collum says:

    My favorite sewing experience lately has been my Mother-in-Law’s reaction to the quilt I made for her. It was the first quilt I had ever made (moms always get the first thing you make, right) and I pretty much decided to learn to quilt so I could make one for her. She lives far away and I wanted her to have a hug from us whenever she wanted one. She talks about it every time we speak on the phone. Her reaction caused me to continue quilting and I’ve become addicted.

  240. Helping my granddaughter learn how to make and machine sew purse linings for her handwoven purses that she had made

  241. Wendy A Engelmann says:

    I learn something new about sewing every time I sew with my various sewing groups.

  242. actually finished a project

  243. Lena Hussey says:

    my best experience was teaching my granddaughter to sew and seeing the huge grin she had when she finished her pillow. The greatest thing was hearing her say , ” I want to be able to sew just like you Gram!”.

  244. Since I am Pretty New to quilting I should say my paperpiecing wallhanging Beach by Heleen Pinkster.

  245. Tonya Flores says:

    I loved sitting in my mom’s room with her as she sewed. I would read my See Jane books to her to practice my reading as she sewed up her next masterpiece. Now My kids Sit And Play As I Sew.

  246. Teaching my daughter how to sew 🙂

  247. When my niece was in kindergarten, I took a break from my usual (piecing quilts) and made a Belle dress. It had 6 yards of yellow satin, 2 yards of crinoline and 2 of lining fabric. She was a happy little girl. I was amazed at how good it came out as I don’t sew many clothes.

  248. Jean Palionis says:

    I am very new to you, so I have no experience to share, but I look forward to many happy hours with you and sharing projects and ideas. I am currently working on a quilt using jelly rolls that was designed by Angela Walters.

  249. I am a new quilter, in fact I am finishing my very first lap quilt. I have never done jelly rolls but would love to try. One of my favorite experiences up to when I fell in love with quilting has been making dresses for my daughters and nieces American Girl Dolls.

  250. Teaching my six year old granddaughter to sew pillow cases

  251. Dawn Hanson says:

    I love making blankets, lovies and pillows for my grandkids. My grandson was amazed when he got his spiderman blanket and couldn’t believe that Nana had made that for him.

  252. Laura Major says:

    My favorite experience about sewing is when I give someone something I’ve worked hard on and they love it as much as I did making it for them!!

  253. I like posting a project to the Facebook group and having someone comment about how nice it looks! So nice to share with other quilters!

  254. My best experience is when I realized that the clothes I pulled out of my closet the most were the tops and pants that I had sewn. Ha – flaws and all, they were the best.

  255. Teaching my grandaughter to sew is a great experience.

  256. A full time job always gets in the way of what I really want to do. So when there’s nothing else happening in the family it’s always a fabulous experience to get a few hours of uninterrupted time in my sewing room. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen often enough!

  257. roga guthmiller says:

    My favprite experience is sewing with my mom on quilt retreats or traveling to quilt shops with her. Fun to see how many similar interests we have and what colors we choose.

  258. Judy Sanders says:

    Love helping and teaching new quilters.

  259. The first quilt I ever made!

  260. Theresa C. says:

    I enjoy sharing my sewing experiences and asking questions to my 80 year old mom, who has been sewing for many years. I have two sisters and I am the only one that has this in common with my mother. We have a great time sewing together whenever we can.

  261. Jeannie Zimmerman says:

    Quilting brings me a sense of pride in what I have made. Watching someone genuinely enjoy using them is the best. I strive for comfort quilts.

  262. Rosalyn Schultze says:

    My favorite experience was teaching my granddaughter how to sew a pillow for her mother. We had such fun and I learned a lot about her and what she loved about her life.

  263. My granddaughter always sat on my lap to sew with me until she got too big. Now she has taken over my chair. She is working on her first baby quilt for her uncle and aunt whose baby is due at the first of the year.

  264. The first my granddaughter wanted to learn to sew. I helped her so an easy stuffed animal.

  265. I love to sit and mend with my mum, chatting and having a cuppa together 😊

  266. Carol Betts says:

    Sharing time with friends

  267. Grace White says:

    Teaching my granddaughter about sewing

  268. Patricia Hersl says:

    It’s the picture of hubby leaning in the doorway (he’s afraid to enter, I think), asking if I’m hungry as he plans for dinner. It’s married a million years and he still loves me.

  269. Any time I am able to make a top that I never thought I could make – the first was a Dresden Platw. Jenny Doan makes me think I can do anything!

  270. Jeannie Zimmerman says:

    My favorite was taking a quilting class with my daughter. Making an evening out of it, even better.

  271. I love the time I spend in my sewing room, just doing what I want to.

  272. I participated in a charity quilting gathering in OK to make quilts for the victims of the Moore tornado in 2013.

  273. Sandy Rodgers says:

    Last Thanksgiving when I gave everyone their choice of one of the many quilt tops I had made over the past few years. And they all happily waited for me to get them quilted.

  274. Debbie Pearcey says:

    My favorite experience I think is the realization that sewing is my way of meditating, my way of being in the moment , and that ironing????can be relaxing! The best part is when someone tells me they think of me every time ( every night)they pull the quilt up over themselves.

  275. The delight on the faces of my family when they receive something I’ve designed and made.

  276. Working with my daughter and guiding her while she was making an altered jeans purse for her best friend… 😀

  277. The feeling of accomplishment when I try a new technique.

  278. Darlene Thompson says:

    Sewing with my granddaughter and teaching her.

  279. Nadine Anderson says:

    My first baby quilt was exhilarating!

  280. My favorite experience is having my grandson help me make a quilt

  281. Jean Speake says:

    Sewing hundreds of color guard flags for marching band and winter guard….

  282. Tina Butler says:

    One of my happy sewing times was when I made a cloak for my son to use for a halloween project and he played with it for years!

  283. Sewing a straight line haha

  284. Having the memories of my grandmother’s sewing machine is a favorite experience

  285. I made my very first stitched to the hip pleated skirt out of a Pendleton woolen plaid in my Jr year of high school and was so pleased. I was a size 4 in those days!

  286. I make my son, niece and nephew’s Christmas pajama’s every year. Watching them run around Christmas eve in the jammies I made always warms my heart.

  287. Sandra Williams says:

    My grandmother taught me to quilt in her basement. I still have a long way to go, to be as good as she was. Jellyrolls take 1/2 the work out of it.

  288. My sister had a date and he was picking her up in an hour. She wanted something new to wear, as nothing she had was “special” enough. We decided to make a pair of pants. We hurried and cut them out. I sewed, she pressed. Now this was polyester fabric, when you had to zigzag the edges to keep from raveling. I sewed a leg, started the next one, she pressed. Sewed legs together, zipper, then waistband. Try on, hem. We did it!! With minutes to spare! We still talk about that one!!

  289. Elaine Morton says:

    There are so many happy memories in quilting from the joy of seeing my spin on a design come together to visiting quilt shops and having the entire community aid each other in choosing fabrics and problem solving.

  290. My favorite experience is seeing the look on someone’s face when you give them a hand made gift!

  291. Last quilt I made were very simple but looked difficult

  292. gwen frohn says:

    Making my own wedding gown

  293. Judy Prescott says:

    I am a solitary quilter and I love the quiet time in my sewing room. My life can be very hectic but that time is so fun. When I put on some great music it makes it even more fun!

  294. Making my first Skirt & blouse when I was twelve. I ll earned to sew from the pattern directions. 🙂

  295. When I was about 8, my mother and I made 2 stockings out of fabric and sequences. I remember getting board with all the detail she insisted to put in them, but they turned out amazing. They are still my most cherished holiday decorations.

  296. Leora Bauer says:

    most memorable, was making my own dresses for school.. they didnt always turn out the best but it was my work…

  297. Betty Soules says:

    I had the two granddaughters here at the house for three weeks this past summer, I had sewing lined up as one of our many projects to do. The nine year old took to it so easily. I was so happy to show her how to do things with the sewing machine, The seventeen year old had just finished a sewing class in school, but she also sat and watched and listened. They made beautiful pillow cases. I’m so hoping that I will be able to do it again with them not sure when though as they live in Colorado and I in Alabama.

  298. My favorite experience was giving my Mom a 90th birthday quilt that I designed, pieced, and quilted. It had blocks on which my sister, my husband, and all the grandkids hand wrote their birthday wishes to her. My daughter passed away 5 years ago, and I traced her signature and put her birth date on a block so she would be included. I even put in pieced cat blocks for her three “grand-cats.” She just loved it. She’s the best Mom ever!

  299. My greatest experience was having my daughter come over to have me help her make dolls for her daughter and niece.

  300. Mine is very much like “Laura Major”‘s–giving someone something I made them and they love it, as I did making it.

  301. setting and watching my grandmother take a piece of fabric and just start cutting. Than a few hours later she had herself a skirt. She was an amazing seamstress. Love jelly rolls. You can do so much with them.

  302. My first quilt class – we made a disappearing 9-patch quilt. Everyone was so friendly and we had a fun time!

  303. Janice Svercek says:

    Instead of a girlfriend cookie bake this year, I had a Christmas table runner sew-a-long. All four of us completed a Christmas runner in one afternoon. We all signed each other’s runner and now we have a great keepsake. It was great fun.

  304. Helping my mom prepare t shirts to make a t shirt quilt for her self!

  305. sandy haber says:

    Best experience was having my daughter ask for her own sewing machine — she can’t always get home when something needed to be fixed. One of these days I hope to have the pleasure of working with her as she makes her first quilt!

  306. Leah eversole says:

    When I finished my first quilt! It was great to know I made it, each and every step!

  307. I have enjoyed quilting with older women who have taught me a lot.

  308. After being told a situation about a church member I’ve known for as long as I can remember, I made this woman a bag for her walker. It wasn’t perfect, but I was thrilled, as was she.

  309. Sherry Jurykovsky says:

    My favorite experience sewing was making my daughter’s wedding dress. Her and I had never spent much time together after she left home. When she asked me to sew her dress, she asked me to do it at her house as my husband smokes and she was worried about the fabric picking up the odor. We spent several months getting together nearly every day as I sewed a practice corset, then the real one, then a three layer skirt and in the end my mother lent her her 65 year old petticoat to wear under it all and I got to alter it as well. We made some marvelous memories, sewing together, as my daughter was making her bridesmaids dresses at the same time. 🙂

  310. I volunteered to make mini wallets using the pattern and instructions I found here for a friend’s gift bags for her tea. She offered to pay me, but I refused – reminding her that I’d volunteered to make them as a thank you for all the times she’d invited me to her annual Christmas tea. However, that gave me the idea that maybe I could sell them, so I gave it a try and sold over $100 worth! So, I had the pleasure of providing the wallets for the gift bags AND I made a little extra money (for buying more fabric!).

  311. gloria brady boulware says:

    One year my mother and I made a jelly roll quilt for our friend who was dying of cancer.Our friend took that quilt to the hospital,to all her appointments,she even took it to church for kneeling in prayer.And you know she said because that quilt was made from love,she was completely healed of all cancer.

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