10 Tips for making pillows

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Let’s have some pillow talk!  Hand made pillows are easy to create and can really liven up any space within your home. Not only are they easy to make but they can change the outlook of any space in a flash.  So, I thought it would be fun to share some of my top tips for making pillows.

Tips for making pillows on The Sewing Loft. Also includes inspiration and free patterns. #homedecor

Think of pillows like the silent power player for your home decor. They are inexpensive, require minimal fabric and can be made in under an hour.  To help you amazing pillows, I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to make sure your end results are nothing short of statement.

Tips for making pillows


  1.  Clip corners before turning to reduce bulk.
  2. Use a blunt object to help turn out the corners of your pillow.
  3. Reinforce the corners of your pillow by sewing a double row of stitches around each corner.
  4. Make your pillow up to 1″ smaller than your pillow form. This will give your pillow a plump appearance and help maintain its shape.
  5. To ensure a smooth pillow surface consider adding a layer of batting to your main pillow fabric.  This tip also comes in handy when creating odd-shaped pillows that will be hand stuffed.
  6. Decide your pillow closure before you start your pillow project. Zipper closure, envelope or all stitched up with a basic ladder stitch.
  7. Reduce your stitch length slightly to prevent stitches from showing at seams.
  8. Consider adding coordinating trims, fringe, piping or a flange to the edge of your pillow cover for an added layer of detail.
  9. Turn your zipper closure into a featured detail.
  10. Want to achieve a slightly curved corner?  When sewing the corners of your pillow; mark a point 1/2″ from each corner.  Then draw a line from each side, point to point to slight reduce your square shape. This is your new pattern shape.
  11. Think outside of the box with your pillow cover ideas.  Pillows can be an easy conversation starter to a new guest in your home.

Now that you know my secret tips for making pillows are you ready to get started?  Check out these easy patterns.

Easy Pillow Cover Ideas

You can make this DIY Butterfly pillow cover with just a few charm squares of your favorite prints.

Butterfly Pillow

Sunny Days

This festive snow globe inspired DIY applique pillow is the perfect addition to my Christmas home decor. The cover makes it easy to pack away for next year.

Snow Globe

Put extra quilt blocks to use with this simple checkered pillow pattern cover.

Checker Box

Wow, these tips and tricks take the fear factor out of thread drawing and I love how this Halloween pillow turned out!

Skeleton Mask

See how to transform your child's drawings into artwork embroidery. The process is really amazing and such a simple DIY project.

Embroidered Art


Feel free to share your tips for making pillows in the comment section.






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