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It’s always fun to work with fabric designed by a friend. So when Pat Sloan reached out to see if I was interested in making something fun with her new line, Morrison Park fabrics, I was all in!

Morrison Park Fabric Collection

The fabric collection is a combination of geometric shapes, floral motifs, and striping and the colors are unexpected. Think pink, red, blue, yellow, green…all bright and happy.

Morrison Park Fabric Pull

Since I knew we would be sharing our projects right around fall, I wanted to create a quilt that reflects the season. So, I selected a color range that reminded me of the autumn leaves, rusty reds, oranges, and pretty blues.

Then it was all about designing something fun. I selected Blushing Glory, a block released last year as part of my Blocks2Quilt series, and decided to play around with the colors.

Blushing Glory Quilt in Morrison Park Fabric

With the help of the fabric tool in EQ8, playing around with fabrics and colors is a breeze. I first loaded the prints from the Morrison Park collection into my fabric library and then started playing. I love how helpful this tool is for designing.

Chain Piecing Morrison Park

Once I was happy with the layout, it was time to sit down and sew. Luckily, chain piecing and the laser guide beam feature on my Baby Lock Destiny, helped me stitch this laptop size quilt together quickly!

Blushing Glory Quilt Design stitched in Morrison Parks Fabrics

Want to make your own version of Blushing Glory? The layout is included in my Quilt Layout Bundle Set here. From baby quilt to king size, the details are all included.

You can find the Morrison Park fabrics collection at your local quilt shop or order online here.

Morrison Park Fabric Giveaway

Now, let’s keep things fun and get to the giveaway details! There is something fun for you no matter your location. Just be sure to enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

After entering the giveaway be sure to take a trip around the tour and check out the fun projects my friends have stitch up!

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  1. Pretty quilt! There are so many possibilities with this design! Thanks for designing it for us.

  2. Always happy to add blog sites to my list. I’m from Mississippi and my family likes to snuggle under lap
    size quilts

  3. Patricia Gottshalk says

    I love the gold-umber color in the center of your blocks and the dark red-brown that encircles the bloks.

  4. Fun design with the Morrison Park fabric. Great Quilt!

  5. Missy Reynolds says

    Thanks for sharing! The quilt is lovely.

    • Teresa Gillum says

      I am. Looking forward to sewing with the Morrison Park fabric. Your quilt is fantastic

  6. Quilting Tangent says

    NY and a queen is good for snuggling.

  7. Debbie rhodes says

    Wichita Kansas here I like a twin for snuggling with my great granddaughter

  8. Elizabeth Stracener says

    Hi from Indiana! I have 2 king-size quilts that I am cuddling with in the chilly weather.

  9. Hi! I am from the northwest corner of Mississippi, in Elvis Country! I love a good lap size quilt!

  10. I just watched your sky diamond block tutorial and that is a cute block!

  11. Hi from Alabama. The weather is just now cooling down, so a quilt in fall colors is really appealing!

  12. I am from Arizona. I like bed sized quilts, but I also make lap sized, table toppers/runners, and wall hangings.

  13. Linda Silber says

    Hello from Ormond Beach, FL. Nice to meet a quilting friend of Pat’s.

  14. Jannette Thompson says

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful design.

  15. Pretty quilt! I am from Connecticut & my favorite size quilt to cuddle under is probably a lap size.

  16. Debra Campbell says

    I’m from Tulare California and I love any size quilt but seem to gravitate towards a lap quilt.

  17. Kathleen Scargle McCormick says

    I grew up in PA near the Amish (Reading PA), spent most of my adult life outside of Boston (Somerville) MA and now, am sliding into retirement on Peaks Island, ME (12 minute ferry ride from Portland). I love any size quilt I can get to snugggle under.

  18. Hi from Mighigan! Beautiful quilt!

  19. Susan Conner says

    I’m from Texas where the a/c seems to run constantly and I always have a quilt on my sofa to cuddle up with so a large lap quilt is ideal.

  20. Danette Stankovich says

    I am from Pennsylvania and I love a large lap quilt so that I can lounge on the couch with it. Thank you.

  21. Tracy Belardo says

    Thank you!! I love your patterns!!! This fabric is gorgeous!!

  22. I have EQ7 and am still learning. I’m not sure I’m ready to upgrade to 8! I like the quilt that you designed, especially the unexpected placement of the rows.

  23. Oops – forgot to tell you that I am from Pennsylvania

  24. Love your quilt with Morrison Park! I am from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. I have queen size on my bed and lap/throw size in the living room to snuggle under.

  25. Love your quilt, especially the pops of white. I am in province of British Columbia in Canada.

  26. Lynda Zapel says

    I’m from Arbor Vitae, Wi. I like to make baby size quilts. I think every baby needs something to cuddle under.

  27. I’m from Michigan but live in North Carolina now. We love lap size quilts to snuggle. Everyone has their own!

  28. Tricia Pidlypchak says

    Hello, from Nevada, I most enjoy making lap and baby quilts, because they go together pretty quickly and I can easily quilt them on my home machine.

  29. Dodi Fouts says

    Hello from Frankfort KY! My favorite quilt size is a generous lap size.

  30. Baraboo, Wisconsin and I like to cuddle under lap size quilts.

  31. Deane kinsel says

    Love the quilt and the fabric.

  32. Judy Jones says

    I am from Texas, and my favorite size quilt is lap size. Your quilt is very pretty!

  33. Cynthia Licciardi says

    Sew much fun to see the various patterns created with Morrison Park fabric. Blushing Glory is stunning!

  34. love your use of the reds/pinks!

  35. I love your quilt Heather!! Thank you for joining me on this tour!

  36. Annette Ackley says

    I’m from NorthCentral Pa. Finding I make lap and full size quilts the most. What you did with Pat Sloan’s Fabric line is Beautiful!!

  37. Nancy Grasfeder says

    love the quilt….thanks for sharing!

  38. Judy Currie says

    Love your quilt. So fresh & springlike. Looks easy. Pat’s fabric line is lovely.

  39. Your quilt turned out great. I am from Northern California, where it has been very smokey from all our fires…I like to snuggle under at least a twin size quilt.

  40. Cindy in TN says

    Love your quilt with Morrison Park!

  41. Cindy in TN says

    I’m in the Memphis, TN area, and I like throws or lap quilts!

  42. Angela Miller says

    I’m from Roanoke, VA and I prefer at least a twin size quilt!

  43. Barbara Matzat says

    I usually make large lap sized quilts.

  44. Lana Stewart says

    I live in Emory, Texas which is 80 miles east of Dallas. My favorite size of quilt to snuggle under is a double size one that my mother made years ago! ❤️

  45. Janis Taylor says

    Love your Quilts!

  46. Lori Fresina says

    Wonderful use of the reds in Morrison Park fabrics.

  47. Christine Hutchins says

    I like a large lap quilt – the size that comes from doing the Double Slice pattern with a layer cake, or doing the jelly roll race. A quilt that is big enough to snuggle under when I’m sat watching a TV!

  48. Tania Plauger says

    I’m from WV. I prefer to snuggle under a soft and cozy queen quilt

  49. SJ SANCHEZ says

    make lots of lap size quilts for mission in Mexico

  50. Robin Caruso says

    I loved your design using the Morrison Park fabrics

  51. Cindy Berry says

    I usually make lap size quilts which are fun for snuggling and staying warm while watching tv or reading.

  52. Susan Hartley says

    I like to snuggle in a throw size quilt. Seems like I make a lot of mine throw size.

  53. San Jose, Ca. My size of quilt would be a full size. Love all the quilts design on the tour.

  54. Kathie Laposata says

    I’m from PA and love lap quilts.

  55. I’m from the Nebraska sandhills–I like a large throw size quilt.

  56. Very pretty quilt design and Morrison Park fabric! Can’t wait to see more of your blog now!

  57. Jenelle Boxberger says

    OMGosh, I love your quilt layout. I’m really loving Pat’s fabric line. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  58. I usually make lap size quilts

  59. Jenelle Boxberger says

    oops forgot— I’m from central Kansas.

  60. Amanda Best says

    :I am from Montana. My favorite quilt size is 65″ x 75″.

  61. What a unique and colorful quilt pattern!

  62. Love your pattern and the use of the colors.

  63. Robyn Williams says

    Love the quilt from Pat’s fabric! Love the pattern too.

  64. Nancy Crivaro says

    Anything flannel backed to snuggle in PA

  65. Quilt needs to be long enough to tuck under my feet!

  66. Raynelle Damon says

    I’m from Hillsboro, Oregon. I like lap sized quilts. Loving the quilts made from Pat Sloan’s Morrison Park fabrics.

  67. Tina Hojaboom says

    I love your quilt, thank you

  68. Chris Bowyer says

    I enjoy your creative ideas and presentation!

  69. Julie Rhees says

    I’m from northeast TN and I like a twin size quilt to snuggle in

  70. Carroll Ericson says

    Your blog and quilt are so enjoyable! Thank you for sharing.

  71. Kathy Timmons says

    Great quilt!

  72. Lovely quilt! Goes well with the Morrison Park fabric. Thanks for sharing.

  73. Like to have my lap quilts at least 60″ long. I’m one of those who like a quilt right from under my chin and covering my toes! Checking in from beautiful Ontario, Canada.

  74. Love the pattern you chose to show Pat’s new fabric line.

  75. Buffie Lorah says

    I love this fabric line ut the pattern i love even more. So many great ways to use this pattern!

  76. Nancy Thone says

    Love Pat’s new Morrison Park fabric AND your quilt!

  77. Hi from Oregon! My favorite size quilt for snuggling is a twin. I like your Blushing quilt, nice use of fabrics!

  78. Kassie randall says

    I’m from Rhode Island and I love lap quilts for snuggles. I love your Morrison Park design

  79. Doreen Johansen says

    I’m from Colorado & loved your Morrison Park design! My favorite size quilt for snuggling is lap size. I like to make sure my toes are tucked in but I’m pretty short.

  80. susan rudie says

    Thank you for the opportunity! Beautiful page!

  81. Denise Mohler says

    Thank you for a chance to win a giveaway. Pretty Fabrics

  82. Your quilt is different, interesting, and appealing. I like it! I love big bed size quilts that I can tuck around my toes and still cover me all the way to my chin.

  83. Elizabeth Eichelberger says

    Quilt is so different and beautiful. Love to snuggle under any size quilt, I’m from Pennsylvania

  84. Jenny Naylor says

    I love your quilt!! and the Morrison Park is beautiful with it!!

  85. Linda Christianson says

    I am from Ga. USA. I love a quilt that fits the bed, that bit longer and wider then normal. I now have x-long twin bed. Husband too. That is like a king. Made a king to fit over both beds only too much fighting for the quilt. LOL So out of my collection I had grey Fall/winter quilt that fits. My husband got new lonestar that he wished for.

  86. Love your quilt, thanks for the chance to win.

  87. I loved the patchwork furniture and ironing board ideas on your Facebook page!

  88. Gwen Malinowski says

    Lovely quilt. I’m thinking about making the jump to EQ8.

  89. Lorraine S says

    I’m from western NY. I love lap quilts. One of my winter favs is a flannel rag quilt made by my mom-so cozy.

  90. I am from Illinois and my favorite size snuggly quilt is a lapsize for use with movie nights or other television watching times.

  91. Janet Nancy says

    Bed size are best for us. Something to grab in the early morning hours if it gets cool. It’s 95 here in So. CA today. It is cooling down!!

  92. Laura Viaene says

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway. I’m from Minnesota and love lap size quilts.

  93. I am from the middle of the Allegheny National Forest in PA.

  94. You’ve done another great job of bold color choices-also loved seeing your chain piecing!

  95. Sandy Allen says

    I’m from Missouri and my favorite size quilt to snuggle under is between 60×60 and 72×72

  96. carol thomas says

    Nice layout with the Morrison Park fabric.

  97. Joanne Barber says

    I’m pretty small, so I snuggle under lap quilts. I also use one on my side of the bed all winter.

  98. Linda Pyke says

    Cute patterns! I am from Gaylord, Michigan and I like large throws the best.

  99. Glad to have found your blog. We are from Illinois and love to snuggle under twin size quilts

  100. BRENDA BROWN says

    I love a twin or full sized to snuggle under because you need company to snuggle and I can fit a couple of grandbabies under that size.

  101. Patricia Hersl says

    Warm days and chilly nights in DE. Wish I could pick a size but find double bed size a great snuggler.

  102. Karla Berg Walker says

    Your quilt is amazing! It has a fresh look with movement! Looks great with Pat’s fabric!

  103. Bonny Broadt says

    I’m from Pennsylvania. Winters here are sometimes pretty cold.. I like to snuggle under the biggest quilts I can. King size bed quilt ..although any size quilt is a great size!

  104. Love this pattern…. I am from Southwest Idaho and I prefer twin size quilts to cuddle under…I ‘m a bit taller than a lap size…

  105. Jodi Grzeczka says

    I’m from SE Wisconsin, and I am always increasing the sizes of quilts. I believe you need about a queen to be truly snuggled!

  106. SC I love all sizes.

  107. Roxanne Gohrig says

    I’m from Williamsport, PA and I am into lap size quilts and wall hangings for now. Your quilt Blushing Glory is striking!!!

  108. Sherri Wolters says

    love pattern and fabric

  109. Susan Green says

    I’m from Pennsylvania. My favorite cuddle size quilt is lap size. Thank you!

  110. I live in Oklahoma and enjoy a fall evening with my kids! We wrap ourselves in any quilt we can find!

  111. CINDY PORTIE says

    Nice quilt!

  112. Susan Lyle says

    I’m from Florida, not known for quilt weather I guess. I love to snuggle under a queen size quilt but I prefer to make smaller quilts. Love your quilt with Pat’s fabric.

  113. Kathy Cummings says

    I’m from Lexington, Kentucky. I love your designs!!
    Thank you.

    • Rose Anderson says

      I’m from Centerville, Utah and I love bed quilts although I usually wish I’d chosen a smaller project about half way thru.

  114. Rita Sevig says

    Love your quilt and the color choices. This has been a fun introduction to other quilters.

  115. Dolores Vinson says

    Hi I am from Arkansas and I love any quilt but I love star pattern.

  116. Cindy Ekker says

    Hi, I’m Cindy, aka, QuiltedDrummer. I like lap/throw size to make and cover up with. I live in beautiful Bandon-By-The-Sea, Oregon. I’ve been quilting for a little over 20 years and have collected quite a stash. I have learned that I like doing the “scrappy thing” for making quilts. If you had asked me to do a scrap quilt about 5 years ago, I would have said, “NO WAY!” Love Pat’s new fabrics. Your quilt is quite different but is very appealing. Have a beautiful day!

  117. Kathy Reeves says

    I’m from South Dakota and my favorite snuggle size is something about 50 x 60!

  118. Mimi, from New Jersey I love that your designs are really original.

  119. Jolene Bethke says

    Your quilt is stunning. The layout is so unexpected and interesting. Thank you for sharing it. I’ve signed up for almost everything here! Love your work!

  120. I’ve been a follower of yours for ever and have always loved your content! you are awesome too!
    I live in NE Iowa right along the Mississippi River where we get all 4 seasons and a lot of snow!
    Your quilt is a perfect way to show off Pat’s Morrison Park collection…it’s a beauty.

  121. Patricia Joanne Hanson says

    I am from Southern California. I love large twin size quilts to cover myself when watching tv. I love the quilt you made with Pat Sloan’s fabric!!

  122. Mary Jean Eisenga says

    Beautiful geometric blocks with modern layout.

  123. Sue B Helm says

    I love your choice of fabrics and your pattern. It is such a beautiful quilt. And I want to explore your blog and Facebook page more. I saw several things that interested me.

  124. Snuggling would be at least a twin but I’d rather make queen size so more than one can snuggle at a time. Southern Utah is my home and its getting closer to snuggling weather. The leaves are turning but no frost in the garden yet. Love your quilt. Thanks.

  125. This is such a fun blog hop.

  126. Jolene Bethke says

    I’m from Alabama. I enjoy a throw sized quilt like 50×60 or 50×70. I keep them on my sofa for decor.

  127. Kathy Clayton says

    Love the fabrics you chose to put in your quilt. They really go well with your design. I think the gold centers is what kind of pulls it all together. Thanks for sharing your design.

  128. Very nice pattern an pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  129. Sharon Aurora says

    Hello from Mississippi. I like lap size quilts o cuddle undr.

  130. Your quilt is very nice. At first glance I thought they were pineapples then mason jars? I live in Southern Oregon and I like all sizes of quilts, but the king and queen size are my least favorite.

  131. Liz Pelletier says

    Nice fabric selection and quilt design.

  132. Brenda Ackerman says

    Hello! I am from Southern Oregon and my favorite size quilt to snuggle with is a lap quilt that is a bit oversized. I like to make all of my quilts a bit big due to the fact that quite a few family members are rather tall. Thank you for sharing all of the fabulous projects that you do. Have a fabulous day!

  133. Teresa Knittingdancer says

    I am from Alabama. I like to snuggle under a queen size quilt.

  134. I love the colors in this collection! Your quilt showcases them beautifully

  135. Michele Lewis says

    My favorite size quilt to make is lap, throw, or picnic blanket size. Love your pattern😊

  136. I love a generous throw sized quilt. Your project looks great.

  137. Kristina Wilkinson says

    The quilt you made is very pretty. Using Pat’s fabric must have been so fun! I am from California and I love a bigger lap size quilt to snuggle under. I really like the geometric shapes in your quilt and how they play off of each other. Glad I came to visit your blog! K-

  138. Patricia Bryant says

    Love your interesting design. Looks like fun to make.

  139. Checking in from Florida. I love big bed quilts to curl up in!

  140. I am currently outside Charlotte, NC. I love a good size Lap Quilt for snuggling on the couch.

  141. I’m from outside Charlotte,NC. I love a Large Lap Quilt for snuggling.

  142. Pretty quilt! Love your new pattern!

  143. Brenda Aigner says

    I like to snuggle under a twin size quilt on a cool fall day! Love yours!

  144. I visited your FB page and saw several friends names populate! I love that so many are familiar with your work.

  145. My favorite size of quilt to snuggle under is 52-54″ wide by 70-72″ long, which is the size that I make for most adults and children. For tall men, I usually lengthen it to as long as 80″ long.

  146. Vickie Bell says

    I am from Northeast Ohio and my favorite quilt size is a lap quilt

  147. Gwen Wehner says

    I grew up in Indiana and now live in Ohio. For snuggling I like quilts larger than typical lap size, but smaller than twin size.

  148. Carol Kussart says

    Love this quilt! The pinks look great in it! I am from Cerro Gordo, Illinois and I like lap or throw-size quilts.

  149. I love to make quilts that are about 5′ x 5′ as they are perfect to cuddle under while watching TV or reading. I live in Alberta, Canada. Thanks!

  150. Love the quilts!

  151. nancy seitz says

    Love your pattern. Thank you for all your ideas.

  152. nancy seitz says

    I do small quilts. I am from Indiana.

  153. Love this design. Not my usual color choice, but maybe I should stretch my thinking.

  154. I’m in Wisconsin and I love quilts of all sizes, from mini quilts to queen size.

  155. annette ellis says

    I love your quilt using Morrison park. Great job!

  156. Lynn Hackett says

    I haven’t been quilting fir very long, but long enough to figure out I love chain piecing. This is a really cute quilt! I’m adding it to my “to-do” list of links.

  157. Sheila Herb says

    Lovely quilt!

  158. Hi from Minnesota – we NEED quilts in the winter!

  159. I love to snuggle up under my lab size, flannel lined quilt. I am from Michigan where the leaves are turning!

  160. Dianne Mann says

    I love your quilt. Such beautiful colors. Followed you for a long time and love your projects. Thank you!

  161. April Spolnicki says

    I love how all of the quilts on the tour are so different! It gives so many ideas on how to use one fabric line. Looks gorgeous!

  162. Sally Christiansen says

    Love your quilt! I am from Nebraska and like to snuggle under a twin size quilt.

  163. Debbie House says

    I have enjoyed visiting your blog through the Morrison Park blog hop.

  164. Great use of pinks/reds using the Morrison Park fabric!

  165. Teresa Davison says

    Fun quilt! My problem is I want to make every quilt I see. And I want every fabric from the Morrison Park line

  166. Julie Landrith says

    I love the oval effect of the blocks and the use of color.

  167. I’m from Louisiana. I love a lap quilt that is slightly larger than the normal size. There is so much good information on your blog; I will love reading all of it and learning new things every day.

  168. Lori Morton says

    Hello from almost the middle of Ohio 🙂 Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too 🙂

  169. Rebecca Bunke says

    I live in northwest Washington and love to snuggle under lap-sized quilts.

  170. Very interesting pattern.

  171. What a unique quilt design! It looks so good with the Morrison Park fabrics! Thank you for sharing

  172. Your quilt is very interesting! I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  173. Karen dowd says

    I am from Massachusetts and I like a large lap quilt to snuggle under on the couch

  174. Bea Souter says

    Love your colour arrangement really makes the pop effect. Amazing quilt looks very cosy. Thank you for sharing

  175. H, I’m from NV! I love this quilt.

  176. Sharon Stephens-Ferrell says

    I really like how you used more of the reds from Morrison Park. I’m from the coastal bend of South ATexas. I like a twin size quilt to snuggle under.

  177. Phyllis Asher says

    Love your originality and color way.

  178. Julie Stephens says

    I love a lap quilt that I can take out on the porch!

  179. Ingrid Tinsley says

    I really like the quilt that you made with Pat Slone’s fabrics.

  180. Annie Gipson says

    Heather I really like your quilt, for Pat. Great pattern.
    I am from Dinuba, CA and I like quilts that are wall hanging size or that are around 70×80.

  181. Lovely quilt! Beautiful fabrics!

  182. Love your pattern

  183. Mary Ann Hentschell says

    I am from North Dakota. I like making lap size or throw size quilts……

  184. Your quilt is beautiful! I love lap size quilts.

  185. Katherine Laurie says

    I’m from Ontario, Canada and I love to snuggle under a lap quilt!

  186. Carol Love Rice says

    I am in Oregon and I love to snuggle under large lap quilts while watching TV with my husband

  187. Sherri Lefmann says

    From Pensacola FL. Like the queen size quilt. Your design is wonderful. Love the name

  188. Vicki Moore says

    Hi from Birmingham AL. I like twin size because I am tall and I want to tuck the quilt under my feet and all the way to my chin. Wow, just realized I said exactly the same thing Linda said above me! Like the web site and the quilt pattern also.

  189. I live in Music City, aka Nashville, TN. I love to snuggle under a long lap size quilt.

  190. Diane Jasper says

    I love the pattern you have designed for the Morrison park collection!

  191. vickie mone says

    love your design – works so well with the fabric

  192. Michelle Myers says

    Beautiful quilt! Love how it turned out!

  193. Sharon Aurora says

    Pretty! I love the design. I like cuddling under a lap quilt here in Mississippi.

  194. Cindy Shelley says

    I am from Iowa. Ny favorite size of quilt to snuggle under is twin size… can tuck under your feet and pull up over your shoulders

  195. Terri Howey says

    Beautiful quilt, love your patterns! Quilting hello from Montana!

  196. Like a nice size lap when it gets chilly in so Cal

  197. Very cute quilt in Pat’s Morrison Park fabric.

  198. Love the design of your quilt.

  199. Thanks for such great inspiration. I am in Montana and like quilts large enough to snuggle with my daughter and our lab! I usually get the short end of the deal!

  200. Nancy Tanner says

    Hi I’m from Michigan, my favorite size quilt would be a large throw size!

  201. Christie Freriks says

    Pretty quilt, versatile pattern.

  202. Noth Doreen says

    Love the pattern you used for Pat’s fabric. Also, enjoyed your website and will visit again. Thank you.

  203. I like how you showcased the pinks and reds in your cute design. I like to make throw /twin size quilts, perfect for cuddling under!

  204. Suzette Amos says

    Good Morning! Thanks for participating in the tour! Lovely quilt! I love throw size quilts to snuggle in while watching television.

  205. Rebecca A Wolf says

    Any size quilt is good. I’m loving the quilt you made. I am from Missouri (the show me state).

  206. I’m a Michigander, grew up on the east coast (Lake Huron) which we now call the “far side”, and have lived on the west coast (Lake Michigan) for almost 30 years now. Love our Michigan lakes and beaches! I love to cuddle under a lap size. I’m short, so they fit me super well! Thanks for your fantastic patter – very unique! – and for the example of how to use Morrison Park fabrics!

  207. Bonnie Larson says

    I am moving from large Queen/King sized bed quilts to lap size as they take less room to store. haha. I am from Saskatoon, Sk Canada Thanks!

  208. Love the design. Very different from other quilts.

  209. annette ellis says

    I am from Wichita Falls, TX and I love to make to make lap size or twin size quilts.

  210. Sandra DeMers says

    I love your pattern, and the colors are perfect!

  211. Paula Mullet says

    I am from NE Ohio and I love snuggling under a large lap quilt.

  212. I am from MI , any size I can reach when I’m cold.

  213. I am from Northern Indiana and my favorite quilt to snuggle under is my grinch quilt which has batting of 50/50. It folds around me nicely and is super warm!

  214. Sharon Browne says

    I’m from Massachusetts and a full or queen size is the most practical for me.

  215. Alicia Wilhelm says

    I’m from PA. I like lap size qiults

  216. Linda Douglas says

    Thanks for sharing! Love my small size (24”x 32”) wall hanging quilts that I can change for Celebrations or Season changes !

  217. I’m from north central PA and I love throw sized quilts.

  218. Dalina Stevens says

    Beautiful colors together using the Morrison Park fabric. Great quilt design and sewn on a fantastic machine. I love my Babylock!

  219. Shawn Duray says

    I’m from Minnesota and I love making large sofa throws! Great for snuggling under on chilly Minnesota nights!

  220. Lori Morton says

    Love your Quilt! I’m from Ohio…and Winter’s are cold lol…love big cozy quilts to snuggle up with sweet Hubby & watch Movies. 🙂 Thank you for chance to win your give-a-way too 😀

  221. I am from Spain but i live in CA. Thank you for this giveaway!

  222. I’m in Southern California, I love snuggling under throw sized quilts, they are just right! Thanks for your pretty pattern!

  223. Being from Texas, the bigger the better–lol!

  224. Pretty quilt. I love that you chose to concentrate on the reds. That intense red floral print is my favorite of the collection!

  225. Hi all! I live in the Finger Lakes region of New York State! My favorite quilt size to cuddle under is regular bed size so that it covers my toes on those frosty nights here!

  226. You made a beautiful quilt with the fabrics.
    I’m from Ga

  227. Donna Beyer says

    Your Morrison Park Quilt is so unique & I love the colors you chose.

  228. I’m from Indiana, PA which is in western Pennsylvania. I love having throw or twin size quilts handy to snuggle under.

  229. Karrie Smith says

    I like a full sized quilt to snuggle with!

  230. Margaret LaVenia says

    What an interesting quilt. Looks great with Morrison Park fabrics.

  231. Judy Stone says

    I am originally from KS, but my home is in NM now. This quilt design has endless possibilities with color placement and fabric choices. I like to snuggle under twin size quilts with a good book year round.

  232. Cheryl L Buchanan says

    I make a lot of lap quilts. We live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and use thema lot. I have one in particular that is backed with fleece and we all fight over who gets that one.

  233. I joined your scrappy girls Facebook group!

  234. Barb Bobbitt says

    Might have to give your quilt a try–I can always use a new snuggle quilt! 🙂

  235. Julie Mirdoch says

    Calgary, Alberta Canada

    I love a full queen size because I love to change the quilt on my bed often.

  236. Love the dots and stripes in Pat’s Morrison Park

  237. I love the colours of these fabrics

  238. I’ve always seen quilts done with pink mixed with other colors, but this time, I really like the uniqueness and beauty of different shades with the way you did this. Thank you for the inspiration.

  239. LisaMarie Rohlf says

    Thanks for sharing!

  240. Judith burry says

    Hi I am English but live in Crete, Greece. My favourite size quilt is king size so it fits my bed.

  241. I’m a Southern Californian, living in rural Oregon for the last 16 years…one of these days the neighbors will stop thinking of me as one of “those new people” 🙂 For me, a twin-sized quilt is the right size, because it covers all of me as well as the dog who always wants to crawl underneath to snuggle–and sometimes a cat, too.

  242. Queen size is good for snuggling

  243. I’m in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia and love quilting. I’d like to snuggle under a lap size quilt in my recliner.

  244. Michele Schiegner says

    I love your red polka-dot Featherweight. I have one that I’ve been using for 55 years. Still works like a charm. However, I’m ot as good a painter as you are, so I wouldn’t dare touch it! BUT IT WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN!!

  245. Hi!! I’m from Charlotte, NC. ( :

  246. Many years ago, I made big quilts… but now my focus is doll clothes and doll sizes quilts. I love working on tiny projects. Thx for the chance to win beautiful fabric

  247. I am from Western PA. I love to snuggle under a twin size quilt. I have lots extra to tuck in around me!!

  248. Hi from Mesa AZ. I like to cuddle under a generous sized lap quilt!

  249. Nancy Parrish says

    Kansas and most any size quilt is great to snuggle up under.

  250. Deborah W. says

    I was born and raised in Indiana. Now I am retired in Florida enjoying the milder weather. I love a quilt large enough to snuggle and read under or watch television with.

  251. Kristy Williams says

    I’m from Mississippi and I love a lap quilt while watching tv with the dogs on my lap.

  252. I love your quilt design for Pat Sloan’s Morrison Park fabric line. It is such a happy fabric line.

  253. Marge Marchione says

    Just moved to Mooresville, Indiana from The Villages Florida, just luv it here !!! I love throws and wall hangings best and have made many of them !!

  254. Lori Huffstutler says

    brand new quilter from Memphis, TN – love your work!

  255. JaniceCarole says

    I live in the cooler mountains of Arizona.

  256. I love the Morrison Park fabrics! I like your quilt design. If I won the fabrics I’d do your pattern in the blues from the line because blue is my favorite color! I get your emails regularly & really enjoy them. Thanks!

  257. Susan MacLeod says

    Pretty quilt!

  258. Hi Heather! I’m from Pennsauken, NJ. I love a nice soft throw to snuggle under. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  259. Connie German says

    lap quilts are just the right size

  260. Thank you for a great give-a-way.

  261. Paulette J Bergman says

    Hello! I’m a scandahoovian from Minneapolis,Minnesota now living in a hay meadow in sw Missouri. The range of colors in the Morrison Park collection are loverly & I would be very pleased to win them. Having a tall husband, all quilts must be long! pjstitches!

  262. From Plainfield, Indiana. Love all types of quilting…beginning a first time raw applique quilt.

  263. Kathleen Duncan says

    Those fabrics are awesome!

  264. Kristi Castanette says

    I live in Washington State. I like sewing various sized lap quilts.

  265. Ginger Garner says

    NC and any size 🙂

  266. I’m from the northern part of Arkansas and love to snuggle under large quilts. Ususally always make queens or kings. Thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize!!!!!!!!!

  267. Debbie Allen says

    From MO. At least 60×70 to Twin size for watching tv, need to be able to tuck around me! King for queen bed!

  268. Beautiful quilt. I am in Southeast North Carolina within an hour’s drive to the ocean. I only have a single or Twin-size bed at the moment but it can still be snuggled-in!

  269. Pamela Reim says

    I’m in Springfield OR but origninally from Long Beach CA. My favorite is about 54×70 as I have really long legs!

  270. Love your blocks! My favorite snuggly quilt it a large throw – gotta cover all chilly extremities!

  271. Alice Bowers says

    fleecy, sof and cuddly throw size quilt make the best snugglers.

  272. Great design, I like snuggling under a heavy bed quilt

  273. JoAnne Hawks says

    From Salem, UT.

  274. I live in Long Beach, CA, and I love throw or twin size quilts to snuggle up on the couch with a good movie.

  275. Marcia Dohner says

    I am so glad for this opportunity to meet new quilt people. Im looking forward to seeing you online.

  276. I like to snuggle under a quilt that is at least double bed size if not larger.

  277. Jenna Taylor says

    I’m from new hampshire but live in Tennessee! I love to snuggle under a queen size quilt 💞

  278. Love this quilt and fabrics. I love a lap size quilt. I am from Melton, Victoria, Australia

  279. Vicki in MN says

    I’m from Minnesota. I guess about a 50 x 64 for snuggling sounds about right.

  280. Hi! I’m from Vancouver, Washington. I wanted to say that your Blushing Glory block also looks like old Chinese lanterns. VERY pretty!

  281. I’m from the Show Me state, midwestern all the way! I like large lap sized quilts at least 60 in x 72 in. We have very few short people in my family and we need coverage.😄😄

  282. Carolyn Montgomery says

    i’m from Katy, Texas

  283. Thanks for this chance to win some beautiful fabric. I am from Ohio and like to snuggle under mid sized quilts!

  284. Brenda Elmer says

    Hi , I am from Albion, New York and I love any size quilt to snuggle under even though I only have a single bed!

  285. Rita Montgomery says

    I’m from the San Fran Bay Area and i love to snuggle under a lap quilt.

  286. I really like this new line of fabric by Pat Sloan and they look great in your quilt design.

  287. Julianne Simpson says

    I am heading up the Prayer Quilt Ministry at my parish. I love making the 40×40 quilts because I know they will mean so much to the person who receives it. There are about 7 sewists on the team. Also, sewing in this size gives me more opportunities to choose fabrics that go together.

  288. Amanda Bibble says

    I love your site! You make and feature the most beautiful things! How do you figure out your fabric layout? I’m new to quilting, and my mom wants a friendship star quilt and I need to figure out my colors!

  289. I enjoy reading the blog. I basically make small quilts and also do some for charity. love the fabric you posted above.

  290. Leigh Anne Humphrey says

    Hi! I’m from Lee’s Summit Missouri. I love making lap quilts to snuggle under. Your quilt is beautiful ❤️

  291. Anne Marie says

    I am from Texas and love big quilts to snuggle under.

  292. Kathy Clayton says

    I do love what you designed for Pat’s Morrison Park fabric. I can see lots of possibilities with different fabric placement. I would love to win some of the fabric. Thanks for all you do to offer designs and ideas for quilters. I have been following you for quite some time now.

  293. Cindy McIlvain says

    Beautiful colors and quilt!

  294. I’m in Michigan. I love to cuddle under a twin size quilt. I love all your patterns. Hugs

  295. Sandy Ross says

    Hello from Washington state.

  296. Thank you for sharing your patterns and your creativity! I appreciate the swaps that you organize. I’m from near Omaha, Nebraska.

  297. lorraine mabbett says

    I am from still sunny San Fernando Valley in Southern California.

  298. I got some great inspiration! Thanks!

  299. Hi from New Mexico. I love to snuggle under a soft warm quilt.

  300. Robin Rodriquez says

    Beautiful fabric line by Pat!

  301. I would love to snuggle with this quilt….it’s beautiful

  302. Melissa Weatherby Velik says

    Nice fabric! Hello from the rainy PNW!

  303. Merritt Holloway says

    Hi Heather,

    My name is Merritt Holloway. I live in Bako (Bakersfield), California. I have been sewing and making all my clothes for 37 years. I love sewing. I don’t really do quilting, but I make all my patterns and I have thousands of yards fo fabric as well as thousands of things I have made through the decades. I mostly use industrial machines including the overlock, cover stitch and walking for. I also have 2 industrial zig zag. machines. Ok, I’l trying to win, but either way sewing has been such a winner for me, it is unimaginable.

  304. Diane Hovis says

    I am from Oklahoma I love a small quilt that I can cuddle up with in my comfy chair.

  305. Michelle Owens says

    I’m from south Texas and cuddling under a quilt depends. Just me, lap or twin size is fine. Me and Mr. or the grandkids, queen size for sure!

  306. Debbie Rybarczyk says

    Any size quilt is great

  307. Pretty fabric!!!!

  308. Kimberly Becker says

    Heather what great inspiration your blog and YouTube channel are to me. Thank you!

  309. Marilyn Robichaud says

    I love your quilt layout and Pat’s Morrison Park fabrics!

  310. Nicely done patterns and instructions. Great skill building techniques.

  311. Kimberly Becker says

    Heather what great inspiration your blog and YouTube channel are to me. I appreciate your doing a giveaway. Thank you!

  312. Jen MacDonald says

    These are all so beautiful! I love a giant couch throw!!

  313. Terri Bradford says

    Oklahoma USA here! I love an oversize throw backed with Minky for winter snuggling~

  314. I’m from Idaho and I love lap size in up!

  315. Andrea Letourneau says

    I live near Phoenix, AZ, and my favorite size quilt is the lap quilt (36×60) size or one cut as a ruana that I can wear to keep my shoulders and upper arms warm on chilly evenings.

  316. Sheryle J Augustine says

    Asheville, NC. Love a lap size quilt

  317. Janet Nancy says

    Love your quilt pattern. It would be good for a bed quilt.

  318. Hmm, I was sure I left a comment on your tour day, but I checked & don’t see it. I’m in NY & was apparently technologically challenged on the 5th. I love making lap size quilts, they fit best in my DSM & since I’m short are big enough for snuggling. Your Morrison Park quilt is lovely, blushing indeed!

  319. Jeanne Hoerr says

    Great quilt! My favorite size quilt for snuggling is the lap size. Easier to quilt, too!

  320. Faithe Lett says

    Hi, I’m Faithe from Havana, Florida. My favorite quilt size to snuggle under is a twin.

  321. Cynthia Knight says

    I am from New Mexico. It is still warm here so a lap quilt is nice to snuggle up with in the evenings.

  322. Sheila Fox says

    Blushing Glory looks fun to make! I am from central PA and I like to snuggle with a lap quilt – I have an internal heater it seems so anything more is too much. But I love to make larger quilts for others! Thank you for sharing!

  323. Carla Toppass says

    Rural Missouri is here I live. For snuggly warmth it has to be big enough to tuck your feet in, but not so large that it’s too hot.

  324. I am from Tennesser. Always enjoy your blog and all the items you create.

  325. Susan Spiers says

    Hi, I’m from Mississippi! Love snuggling under the queen-sized quilts I have for my bed! Thank you,Susan

  326. Teresa Gillum says

    Thank you for sharing in Pat tour. I like the red color way in Glory.

  327. Entered the giveaway. Thank you.
    Love the Blushing Glory fabric❤️

  328. Lisa England says

    Greetings from Kentucky! I like to snuggle under a large lap sized quilt, about 60″ x 80″.

  329. Throw and lap quilt sizes are my favorites. I rea.lly like your patterns and tutorials.

  330. Bobbie A. Miner says

    I think the colors in this fabric are so bright and your quilt is so cute. Im from Texas on the gulf coast
    and we like to snuggle with a full size quilt. Im at one end and he at the other end of the couch tickling toes. Thank you for all the quite quiit blocks.

  331. Callie B Brazzell says

    I enjoy a bigger size, Queen/King and am in Sumter SC

  332. Donna Caldwell says

    I love the Morrison Park fabric by Pat Sloan! I’m from Wheeling,WV.

  333. Linda Bick says

    Calabasas Hills, California I love to snuggle up with a lap quilt!

  334. Brenda West says

    I am from Northwest Iowa. My favorite size quilt to have on me is a queen. Love them bigger. Thanks.

  335. Tonya Flores says

    I’m from sunny Arizona! I love all quilts to snuggle under, and do so regularly in anything from baby quilt to king size!

  336. My home is in a rural area of Washington State. Prefer to cuddle up in a lap size quilt and would
    love to make with the Morrison Park fabrics.

  337. Love your site and the free patterns! They are so easy to follow!

  338. Carol Sylvester says

    Hi from Northern California! Love your blog and your use of color!!

  339. Lisa Rausch says

    I am from Iowa and I love life quotes! Love your site!

  340. Angie Oswald says

    I love the block patterns you create. They make great lap sized quilts in a 3 x 4 layout. Thanks for sharing your talents!

  341. Kathy Gist says

    I like to use at least a twin size quilt to snuggle under. I live near Richfield Utah

  342. Rachel Harnois says

    I like lap sized quilts, but sometimes my quilts get out of hand and end up much bigger!!

  343. Love this fabric line!! Hope I win!!

  344. Wanda Ball says

    Hello from NB, Canada

    Hope you and yours remain safe during this crazy time of COVID.

    Your quilt is beautiful!

  345. Mary Puckett says

    Why do you have ads for unrelated things on your blog?

  346. Hello from northern WI! Thanks for the giveaway!

  347. Patricia Melilli says

    I am from NY, and I like a lap quilt!

  348. Carol Domenick says

    Hi, I live in central Texas. My favorite quilt to cuddle under is a lap quilt.

  349. Betsy Smith says

    Thanks for sharing all of the great blocks. Can’t wait to try some!!!!

  350. Judith Martinez says

    I live in the suburbs of Denver and snuggle weather is arriving quickly!

  351. Susan Izbiansky says

    Thank you for the giveaway. I like a quilt that covers my entire body.

  352. Hello from Florida!

  353. Tamara Boynton says

    I love queen sized quilts so they can go on my bed.

  354. Carole Baldwin says

    I love the Morrison Park fabric line!!!

  355. I like your color/print choices in your Blushing Glory quilt!

  356. New Jersey. Queen size for beds – even kids twin beds gets queen quilts, adn lapthrows for the sofa and chairs. Thanks!

  357. Sari Graham says

    I’m from Washington State. I love snuggling under a twin size quilt.

  358. Dagmar Theodore says

    Love the layout, very modern!

  359. Love your quilt. I am from Texas and love large quilts. I have several that I use for bedspreads.

  360. NANCY THONE says

    Love what you did with your pattern and Morrison park! Really like the prints in ghis fabric line!

  361. I was born in Kansas but have lived most of my life in Tennessee.

  362. NANCY THONE says

    Forgot to mention I am from SEWisconsin, and love a lap size quilt for the couch time. Thanks again!

  363. Elaine in North Texas says

    My favorite size quilt to snuggle under is any size. I even try to use small lap size quilts if they are cute. A quilt that tucks under my feet and comes to my chin is best.

  364. Delia Rotolo says

    From Louisiana and usually make double size quilts.

  365. Brenda King says

    I love Pat Sloan’s new line, Morrison Park. It makes a beautiful quilt. I prefer at least a twin sized quilt to cuddle with, but usually make quilts for beds, Twin, Full, Queen, or King sized. I don’t make many wall hangings or throw quilts any more. My family needs to be warm in our Bend, Oregon Winters. I love putting flannel on the backs of all my quilts ’cause my Grandma always did. So cuddly & warm!

  366. Lillian Klaeger says

    I am from Texas and enjoy making Throw Size quilts.

  367. You are new to me….just so you know, I am looking forward to following your page, thanks so very much !

  368. Susan Bewick says

    Love the fabrics in Pat’s Morrison Park line. Haven’t seen it yet in local quilt shop.

    In stitches,
    Susan in Wpg MB Canada

  369. Anna Donato says

    Love the site. So much awesome info

  370. DeeDee Isaacs says

    Greetings from soon to be Montana, it’s sweaters and blankets on the couch watching TV. We can always use another quilt ..lovely fabrics

  371. I am from Japan. My favorite quilt size is throw size, or table runner or even mini quilt, so I can finish in a short time.

  372. Kathy Cummings says

    I’m in Kentucky and love a large throw!!!
    Thank you

  373. I’m from Canada and you can find me cuddled under a lap quilt.

  374. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  375. Blushing Glory is beautiful!

  376. Sandra DeMers says

    I live right outside New Orleans, Louisiana. I love quilts that are big enough to wrap up in or queen sized to go on my bed.

  377. Cathy Payne says

    Love your blog! Thanks for the opportunity to win some beautiful fabric! Cathy from California

  378. Janet Yatska says

    Enjoyed reading your blog!

  379. Nicole Sender says

    I like to make a queen sized quilt! My home is in Texas!

  380. Melody Lutz says

    I’m from Southern California and king size is best. More room for pets and people!

  381. Susan Cohen-Pessah says

    Fun fabric 😀

  382. Karen Propes says

    I’m from North Carolina, I love snuggling under a queen size quilt.

  383. Jeanne Brown says

    I love your patten and the colors . My favorite is lap size for reading or watching TV.

  384. Zuzana Seligova says

    wonderful collection! We have to have many lap quilts to snuggle during winter.

  385. Toni Conway says

    I’m from Oklahoma and I love keeping a throw size blanket handy for whichever chair I sit in. Thanks for the opportunity to win. It would be awesome.

  386. Madge Phillips says

    I am originally from Burbank Calif but have lived in the Seattle area for 30 years
    Thanks for your generous giveaway

    Love your blog

  387. Hi from Indiana! My favorite size quilt is a throw sized quilt.

  388. Wanda in NC says

    You have a lot of subscribers, it looks like. You must be doing something right!

  389. My favorite size quilt is a large throw to snuggle under. I love a soft, cozy snugglishy backing..

  390. I love the quilt you’ve made with the fabrics!

  391. Rita Scott says

    Beautiful quilt and design.

  392. Betty Gracie says

    My favorite quilt size is lap size. Just enough to be cozy.

  393. Cindy Petersen says

    Hi from NE Illinois. I love to snuggle under a twin size!

  394. kathy Persons says

    From western New YOrk and I have a lap size flannel quilt you will always find me under

  395. This is lovely fabric to go with a great quilt pattern. The colours are beautiful.

  396. nancy seitz says

    I make lap or baby size. The only quilt I lay under is on the bed.

  397. Cherri Kincaid says

    I wish I could be dreaming of Fall, but I live in sunny hot Florida and Fall is 85 degrees instead of 95! Thank you for sharing!

  398. Annette Canonica says

    I’m in Fl. And I love a large lap size quilt for snuggling. Love your Blog!

  399. Hello from Tallahassee. I love any size quilt long enough to cover me from head to toes – plus a little more to tuck under my tootsies!

  400. I am from northwest Pennsylvania and the winters can get very cold here. I like a lap size quilt and snuggle under it in my recliner in the evenings while I hand sew, crochet, knit, or just watch a movie. Love your latest quilt!

  401. Joan Hannes says

    Love the way you used Pat’s new collection for this quilt. Especially like the pink!

  402. Elizabeth Rivera says

    You hit it out of the park. This quilt with the Morrison Park fabrics is awesome. LOVE IT!

  403. Hi from SWVA

  404. I live in Iowa and my favorite size quilt is a lap quilt. Love your scrappy girls club!

  405. Lise Wilkinson says

    I love your pattern, love Pat’s Morrison Park Collection and love your quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  406. Brenda Towsley says

    I am from Michigan, and a twin size quilt is perfect to cuddle under in my recliner.

  407. I am from Philadelphia and my favorite size to snuggle with is a throw quilt. Lately I have been making more wall hangings and table runners just because I have made so many quilts and feel like I needed a change of pace

  408. Enjoy your blog! A large throw sized quilt is great for snuggling under. WV gal.

  409. Very pretty quilt!

  410. Hi from Texas! Thank you for sharing this and all of your helpful hints!

  411. butrfly2200 says

    I like a full size queen quilt to snuggle under. Thanks for the chance to win.

  412. I’m from Nevada. Oh, and I like your name. 😄

  413. Diane Oubre says

    Thank you

  414. Patsy Pirnat says

    I’m from a small town on IL border, 20 miles SW of Rockford. I love snuggling under a twin size quilt. Patsy

  415. Hello from Alabama. Lap is the perfect size for us. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  416. Cathy Wilson says

    I’m from Texas and love reading your posts!

  417. Janice Stockwell says

    I’m from Cape May, NJ and my favorite size quilt for snuggling is whatever size my quilt turns out to be…😂🤣…the bigger the better.

  418. barbara woods says

    rather make twin or full!

  419. Patty A Weis says

    Hi I am from south west Iowa. I like to make my couch cuddle quilts about 70 x 80, Big enough to really be covered up and get all snuggly.

  420. Joan Piercy says

    Love the fabrics. Fall gives lots of inspirations for using it.

  421. Kind of new to quilting. I have done wall hangings and twins so far. I love piecing. I am in NC.

  422. Kathy Franklin says

    Love your site!

  423. I am from New York and love to snuggle under any size quilt.

  424. Love the fabrics! Cute quilt design! I’m from Alabama by way of a few other places! Lol

  425. Kresti A Lyddon says

    I am from Minnesota

  426. Amy J Salamone says

    I live in Rockford, IL. My favorite size quilt to cuddle up with is a twin with minky backing.

  427. I love a lap quilt. I’m in the Lone Star state of Texas. .

  428. SONJA H HANSEN says

    I am excited to find your blog and add it to my growing list of sewing sites. Thanks.

  429. I am from Ohio and like twin size quilts.

  430. Gorgeous fabric collection! Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  431. I’m from Indiana . My favorite quilt to make is a throw size.

  432. I am from Michigan and I love to snuggle under a Queen or King size quilt.

  433. Shannon Spicer says

    Thanks for hosting this! I had no idea you had a YouTube channel! I’m excited to start watching your videos!

  434. Hi, I’m from Calgary, Alberta in western Canada. There is nothing better than a snuggly quilt on my bed.

  435. Tammy Jones says

    Different. I like the variety of everyone’s projects with the same fabric line.