Sewing Machine Mat | Giveaway Day 7

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Hello, day 7 of the Creative Giveaway Class countdown! Each day we are exploring another popular class offered on Annie’s Creative Studio platform and today is all about the sewing machine.

Come join me and learn something new with my online sewing classes at Annie's Creative Studio. With hundreds of classes, you are bound to be inspired! Plus, I'm giving away 10 class free! Enter today.

Modern technology has really transformed our machines. Now instead of stitching a simple straight stitch, they can offer hundreds of stitch patterns including embroidery.

What's old is new again. So many vintage sewing machines spotted along the 127 sale but I feel in love with this green machine! The Sewing Loft

Now, I know that folks have their preference when it comes to machines but we all have our reasons. Personally, I have machines from yesteryear and a few of today’s modern marvels. Depending on my mood, I tend to reach for the modern marvels.

Welcoming the Babylock Altair into The Sewing Loft Studio.
Meet my new Baby Lock Altair

Just this past week, I added a new Baby Lock Altair to my sewing studio and boy is she a beauty! Tons of stitches and the embroidery features are amazing! If interested, you can learn more about it here.

The tools we use for our hobbies are really the unsung heroes in our creative process and it is super important that we keep them in the best shape possible, protect the surface they sit on, and service them regularly.

Put these sewing secrets into work and set yourself up for sewing success all year long! Be sure to download the machine maintenance log
Free Printable Maintenance Log

Today’s class feature is all about that protection. In just a quick afternoon you can create a handy mat that will protect your surface, prevent your machine from “walking” as you work, and keep all your important tools handy. Let’s take a look at the class preview.

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to click below to enter to win your seat in the class with me!

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Oh and don’t forget to check back in here each day for even more chances to win creative sewing classes!

Come join Heather Valentine from The Sewing Loft and learn something new with my online sewing classes at Annie's Creative Studio. With hundreds of classes, you are bound to be inspired!

Excited to get sewing? Be sure to check out my other online sewing classes here. Wishing everyone the best of luck in the giveaway!

The Sewing Loft


  1. great opportunity!

  2. I have to say that I love them both. I have a fancy new technology machine that I use for most of my sewing. But, I also love old machine, especially the Singer Featherweights. Which I have 3 – and love to travel with them. They are fantastic at quilting retreats. Light to carry and don’t take up much room.

  3. If I could afford a featherweight I would buy one. I have a straight stitch only machine and a computer machine for all the fancy stitches. Use both all the time.

  4. Peg Sullivan says

    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.

  5. Danette Stankovich says

    I have a Brother that I paid quite a bit for. I would never trade it in for old school. I sew a lot and I need my machine that has a lot of the “bells and whistles”.

  6. Kathleen McCormick says

    I love technology. I have a brand new Bernina 570 and a HQ 16 with prostitcher. I really prefer technology, but if the sewing is simple, I am happy sewing with Beau, my Featherweight..

  7. marie keller says

    I have 2 older ones, a Kenmore and a 66 Redeye. I also have a Bernina and a Juki industrial. Like you I tend to go for the modern machines for the majority of my sewing.

  8. I love to use a Singer Featherweight that was my mom’s.