DIY University – School of Crafting Misfits

   Today I'm over at the DIY University - School of Crafting Misfits sharing tips and tricks about paper sewing. What's the School for Crafting Misfits you ask? It seems like everyday someone says, "Oh! I'd love to make that but I'm not creative." "I don't know how to sew." "I'm just not crafty." "I would love to learn how to (insert: knit, crochet, paint, … [Read more...]

{How To} Happy Earth Week!

Happy Earth Week!! As I am sure many of you have figured out by now, I'm all for being Green!! Join me over on FaveCrafts for a week of crafting, giveaways and more. Today, I am sharing a fun way to dress up a gift with an old children's book.  It is super cute! … [Read more...]

{How To} Letter Box

So, today is the big day!! And since today is all about the kids, I thought I would share a fun craft that my kids made all by themselves.. Mailbox- Letter Box This project is for all levels. Skill Level- 1 Button Materials: empty Kleenex hand towel box colored paper stickers double stick tape or glue stick scissors or paper cutter Basic Instructions: Remove all … [Read more...]

{KISS How To} Small Packages

Keepin' It Super Simple! Like the saying goes- Good things come in small packages!  And I could not agree more!! This project is for sewers all levels. Skill Level- 1 Button   Materials: Craft Paper Candies Tools: Sewing Machine Basic Instructions: Cut 1 piece of paper into a rectangle.  I made two different sizes.  3.5" x 6" and 4" x 3". Gently … [Read more...]

{KISS How To} Valentine’s Day Card

Keepin' It Super Simple! So, last week when I made these super cute bookmarks and stitched off a few extra "bee mine" patches.  They were just so stinkin' cute I had to find another way to use them. Valentine's Day Card This project is for sewers all levels. Skill Level- 1 Button Materials: blank cards felt ribbon clear drying glue Basic Instructions: To … [Read more...]

{How To} Paper Pom Poms

Paper Pom Poms Today's craft is super simple. I mean really simple & no cost. The kids made them with me so, they were super fun!! Let's face it, we all have news paper hanging around the house but what do you do with it? Since my recycling bin was full and the girls were looking for a craft project... the paper pom pom was put into action. These can be made any size and can be used in … [Read more...]