Fabric Bowls Video Class

Learn how to make fabric bowls in this free video class with Heather from The Sewing Loft.

Everyone needs storage for those pretty little things in life and these fabric bowls are perfect. Join me today and learn how to make these pretty fabric bowls in the Baby Lock Sew at Home video series. During the class, I will be sharing easy tips on how to create these fabric bowls, adding stability with a secret supply and use the felling foot to showcase your … [Read more...]

Picnic Blanket Video Class

Learn how to make a water resistant picnic blanket in this free video class with Heather from The Sewing Loft.

This water resistant picnic blanket is next up in the Baby Lock Sew at Home series and the timing could not be more perfect! I would love for you to join me and stitch along. During class, I will show you just how to easy it is to sew slippery fabrics with help from a teflon foot. That's right, the special coating on the bottom keeps everything moving right along. Let's take a quick … [Read more...]

Modern Placemats Video Class

Learn how to make these modern placements with The Sewing Loft in this video class on Sew at Home.

I'm excited to share my next project class in the Baby Lock Sew at Home series, Modern Placemats. In class we will be exploring how to evenly space our straight stitching with the aide of the quilting foot with 1/4" guide. This foot is pretty incredible and can be used on many different types of sewing projects. Let's take a quick peek at the foot in action. During the class, … [Read more...]

Walking foot with Guide

Learn how this special foot can change your world! The Sewing Loft

If you've ever tried stitching straight lines on a big momma quilt or larger scale project and been disappointed, let me introduce your new best friend! Meet the walking foot with guide bars. (insert rays of sunshine and cue the music) Walking Foot with Guide Bars   Even though the walking foot with guide bars looks like a monster piece of machinery being attached to your machine it … [Read more...]

Exploring Sewing Accessories with Sew at Home

Sew at Home Logo

One of my personal goals for 2015 is to branch out and explore more of the special sewing accessories on the market today. I believe that these tools will enhance my skills and allow my design style to shine through. So, I have exciting news..... Remember when I said, "Fun Things are Happening"? Well, they are happening now! I've joined forces with Baby Lock & Sew at Home to explore them … [Read more...]

2014 at a glance

2014 Photo Glance The Sewing Loft

2014 has been a blast! Not only have we made some incredible things together but we have shared tips and laughs along the way.   I'm so looking forward to see what everyone stitches together in 2015 but until then.... May all your machines be clean, bobbins be full and fabric stashes over flowing in the new year! Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy New … [Read more...]

Fun Things are Happening!

Taping adventures with Baby Lock. Fun projects are on the way! The Sewing Loft

On a normal day, I create and sew from my little studio space in North Carolina but last week, I took the show on the road, literally. After tons of prep work, I packed up all of my goodies into a massive suitcase and hopped on a plane to Baby Lock headquarters in St. Louis. The few days that followed would be interesting to say the least! You see, not only was I going to be sewing while there … [Read more...]

Sewing Fashion Knits- Craftsy

Sewing Fashion Knits with Linda Lee

Do you love the look and feel of fashion knits but are afraid to sew with them?  Like many of you, I love the look and feel of knit.  Actually, on the average day I can be found kicking around the studio in a tee-shirt and jeans- okay, shorts if it's summer but the knit top is always a must.  Knits are soft, comfortable and Oh so forgiving with the iron. (that's right, ironing is not my favorite … [Read more...]

True Colors Collection

True Colors Fabric Sneak Peek |The Sewing Loft #lovefabricFreeSpirit

On my cutting table today is this amazing fabric assortment by Anna Maria Horner.  These pretties are part of the True Colors collection from FreeSpirit.  I was able to attend a smaller release party during fall market up close and personal at fall market. Total swoon!   True Colors Collection   The True Colors collection is a design collaboration between Joel Dewberry, Anna Maria … [Read more...]