Wrapping up the T-Shirt Quilt

Do not let the title of this post mislead you dear friends of First Fridays!!  It's your old friend TJ here from Studio Mailbox about to fill you in on the on-going saga of my quilting progress.  Last month I shared with you how I switched gears and started a T-Shirt quilt to practice my skills while getting a holiday gift ready.  I had fully expected to stroll in here and report how awesome it … [Read more...]

Home is where the Quilt is

Quilt by definition- noun a warm bed covering made of padding enclosed between layers of fabric and kept in place by lines of stitching, typically applied  in a decorative design. Truth be told these layers are so much more.                                        … [Read more...]

{How To} Memory Quilt – It’s a Wrap

We have gathered, prepped and stitched our favorite tees into this amazing story.... Now what? Well, it is time to add  the batting, some simple quilting stitchings and attach our backer. This project is for all levels. Skill Level- 1 1/2 Buttons … [Read more...]

{How To} Memory Quilt – Anything Goes

I thought it would be fun to take a break from stitching and share a few of the quilts I've made over the years. You will see that anything goes here. Top row: Baby Clothes Middle row: Men's Dress Shirts Bottom row: Hawaiian Style Shirts   Top row: Anything goes for this quilt.  You will find socks, boxers, name brands & even running shorts. Middle row: Firefighter... what can I … [Read more...]

{How To} Memory Quilt – part 2 stitching

Last week we started the prep work for an easy memory quilt.  We gathered our favorite tees, fused with interlining, determined finished quilt size and cut our blocks. No worries if you missed the prep work- Just click here and you will be up to date in a flash! This project is for all levels. Skill Level- 1 1/2 Buttons … [Read more...]

{How To} Memory Quilt – part 1

Over the years, I have made countless memory quilts for clients.  The materials range from baby clothes, concert shirts to full blown 3 piece suits. The excitement and joy expressed by my clients is always truly touching.  The one question that I am always asked is "How did you do that?" This "How To"  series will walk you through the basics of creating a tee-shirt quilt. This project is … [Read more...]