2014 at a glance

2014 Photo Glance The Sewing Loft

2014 has been a blast! Not only have we made some incredible things together but we have shared tips and laughs along the way.   I'm so looking forward to see what everyone stitches together in 2015 but until then.... May all your machines be clean, bobbins be full and fabric stashes over flowing in the new year! Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy New … [Read more...]

Fun Things are Happening!

Taping adventures with Baby Lock. Fun projects are on the way! The Sewing Loft

On a normal day, I create and sew from my little studio space in North Carolina but last week, I took the show on the road, literally. After tons of prep work, I packed up all of my goodies into a massive suitcase and hopped on a plane to Baby Lock headquarters in St. Louis. The few days that followed would be interesting to say the least! You see, not only was I going to be sewing while there … [Read more...]

Sewing Fashion Knits- Craftsy

Sewing Fashion Knits with Linda Lee

Do you love the look and feel of fashion knits but are afraid to sew with them?  Like many of you, I love the look and feel of knit.  Actually, on the average day I can be found kicking around the studio in a tee-shirt and jeans- okay, shorts if it's summer but the knit top is always a must.  Knits are soft, comfortable and Oh so forgiving with the iron. (that's right, ironing is not my favorite … [Read more...]

True Colors Collection

True Colors Fabric Sneak Peek |The Sewing Loft #lovefabricFreeSpirit

On my cutting table today is this amazing fabric assortment by Anna Maria Horner.  These pretties are part of the True Colors collection from FreeSpirit.  I was able to attend a smaller release party during fall market up close and personal at fall market. Total swoon!   True Colors Collection   The True Colors collection is a design collaboration between Joel Dewberry, Anna Maria … [Read more...]

How to Use a Twin Needle | National Sewing Month

Discover a new tool during National Sewing Month on The Sewing Loft

Today's guest is not just sharing one favorite tool but three.  Can you "Spy" them while watching her video on how to use a twin needle? Hello, I'm Deby. I write a sewing blog at So Sew Easy. I'm fairly new to sewing so I am delighted to be able to share some of what I have learned as part of this series. I live on an island where I can't buy any sewing patterns, so I started off downloading … [Read more...]

Save Thumbs with Kwik Klip | NSM

Kwik Klip Tool on National Sewing Month | The Sewing Loft

Cheryl from Nap Time Quilter is here today sharing one of her favorite tools in the workroom.  I am kinda giggling, this is another one those tools that was never on my radar, the Kwik Klip. I'm going to chalk up my lack of knowledge on this quilter's tool to my apparel background and call it a day.  Love learning new things! Cheryl and I crossed paths earlier this year at spring market in … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Appliqué Tea Towel

Valentine's Day Appliqué on thesewingloftblog.com

Valentine's Day Appliqué   This project is for stitchers of all levels.  Skill Level- 1 Button Materials: Tea Towel fabric scraps double-sided fusible ribbon or lace trim Tools: sewing machine iron Valentine's Day Applique Template  Basic Instructions: To achieve the clean finished double layer of lace trim, I cut lace 1" longer than the width of my towel. … [Read more...]

Video Chat with Craft Buds – Sewing Patterns

Video Chat with Craft Buds Sewing Patterns

Today, I have something fun to share...   My friend Lindsay from Craft Buds announced last week a new fun series of video chats on the blog. Can you guess who is on the very first one? How to Write Sewing Patterns   You guessed it!  We are chatting about our sewing patterns, the pattern making process and sharing "how to" tips on ways you can bring your creativity to … [Read more...]

{How To} Quick Book Cover

Quick Book Cover - TheSewingLoftBlog.com

Summer is winding down and the kids will be back to school in a flash.  To help send them off in style I thought it would be fun to cover a few of their composition books.  (Or as I recently found out - "Cow"- books) This project is for all levels. Skill Level- 1 Button Materials: 2 pieces of 12" x 18" felt notebook fun trims Basic Instructions: Measure your notebook height and … [Read more...]