Machine Applique Dreams | Giving Day 2

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Did you see yesterday’s Paper Pieced Paradise package? It’s sure is a great way to pass the time while traveling for the holidays. Today is day 2 in the 12 Days of Giving  and the next package is all about making your machine applique dreams come true! Let’s take a look.

Days of Giving - 12 Days of Giveaways

Adding a touch of machine embroidery is the perfect way to personal a gift during the holidays.  Now, embroidery designs come in all shapes and sizes but today’s goodie box focuses around an applique technique. This technique uses fabric to fill in larger areas of the design and is outlined with embroidery stitches.

Enter to win this gift basket is filled with patterns, fabric and tools to help make all your machine applique dreams come true. $150 value


My friend Evy Hawkins from A Bit of Stitch is the talented designer behind these designs today. I met Evy a few years back at a BabyLock event and we became fast friends. I just love her sunny personality and sassy point of view. You may also know Evy as a Craftsy Instructor, in store Educator and a lover of the Sashiko.

Enter to win this gift basket is filled with patterns, fabric and tools to help make all your machine applique dreams come true. $150 value

Her work is just like her personality. It is packed with fun and just makes you happy.  This goodie box only showcases her machine applique embroidery designs but she offers a wide range of patterns to choose from. A few of my favorites can be found under Girly Stuff.

Gingher applique scissors make cutting applique fabric so much easier. Enter to win this gift basket is filled with patterns, fabric and tools to help make all your machine applique dreams come true. $150 value

Machine Applique Dreams Giveaway


Gift package includes:

Gift package is valued at approximately $150.00.

If you have ever tried machine applique embroidery before you know just how important it is too cut the fabric close to the stitch line. That is why those Gingher scissors are such a dream. The duck bill design allows for the blade to get up close and personal to that stitch line. I have this pair in my tool box and think you should too!

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Now for a little brush up on the knowledge and basic skills to keep your machine embroidery looking fantastic!

Keep your creative juices flowing with over 100 free embroidery designs rounded up in one place. Everything from hand embroidery to machine applique.





100 Free Embroidery Designs

Keep your creative juices flowing with over 100 free embroidery designs rounded up in one place. Everything from hand embroidery to machine applique.


Learn how to create subway style embroidery with the built in fonts on your Destiny II sewing machine. Video shows how to add words and adjust step by step.



Subway Style Embroidery

Another great way to personalize your projects is with subway style embroidery. See just how easy it is to create using the built in fonts on your machine. Video shows how to add words and adjust step by step.



How to use applique scissors and free mesh bag pattern. The Sewing Loft





Importance of Applique Scissors

Because it is so important to get close cut on the stitch line, this applique scissors will become your best friend. Learn how to use them and create this free mesh bag pattern.



Now your ready to start that new project and make it a success! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below and share the holiday cheer with a friend.

Machine Applique Embroidery Giveaway


Applique Dream Day 2 of Giving

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Finally, for those of you just joining us now, you will want to visit Day 1 and enter to win the Paper Piece Paradise box. This box is jam packed with goodies.







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  1. kathy Persons says:

    I did a Christmas Jumper for my niece

  2. I love to applique childrens t shirts.

  3. Terry shuford says:

    I love to appliqué art quilts, post cards, totes and home decorating projects.

  4. NevadaJane says:

    I love to applied my little girl’s dresses.

  5. Karen Hendry says:

    I decided to appliqué our stockings this year…it’s a bit tough at first, but I’m still learning.

  6. Thank you Heather! I love to applique anything with a holiday theme!

  7. lewisnancy54 says:

    I have just started appliqueing and did a table runner. I hooked and found I want to do more.

  8. This would be wonderful

  9. I have added applique to many things, but my favorite is to applique on bibs with their names embroidered too! It makes a wonderful gift and is always one of a kind!

  10. My granddaughter and I love to applique her clothes, and I like to applique zipper pouches. I’m planning to make a lot of them for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  11. Cheryl Beck says:

    I have made several applique bibs and onesies for my Grand babies. They love things made by Nana.

  12. I did table runner

  13. I do Christmas stockings for my family

  14. Heather, i love to applique table runners and quilts

  15. Not sure if my paper pieced comment went through yesterday. I am going to start teaching paper to piecing classes at my last infebruary. It is a new skill for me. My daughter taught me and she’s is making a Harry Potter paper pieced Quilt

  16. Sandy lopez says:

    Thank you for the give away. I d not have an embroidery machine. The appliqué I’ve tried so far has been for hand embroidery and overlays for stuffies.

  17. I have appiqued baby burp Cloths to bags and purses.

  18. Barbara Takemoto says:

    I love the look of appliqué. Don’t have a favorite design. Love to try different ideas

  19. I just made a little dress for my 1 year old granddaughter. Today is her birthday party. I sewed a little orange Fox on it. So cute.

  20. Mug Rugs for quick gifts

  21. Quilting Jeannie says:

    I applique on quilts. Once I did pillowcase hems and they turned out very pretty.

  22. Mary Van Kleeck says:

    I love to appliqué ion Quilts!!!

  23. Jeannie Zimmerman says:

    I have never used applique scissors, but I love the look of those. I am always afraid my shaky hands will cut the fabric. How clever. I love to applique small accents on quilts.

  24. My fav thing to applique by far is blankets, I love how everything turns out!!

  25. Judy Strong says:

    Christmas stockings!

  26. René Bolton says:

    My favorite thing to Applique is any T-shirt for my Granddaughter.

  27. Dorrie Jones says:

    I used my home-made sewing machine cover to take my first steps in applique. It’s easy to see the progression ! I still like to look at it, to see how far I’ve come, and think of what design I want to try next !

  28. I’ve never done appliqué but would love to learn!! Looks like a great set to try!

  29. Tracy Painter says:

    I’ve Appliquéd a name on a dog blanket but need a lot more practice! Lol

  30. i like flowers, animals and words~

  31. I love to applique landscapes and add embroidery detail to make it come alive.

  32. I love doing applique and my favorite things to applique are table runners/toppers and wall hangings.

  33. I love to make machine applique quilts & table runners as gifts. The give away is great! Thank you for the 12 Days of Christmas Give Away.

  34. I love to applique on table runners.

  35. Rosemary Venditto says:

    I love to applique children’s clothing and baby quilts, but I use machine applique on many other things too. I have been doing it for about 35 years.

  36. K'Lynn Wait says:

    I love to applique wall hangings and table runners! I do both machine or hand and love both ways.

  37. Maggie Sheer says:


  38. Danna Hulet says:

    Anything Christmas

  39. Ana Wildrick says:

    Appliqued baby bibs.

  40. Cindy McIlvain says:

    I have done appliqué hearts on quilts.

  41. Shirley Clark says:

    I love to do appliques on clothes for my great-granddaughter. She’s only 7 mos. old, and it’s been a while since we had a baby in the family. I’m really having fun.

  42. I love applique by hand, but the last applique was by machine. I would love to share a picture but have no idea how to do it. Thanks for the chance.

  43. Jennifer W says:

    i LOVE machine embroidery!!

    I have appliqued letters on towels.

  44. Applique goes fast & quick when making a throw pillow-especially when using felt-no fraying!

  45. Julie Bailey says:

    I made a Halloween wall hanging that had appliqued jack-o-laterns

  46. I love to appliqué our daughter’s clothes, t-shirts, trousers, everything really!

  47. Stephanie Stavert says:

    Christmas wall hangings

  48. I’ve recently gotten back into applique–love it on quilts!

  49. Shannon Thomas says:

    Hooded towels and reading pillows

  50. Last spring I appliquéd a Canadian Maple quilt to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. I had never appliqued before and I was so happy with how it turned out. Now I am keen to try this technique again.

  51. I just finished my quilt top for Buttermilk Basin’s Bringing Home the Tree. It’s my first attempt at app clique and it is only my second quilt, too. I loved working with wool applique!

  52. Susan R Jones says:

    Mug Rugs and Mini Quilts. Easy to get done in a small amount of time.

  53. Candias Chalker says:

    Bags of all kinds

  54. Cate Callard says:

    I made a team pennant for my son!

  55. Francie Holt says:

    I appliqué on quilts, I’m working on Merry, Merry Snowmen currently, besides other projects.

  56. My favorite thing to Appliqué is the first letter of a baby’s name on a personalized burp cloth. It is done by machine embroidery.

  57. Michelle McLoughlin says:

    I love to applique just about anything, really love the hand sewing!

  58. Christina McBride says:

    I LOVE doing baby onesies.

  59. Stephanie Daniel says:

    I like to appliqué on quilts

  60. Bags, shirts,bibs

  61. I’ve just recently gotten into appliqué. So far I like to appliqué special borders on quilts. It can turn a so-so quilt into something special. 🙂

  62. usairdoll Jodi says:

    I love to appliqué quilts, tablerunner sand wall hangings.

    Awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed ;-D

  63. Carla Hundley says:

    I like making
    bags of different
    Carla from Utah

  64. Jenna Taylor says:

    I have appliqued a big T for TN vols and Gryffindor tie on a little girl’s dress for game day and Hogwarts! <3

  65. Carol Nelms says:

    I like to applique table toppers and wallhangings. Quilts are to much work to applique.

  66. Karin Joye says:

    I have recently started my first appliqué quilt.

  67. Pouches!

  68. Kathy Stewart says:

    I love those appliqué scissors!

  69. I love to appliqué quilts.

  70. I love Applique on quilts!

  71. I just made a christmas table runner -applique then quilted. I make them every christmas.

  72. I recently appliquéd a design on a reading pillow for my little grandson.

  73. Have only made couple wallhangings, and few mugrugs so far…no fave thing to do yet lol Am slow at it..but do enjoy applique. Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 🙂

  74. Tammi Williams says:


  75. Jessica Fox says:

    Applique is one of my last quilting techniques I have yet to tackle but I really want to try it.

  76. Evelyn Ware says:

    I made my new Granddaughter a quilt and appliquéd her name on it. It turned out so cute!

  77. I suppose it is the borders on quilts but truly I am not very good.

  78. I like to applique quilts and pillows.Right now I will try to do something nice for christmas like pot holders with small santas.

  79. Shirley hale says:

    I love appliquing letters. Sometimes i leave off the satin stitch because I’m just a zig zag nut…

  80. Marie Tocco says:

    I just finished 5 alphabet quiet books, so I really like letters.

  81. Karen fulkersin says:

    I love to appliqué on quilts and tea towels b

  82. Charald Comeau says:

    I enjoy appliqué on quilts.

  83. Kelly Litton says:

    I love appliqué quilting most of all but just did appliqué pillowcases for Christmas.

  84. Linda Williamson says:

    I tried to appliqué a Christmas tree pillow. Looks okay… still learning. grinnie1961@ Gmail dot com

  85. Nancy Leavitt says:

    I made a Halloween quilt with bats and cats

  86. Jonnie Egleston says:

    My favorite applique is a Dresden plate

  87. I am just getting ready to start for the first time an appliqué project…a quilt for my parents 50th anniversary. The quilt will have traced hands from all their kids and their spouses as well as grandkids.

  88. Susana Rios says:

    I haven’t done much, but I did applique a few baby quilts, they came out super cute! Would love to do more!

  89. Flowers in cotton to my jeans for #visiblemendings

  90. Kathy Cummings says:

    Dresden blades!!
    Thank you!

  91. Just getting started – trying some sampler quilt blocks

  92. Elaine H. says:

    I have appliquéd quilts and a few bags

  93. i love to make little covered books with applique.

  94. I am appliqueing on mug rugs.

  95. Vicki Davis says:

    I love all things applique. Thanks for providing us with so many free patterns.

  96. I like to work with simple shapes and do machine appliqué mostly.

  97. My granddaughter’ s outfits and quilts.

  98. KarenAnn Harvey says:

    Small wall hangings or gifts.

  99. Jean Palionis says:

    I really enjoyed appliquaing designs from my girls coloring books onto their clothes to makr them one-of-a kind garments. They liked them as well.

  100. I love that you can make any applique your imagination can dream up

  101. Haven’t done much applique, just a few flowers and stems.

  102. I love the look of applique. I’m new to it.

  103. Lucy Blum says:

    I have appliquéd house blocks from Jacquelynne Steves “I Love Home” BOM quilt.

  104. I am attempting to do a Dresden Plate wall hanging as a Christmas gift.

  105. Bette Millar says:

    Love anything appliqued relating to birdies!

  106. I love to applique. My current project is an applique top.

  107. Although most of my appliqué is by machine, I like to add to my quilts the person name who is getting the quilt.

  108. I love the wall hangings appropriate for the season!

  109. Beth Schloegel says:

    I’m actually really new to quilting and haven’t tried applique. It looks amazing, but a little intimidating.

  110. Lorna DeSantis says:

    I appliqued quilt blocks as part of a block a month project.

  111. MARY MALHEIM says:

    Haven’t done this as yet; wishing & hoping.

  112. Angela J Short says:

    My favorite thing to applique is animals on quilts! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  113. Never thought I would like appliqué but was hooked after my first project.

  114. Sharon Runyan says:

    My favorite appliqué is quilt blocks

  115. Quilt blocks!

  116. Never tried but I would start with hexagons

  117. christmas stockings

  118. auntiepatch69 says:

    Jumpers and baby clothes!

  119. I have not appliqued in many years and thought I wasn’t a fan, but there are so many cute designs now & hexies are drawing me back in! 😮

  120. I’ve only tried applique on a pillow but have a few projects on my list that I want to make.

  121. I love to applique Kids t-shirts

  122. carolyn montgomery says:

    seasonal bibs and mug rugs

  123. I have only appliqued on baby bibs, but those scissors would have made it so much easier.

  124. The last thing I appliqued was a pillow.

  125. Jennifer Whitney says:

    Quilts are number one, but I have just discovered Wool-What FUN!!!

  126. Karen Stephens says:

    I haven’t ever really done applique. I would love to learn how.

  127. Marti Meadows says:

    I am working on a rose of sharon quilt at the moment.

  128. Lynn E Marsh says:

    What I’ve done is probably just considered embroidery. But I will some day step it up.

  129. Kaye steeper says:

    Repair appliqué is my favourite , great for kids clothes

  130. Linda Hulen says:

    I love applique. I am just finishing my 5th applique Christmas quilt!!

  131. I have done both Christmas and Thanksgiving table runners

  132. I have to admit I’ve never done applique. But would love to start!

  133. Mary Jo Weber says:

    Love to applique on kids shirts!

  134. I like to do appilique quilts. thanks for the great giveaway

  135. Wool is my favorite appliqué technique.

  136. Janet Pierce says:

    Quilts, clothes, home accessories.

  137. Pillows and table runners

  138. I have only appliqued on sweatshirts. Would love to learn how to properly applique.

  139. Nothing yet, but looking forward to learning to add to my quilt.

  140. I like to applique pillows.

  141. Rommy Van Houten says:

    I like a fine needle and a good scissor for appliqué
    Rommy van Houten

  142. Mary Green says:

    6-yr old GD would love an appliqued tshirt to match one for her 1.5 yr old sister. I love making children’s clothing special for them, not anything like store bought.

  143. Amy mills says:

    I appliquéd a “D” onto the back of a cape in superman style. It turned out great!!!

  144. I love to applique on baby quilts

  145. Laura Major says:

    I only appliqued a few things in my life but my favorite was my son’s mat cover for school! I still have it too and he an adult now! 😊

  146. I love to applique T-shirts for my grandchildren.

  147. I appliquéd the center of the Dresden plate block.

  148. Mary Hawley says:


  149. Baby clothes! They’re usually smaller projects but they can really “make” the outfit.

  150. Linda Stewart says:

    I like making for grandkids….little purses with applique flowers etc and Halloween bags with applique on them.

  151. Jane from MA says:

    I am in love with applique mug rugs and pot holders.

  152. Joan Mitchell says:

    I’ve never finished an applique, keep chickening out because I think I wouldn’t be able to make the stitching look good.

  153. I have made several quilt/Doona covers using machine appliqué and I just love it.

  154. I am just learning about appliqué and would love to be able to do it on baby items for my new niece.

  155. Sherri Hines says:

    I’ve only appliqued on quilts – hearts and stars. My favorite was a block with bird/hearts with names and dates for a wedding quilt.

  156. Delissa Crellin says:

    I have never appliqued before but plan to try it on a baby quilt.

  157. Most of my applique has been on quilts.

  158. Carol Bilton says:

    I’ve started a Christmas quilt, which has appliqué in each of the 12 squares. My first appliqué quilt. I’ve appliquéd lots of cushions but now going for the big one & loving it!

  159. Glenda Roy says:

    I appliqued a skillet with a fried egg in it onto a onesie for the grandson of one of the owners of Lodge Manufacturing. It was a gift from my daughter and son-in-law. The parents flipped over it and dressed the baby in it to go to an event honoring his grandfather for civic contributions.

  160. I appliqued a set of balloons on my baby’s jumper.

  161. I did a fall table runner

  162. Personalized gifts for children of all sizes…the projects are endless with 12 grandchildren….

  163. I enjoy raw edge collage appliqué!

  164. Doing applique on quilts is what I like to do.

  165. Katie Wink says:

    I like to appliqué tea towels. Quick, easy, cheap and cute!

  166. Rebecca Wright says:

    I love to applique sweatshirts and tshirts.

  167. Donna Stellway says:

    I’m fairly new to machine embroidery and so far have only done Christmas applique so I’d have to say anything Christmas.

  168. Sommerville says:

    I love making mug rugs, and using appliques is a lovely way to express my creativity AND to personalise them for the intended receiver!

    I made a comforter for my Granddaughter last year, and I appliqued a little girl’s dress (full size), and a whole bunch of animals around it. Each animal(bird, fish, etc) had a special story for my Granddaughter. She’s a girly girl and just LOVES all animals!

  169. Sweatshirts

  170. Bethni Lee says:

    I love to applique my quilts!! Having a ball doing some fun table runners lately!

  171. cindi Alexander says:

    I love to appliqués names on quilt labels

  172. I have appliquéd on my girls dreset when they were little.

  173. I appliqued matching fall pumpkins on my grandchildren’s Thanksgiving outfitsl

  174. My favorite thing to appliqué are quilts.

  175. I’m new to applique but I love to applique my granddaughters dresses

  176. In my dreams I’ve appliqued a queen size Baltimore album quilt. In my waking life, I’ve only done small projects like a pillow and a table runner.

  177. ELIZABETH KUNTZ says:

    I haven’t done appliqué yet but plan on taking a class in January.

  178. My favorite thing to applique is throw pillows!

  179. Linda Haley says:

    I have been hand appliqueing with wool. I would like to try some machine appliqué, too

  180. DeeDee Johnson says:

    I just started to applique Mini Quilts.. just love it.

  181. Mary Snyder says:

    Alphabet books, towels and to cover up holes in clothing.

  182. I like to appliqué small projects. I’m still a beginner.

  183. sewncreations says:

    sweatshirts and potholders

  184. I love flowers, so often I applique that. It depends on the quilt and what I need to do.

  185. Kathryn Errante says:

    I learned to applique flowers in a quilting class I took this past year.

  186. Jennifer Essad says:

    I’ve appliqued kids vests for gifting with beautiful results

  187. I love to appliqué sweatshirts! They’re so cozy 😄

  188. Odile Kinkade says:

    i have hand appliqued pillows and small wall hanging. I have machine appliqued with my embroidery machine which is my favorite

  189. I am just beginning, but I have plans of doing applique on quilts, pillows, table runners, mug rugs, and many other things. I would love to start out with this giveaway!

  190. My favorite appliqué project is a blouse I stitched floral designs on that I fussy cut from fabric I loved!

  191. Janice James says:

    I like to applique pillows. Pretty quick projects and the whole family enjoys getting them for gifts.

  192. Sherry Jagels says:

    I just finished a small appliquéd quilt. My favorite is wool appliqué though! thanks.

  193. Kathy Luehrs says:

    anything I love applique – just finished is shower curtain for my bathroom

  194. Lena Hussey says:

    A sunbonnet sue quilt for each of my husband’s little cousins. Love the gift package and would love to win it.

  195. Regina DeCapite says:

    Currently working on a butterfly applique quilt! Love learning the right way to do it! Makes it so much easier!

  196. I’ve appliqued some Christmas ornaments and a wall hanging.

  197. Linda Murphy says:

    I’m learning to appliqué-been working to add to doll clothing!

  198. Simone Thompson says:

    Wow- there are a lot of good ideas for appliqué in these comments. I’ve done lettering and flowers. But I look forward to learning more so I can appliqué on baby clothes just in time for my first grand baby.

  199. I like appliquing hearts! I love hearts.

  200. I made appliqued bibs for my neighbors new twins

  201. deanna Plotts says:

    Right now I am working on the Lori Holt Bee Happy Quilt. I am doing my applique’ by machine. But I also like hand work. This is a great kit.

  202. Gay Reeder says:

    Quilt applique

  203. Some string bags for travelling

  204. Sue Nugent says:

    I like to applique on quilt blocks

  205. Deb Pommier says:

    I have appliqued a banner.

  206. I enjoy both hand and machine about equally.

  207. Lena Hussey says:

    I love applique and have been practicing on different things. This would be great to learn from and have the neat tools to do it wit.,

  208. My favorite thing to applique is throw pillows & give some for gifts.

  209. Joanne Spence says:

    I have never made a quilt, but it is on my bucket list for 2018. However, as a Sugarcraft artist I have used a couple appliqué techniques on cakes, cookies and cupcakes. And, believe it or not, I rely on quilting tutorials to help me get the looks I want! I recently bought Dresden Templates and made Dresden cookies for a wedding. I can honestly say that anything appliqué on a sugar cookie is my favourite.

  210. Teresa Knittingdancer says:

    I like to applique on quilts.

  211. I like to do art quilts with raw edge appliqué

  212. I made an applique of a painting in trompe l’oeuil style on a blouse for a friend

  213. I had my own business and my favourite was lovely applique throw pillows. It was a rose with leaves and a bud. Felt worked wonderfully and people loved the vibrant colours. I also do towels, clothes, curtains, backpacks, pot holders, you name it..!

  214. I like to ass some applique to small bags

  215. I especially like boats , ships, water, the beach, and so on!

  216. Stephanie M says:

    Kids shirts and Doll Clothing!

  217. Janet Alford says:

    I love to applique quilts.

  218. I’ve appliqués on quilt blocks. Cats, chickens, mostly animals to give a 3D effect.

  219. Wendy A Engelmann says:

    I like to applique girls and boys t-shirts for the charity I sew for. We cloth 5,000 children each year and all items are sewn by local sewists.

  220. Marge Bowman says:

    I’ve only done a couple pillows but loved it and want to venture out!

  221. Dawn Hanson says:

    Placemats and runners have always been my favorite, now I have granddaughters so I have a feeling they will be benefiting instead of my dining room!

  222. I put appliqués on the dresses I’ve made for my granddaughters.

  223. Lisa Garrett says:

    I love to do children’s clothing.

  224. Annette Canonica says:

    I love doing applique on towels for different seasons.

  225. Linda Kernodle says:

    I have put appliqué on different projects, using different techniques and I don’t have a favorite.

  226. Vicky Cook says:

    I probably appliqué the most items for my grandchildren.

  227. Judy Sanders says:

    I love sewing for my grandkids.

  228. I love to make applique quilts. Thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize!

  229. Patricia Hersl says:

    Wallhangings, although every once in a while I go large.

  230. Anything! I love appliqué!

  231. I love the look of applique on quilts.

  232. I am picking up my new embroidery machine on Tuesday (early Christmas gift)! I’m looking forward to working on projects for little ones.

  233. I love to applique Christmas wall hangings. Thanks!

  234. Sandy Rodgers says:

    Quilts, I love to applique all sizes of quilts, from mug rugs to bed size quilts. I enjoy applique by machine and machine embroidery applique.

  235. I have appliqued things to my t-shirts.

  236. I appliqued on my sewing machine cover – a cute little bird!

  237. Brenda Farmer says:

    I love to applique flowers on tea towels, totes, and quilts.

  238. Linda McElwain says:

    I love to applique quilts and clergy stoles.

  239. Floral pattern

  240. Wall hangings!

  241. Cheri Partridge says:

    I love to appliqué on fleece hats and t-shirts, on sweatshirts. I just love to add that extra special touch to something I create.

  242. I love to applique animals on things for my kids.

  243. Tara B Rose says:

    Pj’s for the kids

  244. Snow Buddies bench pillows!

  245. I like to applique on my Christmas quilts.

  246. I’m trying to make a mini panel for each month of the year and include some applique in each one

  247. Ivonne Walters says:

    Children’s garments. Animals.

  248. A quilted Christmas tree wall hanging with applique ornaments.

  249. I have only appliqued on quilts so far, but would like to try it on clothing.

  250. I love applique-first I learned hand applique and \I loved it and I made a flower quilt. Then I thought I should challenge myself with machine applique. I made a fox for a pillow today for a gift today. I want to start making my own patterns. Thank you for the embroidery designs. I love the letters and embroidery! how creative!

  251. Love to applique animals and flowers! Nature!

  252. Elaine Chamberlain says:

    Quilts and shirts so far.

  253. Dresden Plates.

  254. Judy McGarry says:

    I love to applique hearts.

  255. SUSAN MINCKS says:

    I’m learning to applique and its fun

  256. Haven’t tried appliqué yet but I’m going to give it a try soon.

  257. Joyce Carter says:

    I am working on a machine appliqued quilt for a boy right now. It is all about vehicles. I really love all types of applique. Thank you for the chance.

  258. Kathy Marie Boice says:

    My last applique project was a gift for a friend in Texas. It was a small Banner.

  259. I love to applique baby onesies as there are so many cute designs for little ones!

  260. I love to applique and many of the items that I have done recently are Evy’s designs. My all time fav was the Queen of Stitch! I used textured (on the Babylock Embellisher) Silk dupioni for her gown!

  261. Debbie Brewster says:

    I have only done a tiny bit of appliqué. Hope to learn and do more in the future.

  262. The last thing was a clutch bag that I made for my sister.

  263. I love applique on kids clothing:)

  264. I love using applique on table mats/coasters/runners and for quilt blocks. xx

  265. Any cute and funny pattern is what I love to applique.

  266. Susan Cardonita says:

    Hi Heather. I love your site! I prefer machine appliqué over hand work any day. One of my most favorite things I’ve appliquéd is a snowman.

  267. I have done many baby bibs in the past and like doing kids clothing also. I love Dresden Plate Quilts so that will hopefully be one of my next project very soon.

  268. My favorite thing to appliqué is a mini quilt. Appliqué makes short work of a last minute gift.

  269. A purse I made out of a jeans pant leg.

  270. mug rugs

  271. I just finished the paisley-splash pattern by windham Fabrics for my granddaughter. I saw a modified pattern on instagram so I added a baby elephant and umbrella.

  272. ncjeepster says:

    I appliqued on a stocking I made for my Grandson’s Christmas (to match his sister’s) I love applique.

  273. JANET Burtt says:

    I just love to applique. Right now I am making applique softies as well as mug rugs for gifts/

  274. Clothes are my favorite thing to applique

  275. Jayne Dough says:

    My daughter started kindergarten this year and I made name signs for her teachers (she has 2) with fun crayon and name appliques.

  276. Lori Smanski says:

    right now I am learning to applique

  277. Maurine Monson says:

    So far all my applique for the most part has been on quilts.

  278. I like to applique baby quilts.

  279. I love to applique patchwork quilts, wall hangings and table toppers!

  280. Maria Cullen says:

    I love to applique tea towels

  281. Elaine O'Connell says:

    I like to applique on baby quilts as well, and sometimes table runners.

  282. I like to applique quilts. and kitchen towels.

  283. Just learning to applique!

  284. a long time ago I started an applique quilt called mothers and babies, they were animals

  285. Norma Tauzin says:

    I haven’t done any appliqué. I am really just getting into this kind of hand sewing.

  286. corina c. says:

    I like appliquéing on mug rugs. they are nice quick projects.

  287. Val Jensen says:

    I am really just learning to applique.

  288. flowers

  289. Donna R de Peyster says:

    I like to applique on handmade gifts of any type to match personalities.

  290. susan4cats says:

    I’m just getting started with applique so I really don’t have a favorite yet.

  291. Amina Fatima Khan says:

    I love to applique my grandsons’ clothes

  292. I love little appliques on bags!

  293. Mary Lou Quick says:

    I like to appliqué things for kids-blankets, toys, bags, shirts.

  294. mlmasters2014 says:

    I applique flowers and birds onto my plain Jane quikts. Too much fun!

  295. Joyce Stratton says:

    I like to do machine appliqué on quilts.

  296. Lauren Dalton says:

    I took a class to learn how to do appliqué for Lori Holts Bee Happy quilt and did the pumpkin square! It was fun!

  297. Barbara woods says:

    Love to use it on baby quilts

  298. Heather Short says:

    Animals on quilts!

  299. Wall hanging of wool–a fall scene

  300. Have done very little applique, so this package sounds wonderful!!

  301. I love to applique Christmas trees with ornaments on all kinds of things.

  302. I am working on a Halloween applique !
    Saw the design on FB, Halloween day. Found the pattern, ordered it… Now working on it.

  303. Nancy Loge says:

    Baby quilts

  304. I am in the middle of an appliqued quilt.

  305. Colleen Gonzales says:

    I have been working on a Christmas quilt, and most of the blocks have some form of appliqué… angels, lights, ornaments, etc.

  306. Dana Charlton says:

    Mug Rugs. Baby steps to quilting lol

  307. Donna Harrington says:

    I make my own appliqued quilted flags/wall hangings for myself and as gifts for friends!

  308. Pat Svitko says:

    I appliqued colorful butterflies over a white fabric for a quilt for my great niece – so pretty.

  309. Rooster pillow

  310. Lorraine Warner says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever appliqued anything but I sure would love to try.

  311. I did an applique Easter table runner

  312. I appliqued flowers on a quilt! Here is the free tutorial I made 🙂

  313. I am just starting to teach myself applique, but I have made a couple of mug rugs.

  314. Carol Nelms says:

    I mostly applique smaller things like table toppers. I would love to make an applique quilt, but am not sure that I would have the patience to finish it-instant gratification please!

  315. Joan C Warlow says:

    I want to learn to applique. I have always been intimidated about trying process.

  316. I haven’t done any applique yet.

  317. I needleturn almost all my appliqué but vines and leaves are my favorite

  318. Cindy Shelley says:

    Flowers are my favorite.

  319. Tammie Miles says:

    Baby clothes: little girls dresses, jeans for boys and blankets for babies of all ages.

  320. Lori Nagel says:

    I have never done it before.

  321. Sandie Cornish says:

    Quilts, cushions and kids clothing – love those gingher applique scissors!

  322. Gail White says:


  323. Tina Sheppard says:

    I am working on a Dresden plate which I am hand appliqueing to the background. I guess my favorite applique is the one that I am working on. I love the hand work. Crazy hu?

  324. It would have to be circles for quilt blocks!

  325. Dawn Jones says:

    I did a tablet case.

  326. Bags

  327. I made a large wall hanging for my parents of a vase full of flowers. This was a type of family tree. Mom and Daddy were one kind of flower, my husband and I another kind, and so on with my brother.and 3 sisters also represented with their spouses. All of the grandchildren were smaller flowers of the same variety as their parents. And the great grandchildren were represented by buds of those flowers. On the back I drew the family tree complete with everyone’s birthday. Everyone signed the back, with couples signing close together, I drew.a heart around their names and wrote in their wedding date. I hand quilted the wall hanging. Mom and Daddy loved this so much.

  328. Tonya Flores says:

    I made a quilt for my sister’s high school graduation that had a bunch of applique…and that was long before I knew what I was really doing!

  329. Susan Jaisle says:

    I haven’t tried Applique yet. But I want to!

  330. Hearts and flowers (and some suns too)

  331. Mary Morrison says:

    Totes with initials

  332. Diane Antle says:

    I did a Sunbonnet Sue quilt for my granddaughter. It was so much fun! Appliqué is a great take along project for me!

  333. I enjoy appliqueing on a lot of things. T-shirts for my Grandchildren and Dishtowels are what I applique the most on.

  334. Baby bibs!

  335. I’ve done a couple baby blankets that say Eat sleep poop repeat for my grandkids & ive also made mug rugs with moose & bear silhouettes

  336. Wall hangings, table runners, quilts. I especially love hearts, birds and sewing notions.

  337. I have made a coupe baby quilts that say Eat, Sleep, Poop Repeat for my grandchildren & numerous mug rugs with bear & moose silhouettes on them.

  338. Sophia Hall says:

    I recently appliqué ‘d decorative pillows

  339. I love to applique mini quilts

  340. Christmas wall hangings.

  341. Laura Brown says:

    I don’t have much experience with applique. I have done one quilt, and that is it!

  342. I’m still learning to applique so I don’t have a favorite yet!

  343. Kathy Davis says:

    I applique a lot of my granddaughter’s T-shirts. I also love to do wool applique.

  344. I have done a few baby things with different applique

  345. I like to applique designs on purses.

  346. Shirts or decorative pillowcases

  347. Patricia Howard says:

    Recently appliqued a zippered pouch.

  348. Linda Colwell says:

    Eyeglass cases and zipper pouches.

  349. I will appliqué onto table runners. Easy is a must

  350. Sandra L Woerner says:

    Shirts for my 1st grandchild, he was born 12/2/17 so right now it is onesies!!!

  351. Cherri Kincaid says:

    I do a lot of applique on quilts, but I love birds!

  352. Deborah Ward says:

    I would be new to applique so I will say kitchen towels sounds like a good place to start!

  353. Kellie Campbell says:

    I did some appliqué on a quilt it was hearts and stars but I don’t think they looked ok but I had the wrong stuff so this giveaway would give me the right stuff to do it again right

  354. I’m new to appliqué, but I would love to learn more about it. Flowers are always a favorite of mine.

  355. I love to make appliqued bookmarks.

  356. Quilts!

  357. Cindy Zink says:

    I love to applique anything, its relaxing.

  358. I like to embellish kids clothes and pillows with applique.

  359. I love to applique using my embroidery machine. I recently did Christmas ornaments.

  360. I love to work with wool felt applique–small bags, cushions, etc.

  361. Brenda Ackerman says:

    I love to applique flower patterns on quilt blocks!

  362. Love making pillows to applique. Or pillowcases.

  363. Shauntrisa says:

    Definitely baby items

  364. I belong to an applique group that exchanges postcards every year. Of course there is an applique element on each card we send!

  365. Since applique is my least favorite quilting technique, I really do not have a favorite motif to applique.

  366. Garments

  367. I have never done it but I want to learn

  368. I have been appliqueing ducks since the water year of Row by Row. They are cute but taking way longer than I anticipated.

  369. I like appliqueing clothes for my grandchildren.

  370. Sharon Crawley says:

    I love to applique babies bibs, wallets and and anything really that I can fit it on 😉

  371. I love appliqué and adding scrappy fabric to large size animal wall hangings!

  372. I love to appliqué for children’s quilts. It adds some whimsy that I don’t think piecing can add.

  373. Kid’s clothes

  374. Darlene Thompson says:

    I have completed a couple tea towels for gifts. Need to improve skills.

  375. Cheryl Craig says:

    I would love to appliqué on quilts & granddaughter’s clothes!

  376. I am just learning to appliqué. I have only done the state of Tennessee that I cut out and put on my granddaughters T-shirt.

  377. Lyn Desmond says:

    Been appliqueing for many years…is my favorite kind of quilting

  378. I’m just starting with appliqué. I’m planning on putting my child’s initials on her quilt in a coordinating fabric.

  379. Tina Butler says:

    I like to applique unique items.

  380. Never liked hand applique but have come to enjoy (most of the time) machine applique. Have made several things with designs made especially for machine embroidery.

  381. I have never appliqued anything before but I have been wanting to try

  382. Brenda Hulsey says:

    I like to applique leaves!

  383. NancyB from Many La says:

    I will applique all sorts of things!

  384. I’ve done very little applique. Just some fused raw edge on kid’s quilts.

  385. Cheri Jones says:

    I did a Mr October and that was fun, he was a skeleton 🙂

  386. Judy Prescott says:

    I like to applique fun things on baby quilts!

  387. Lindyloufromoz says:

    I like to applique motifs on store bought t-shirts or other items of clothing.

  388. Margaret Wellstead says:

    I love putting hearts and flowers on anything

  389. I’m making a crazy quilt and adding appliqué

  390. Sue Tessman says:

    small wall hangings-monthly minis

  391. Yes please

  392. Marion Moore says:

    I just finished a Santa!.

  393. Laura Major says:

    I appliqued my Son’s name on his mat cover ❤️

  394. Sherry Jurykovsky says:

    I appliqued silhouette shooting targets on to a placemat for my father who used to win all the trophies.

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