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Affiliate Disclosure


The Sewing Loft utilizes affiliate programs for monetization, which means when you click on links to various products  that I recommend and make a purchase, this can result in a commission that is credited to this site. Some affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, ShareASale.com, Craftsy, Amazon and more. I have chosen to only recommend products in my articles that I use or have thoroughly researched. Your trust and my on line credibility means the world to me. The Sewing Loft reach is growing everyday, and many of you come here for advice, help and support, therefore I take my responsibility as an affiliate very seriously.

Occasionally, The Sewing Loft features sponsored posts in collaboration with brands that are a natural fit with the aesthetic and culture of this site. I always disclose a sponsorship in the post so you know what the deal is, and I promise that sponsored posts aren’t throwaways in-fact, these posts are normally combined with a special project that utilizes the product. My goal is to provide you with information, inspiration and eduaction.

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Some text and image ads that appear in the right column of this blog are third party and sponsor ads. I do not personally endorse the products and services advertised in these ads. These companies are not affiliated with thesewingloftblog.com.

If you have questions about any affiliations on this website, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be more than happy to clarify or provide additional information if necessary.