{How To}Taming the Scrap Basket

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Well, as I mentioned in my last post ….. My scrap basket over flows from time to time!  That means it is time to create something fun to share with everyone!!

Birdie Magnets

A few weeks ago, my basket was crazy and I just pushed everything to the side and had some fun!
I made these little birds.   You can really do so much with them.  Think about it-

Gift tags


Lavender Satchels

Holiday Ornaments

Wall Decor for Nursery  (how super cute!)

Personally, I like the magnets.. So that will be the focus for today’s craft!

 Scrap Basket Birds


Scrap Basket Bird Magnets Includes free pattern by The Sewing Loft #scrapfabric #sewing #pattern

This project is for sewers of all levels.

Skill Level- 1 Button


  • Scraps of fabric
  • Bits of felt
  • Mod Podge
  • Poly fill
  • Button Magnet
  • Glue Gun
You can really do this with any basic shape but the birds were on my feeder having a feast on project day and were on my mind.
To help manage my scraps, I made my birds small.  This pattern is to scale.
Free Bird Pattern Template
Basic instructions:
  1. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to your pressed scraps to “stiffen” the fabric and give it more texture.
  2. After everything is dry, cut 1 bird from fun fabric and 1 bird from coordinating felt.  Cut 1 wing in fabric of choice.  (I used felt)
  3. Stitch wing to body.  For my little guys & gals, I used a decorative blanket stitch on my trusty machine and a contrast thread color.
  4. Then, super simple, match your front and back birdies together and straight stitch them together leaving a 1″ opening at the bottom.  Stuff with poly fill.  Be careful not to over feed your birds they will get fat!! 😉  Stitch the opening closed.
  5. With your trusty glue gun in hand, apply a dab of glue at the center and attach your button magnet.
Bird Magnet

These little birdies are a fun way to use up your scraps or even reclaim that special printed dress your child has out grown.

What did I say ~super simple! Would love to see what you can create with this… please share photos on my facebook page!
The Sewing Loft


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  1. So excited about this blog! 🙂

  2. I love this! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dogpackmomma says

    Gotta try this! Thanks & Happy Trails!

  4. Those are super cute! 🙂

    • Thanks so much. I just thought of another use for these little pretties…. How about sewing weights? You could fill them with rice and use them instead of pins. I think I am going to make a bunch!!

  5. Heather,
    I loved your birds and the readers of my blog too. They are super!

  6. Thanks for a simple idea that can be transformed in so many ways….I used your birds to finish off some bunting that I made for a swap.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. These are so cute! Perfect for embellishments.

  8. Aimee MacArthur Stromenger says

    Found this via Crafty Crow and just wanted to say what a great idea this is. I love the little birdies and how versatile a craft this is. Thanks! I’m pinning this on my Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/astromen/).

  9. What an awesome project! I don’t have a sewing machine right now, but I know I could hand sew them! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!

    • Thanks Jenn! You can totally hand sew these little cuties! Maybe try some embroidery floss for a fun look. Please share pictures!! I would love to see them!

  10. Angie McGrew-LeBlanc says

    these are super cute

  11. Kathara Sophia says

    I need to try this!!! So cute:)
    Thanks for sharing


  12. What a lovely idea!! They look so cute; could think of so many ways to use them! Thanks for sharing!

  13. These would make adorable cat toys as well! Replace the magnet with another wing, omit the Mod Podge, and voila! Instant cat toys! 😀 You could even add some cat nip to the inside or mist it with liquid nip to make them really appealing!

  14. sara @ applestone drive says

    What a wonderful way to use up scraps. I just posted about my love for birdies here:


    Definitely going to have to make some birdie magnets now! 🙂

    – sara @ applestone drive

  15. Lisette aka Liszha says

    Oh, this one is so cute! Can I link to it as tutorial of the month on our nederlandseswappers (dutch swappers) blog?
    And would you mind if I let that be accompanied with one of your little birdie photos?

  16. Good i found you this pm happy that i did and your birdie my daughter loves birds and this will be for her thanks loads renee

  17. Love the birds! Since my grands are fascinated by all fridge magnets,,,think I’d apply the magnet on the inside of the back…

  18. I think you could make a super cute mobile out of these, too! Would be a great way to brighten up a dark corner in a sewing room, laundry room, guest room, etc.

    • Good idea, Tricia! These could also become a little ca$h project, if your local Pediatrician or Veterinarian would like birds or little dogs & kitties hanging around. In my area, one Ped Office had those little rubber frogs glued all over their ceilings. This would be much nicer.
      Thanks for the ideas, Heather!

  19. Thank you for sharing this very cute simple idea. My granddaughters and I will love doing this project together.

  20. Glad to find simple things to craft. Like this site.

  21. Ciely Franco says

    Hola, saludos cordiales. Estos pajaritos son una belleza, admiro su creatividad.
    Pueden ser usados en muchos proyectos y detalles decorativos.

    Hello, greetings. These birds are a beauty, i admire your creativity. Can be used in many projects and decorative details.

  22. Great idea for scraps… Thank you for the inspiration, pattern and ideas. I think I will make a “flock”…

  23. Heather,
    I have very muched enjoyed your site and the projects you have posted there!
    The birds are beautiful and simple to make. I especially wish to comment about your instructions. They are easy to understand and to follow especially when trying a project I’ve never done before. Thanks for sharing and inspiring the artist in all of us!

  24. Connie Current says

    Thanks so much . Think I’ll make some Cardinal Ornaments, for my Christmas tree next year ,from these little guys

  25. very fun use for all those scraps! I love the birdies!

  26. So adorable for refrigerator magnets !

  27. So glad that I found your site! Just recently got back into sewing and you have some great inspirations!

  28. Tracy Revalee says

    What an adorable and sweet project. Think ill make a flock for my daughter’s new apartment. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Love this! Thank you for the tutorial & template! I shared your link on my blog! http://lanettascreations.blogspot.com/2013/09/scrappy-things-bakers-dozen.html#.UjLe38asiSo

  30. What a cute & fun idea! My mom passed her love of birds down to me, what can I say? Thanks so much for sharing this great scrap-busting idea. You know, these would be great for basket-fillers & fund raisers, too! Here’s the link to my blog post about your great idea: http://theblueberrybee.com/1/post/2014/01/a-little-birdie-told-me.html. I hope you’ll fly on over & check it out! Thanks again!

  31. Sue Deffler says

    I am going to use them for fund raising at my local Bird Rescue Foundation.

  32. These are so cute! I like the idea of adding Mod Podge to the fabric to make them easier to work with and last longer. Thanks for sharing!

  33. These are so darling and fun to create. I am making a baby bird mobile for my upcoming grandchild to hang on the crib. Maybe I will make another mobile for my bedroom window too!

  34. Marcia R Theis says

    I’m trying to find the tutorial for the scrap bucket basket and am having no luck. Can you guide me to it?

  35. Hi! Sorry if this is a no brainer but did you put the Mod Podge on the right or wrong side of the fabric? Thanks! I’m going to make some to hang on a mobile. 🙂