Indygo Junction’s Fabric Flowers Giveaway

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One look at Amy Barickman’s latest book, Fabric Flowers and you will fall in love!  This baby is jam-packed with little goodies to keep you inspired and reclaiming your creativity all night long! With each turn of page, I am drooling over the amazing photography and thinking of projects that now ‘need’ to be embellish with fabric flowers.

It is pure eye candy!  But don’t just take my word for it, check out this quick video.

Indygo Junction Fabric Flowers

One flower that caught my eye is the Wool Rose. I love the thought of taking an old blazer and transforming it into something special, not to mention that these days I am drawn all things hand stitched.

Fabric Flower Giveaway The Sewing Loft

As a special treat, one lucky member of our sewing circle will receive a copy of this book and goodies from Clover delivered right to their doorstep.  Just leave a comment below letting me know what you would embellish with these flowers.

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I hope you enjoyed a quick look inside Indygo Junction’s Fabric Flowers book!  As a special gift, The Sewing Loft readers can use code FFBK13 to receive a 20%  discount off your next order (offer expires 5/1/13)

And don’t forget, with each stop of the tour, there is a chance to win fun goodies. So, be sure to stop by and visit a few other friends.The Sewing Loft

*Winner will be chosen at random and announced on February 27th. The Giveaway is now CLOSED and the winner has been emailed.


  1. I would embellish my sweet sweet puppy eheh 🙂

  2. Anne Marie says:

    I would make some flowers to embellish baby onsies.

  3. I would use them for dresses and headbands for my grand daughter

  4. I would embeilish crazy quilts with the flowers. thanks, Neena

  5. I would embellish everything with these. my purses, my quilts, my gifts. everything

  6. I would embellish my winter coat.
    Thank you for showing us such cool stuff.

  7. Irene Brockie says:

    I would embellish house interiors I think cushions, curtain tie back or a book mark how lovley would a flower look peeking out of the top of your book?

  8. They would end up on all sorts of pillows!

  9. Patsy Smith says:

    Oh, I love embellishing headbands and bags. These flowers
    would be perfect!

  10. Pillows, definitely pillows!!!

  11. I would love to embellish the clothes I make for my daughters!

  12. I would love to embellish clothes for my daughter and matching hair accessories. She would love helping me to create and design. 🙂

  13. This looks like a great book! I could actually envision some of these being turned into pin cushions!

  14. I would begin by making some delightful spring headbands! Then on to embellishing Easter Baskets, and table runners! 🙂

  15. I would embellish my craft chair. My niece asked me why I haven’t blinged that out yet!

  16. I need a non-living bouquet for my wedding! We’re having it in an art gallery, so no plants allowed.

  17. Randi Wells says:

    I would embellish all the headbands I’ve been making:)

  18. I want to put flowers on a purse and some barrettes.

  19. I have several jackets that are solid colored and a bit boring so I usually wear a print scarf with them. I lovely flower or flowers would perk them up and the felt material would be a great contrast to the slinky fabric. Hope I win a book!!

  20. A woman over 60 told me the best way to keep others from noticing your aging neck is to wear big beautiful fabric flowers on your outfit and that is all others will notice!! Needless to say she had tons of personality and the flowers she was wearing that day were beautiful, complimented her outfit for a finished gorgeous look and who knows if she had an aging neck. I need flowers!!!!

  21. i would use them to embellish a hair clip or hairband

  22. I would embellish a fabric covered box

  23. I would embellish picture frames, then move on to headband, purses, oh my ideas could go on and on!!!

  24. I love to add flowers to bags for extra pizzaz.

  25. I’ve been dying to emebellish some of my sweaters and coat with flowers for a long time, but just haven’t had any flower patterns. I bought wool felt and I’m ready to go!

  26. These would be great to use on everything. I think the first project would be a tote bag.

  27. Marje Hughes says:

    I would probably make them to put on bags, scarves/cowls or simply as brooches to liven up a plain coat. Looks like an amazing book!

  28. I have a wicker basket in which I store my art supplies (mainly colored pencils, but also other things). The basket is rather plain at the moment. A few fabric flowers would dress it up nicely. Something in orange, I think… since the basket is brown.

  29. These would be great for embroidery, lampshades, pillows. Love them, thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Aspen incashola says:

    I would embellish EVERYTHING I could get my hands on!! Super cute!!!

  31. I would jazz up some purses, and blankets, and sweaters! Love it!

  32. I would embellish purses and bags and also make some to use as broches.
    Love all the patterns you come up with!

  33. Elsie Palin says:

    I would embellish hats and headbands for my grandaughters

  34. My mind is racing with ways I could use these awesome flowers! I’d add them to canvas bags, decorate pillows and headbands, make pins for blouses and coats…even add to gift wrap.

  35. I would make the needle felted pansies (my mother’s favorite flowers) for her winter coat. Then some other flowers for my granddaughters’ headbands.

  36. I love flowers on a jacket lapel, I’d also use them as gift toppers (with a pin on back).

  37. What a fun book! I’d embellish a quilted wall hanging and pillows for my new quilting/craft room. Thanks for the sweet giveaway 🙂

  38. I have an 8 month old daughter and I’m just now learning to sew. I’m really enjoying making her clothes so I would most likely use them for her garments and for headbands.

  39. I would embellish skirts and headbands for my girls!

  40. christin jones says:

    I would make these and put on my handmade little girl dresses and my hats, shoes……and I love that necklace! Oh here’s one, toilet paper holder, napkins, Kleenex box

  41. I would embellish purses, headbands, pins etc. They really are cute!

  42. I would embellish my handbag with a flower…a different one for each season!

  43. This is a great book, i loved the little look at so many ways with flowers on the video. I would probably make myself some big flowers to put on bags and jackets.

  44. I just came across this blog tour today. This book looks like so much fun!

  45. Oh Yes, some Spring Posies to brighten these dull, gray days on the Coast!.

  46. I would embellish lots of things such as backpacks, purses, curtain tie-backs, coats, suitcases, etc.

  47. Annie Andrew says:

    I would add some of these to absolutely anything that doesn’t move!

  48. Nancy Myers says:

    I would probably go for embellishing a purse.

  49. Nancy Myers says:

    I would embellish a jacket with a brooch or a purse.

  50. I have several plain blouses that are calling for something to spruce them up. Plus, they’d be nice as a barrette or headband! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  51. Lorraine Lee says:

    I love the idea of a flower embellished clasp on a bag. These are so creative!

  52. sandra gest says:

    I am with Annie. I would put them on everything! I love this book.. We all need flowers to put on picture frames, pillows. There is way to much to say.

  53. Katheryn Cooper says:

    I would put these beautiful flowers on the ends of bookmarks, clothing, purses, and anywhere else that needs so beauty!

  54. I would love to make pins and use them to embellish presents.

  55. I would use these to embellish pillows. I also think they would be a good addition to hats.

  56. Kathy Bumb says:

    I love to make purses, these flowers would be perfect to adorn them!!!!!

  57. I think I would embellish a wool purse that I have been planning.

  58. Embellish a jacket is a goal.

  59. I would use the flowers to embellish a pillow for my new sofa.

  60. I am really getting inspired by all these Brackman Blossoms…..I think it just might be a floral Christmas this year.

  61. Sara Sitler-Vermilya says:

    Headbands! Shirts! Purses! Hats!

  62. This would be a new craft experience for me. I would start by making flowers for my granddaughters hair.

  63. I would embellish my house with them. Wouldn’t they be great in home decor projects?

  64. I would embellish a purse.

  65. I would embellish some dog collars as well as purses. So fun!

  66. I’ve just found a fabulous grey woollen coat in a charity shop! Perfect for embellishing!

  67. I have a grey wool purse that needs some brightening up….a colorful wool flower would be a wonderful addition.

  68. I love these flowers they are just the cat’s meow! Love to win that book……..

  69. I have a beautiful gray blazer that would look great with one of these flowers. It would be a great way to also help coordinate the total look with another piece be it shoes, blouse, or my slacks, jeans, or skirt.

  70. barbara woods says:

    New born shoes

  71. I would love to learn these techniques to embellish hair clips, head bands, t- shirts, totes, gifts, etc… Possibilities are endless! Thank you for the chance to win!

  72. Lisa Marie says:

    Bags would be the first thing I would embellish.

  73. I would embelish headbands, bags, pillows for sure and well…..everything. 🙂

  74. I would embellish bags I make and hair accesories

  75. Nothing would be safe from flower embellishing! I would pop a flower on bags, headbands, cards, banners and journals. I love to use them for a extra “pretty” on anything!! That’s what so great about fabric flowers, they can be used on anything!

  76. Everything I could get my hands on! Headbands, clothing, purses, crazy quilts, totes, a hat for kitty, trees, statues, I would beautify everything!

  77. I make lots of bags. I guess you would say I’m addicted! I would definitely embellish by bags with all these beautiful flowers.

  78. I’m into making bags & totes these days. I think one of these flowers would make a great embellishment to my newest bag.

  79. I would embellish a skirt.

  80. A hat. Most definitely a hat. Something to make my old winter hat more spring-like in this new 11-inches of snow.

  81. Thanks for such a fun giveaway! I am in love with accessories and flowers are sooooo my passion!!! On a cardi, a jacket or my handbag… accessories make the outfit!

  82. I love using fabric flowers to embellish. It adds to much to whatever project you are working on.
    I do a number of things. I started making attachments for dog collars and since have added flowers to baby hats, aprons and bibs. thanks for sharing the book. always fun to see what new flowers and ideas there are.

  83. Michelle Smith says:

    These are some beautiful flowers I would love to make

  84. Tammy Hempel says:

    I would put these flowers on a table runner I am working on. They would look pretty on it!!

  85. I would like to put these on a bag or purse. It would make a darling 3-D embellishment.

  86. Hmmm… What to embellish first? I’m guessing “anything and everything” is not a good answer? LOL

    In all honesty, I have this necklace my mom gave me that has a little round metal bit with a little fabric flower on it that is, well, SAD. I would probably replace that poor little fluttery thing with something more substantial and WOW. 🙂

  87. I would use the lfowers to enhance the bags that I make as gifts for my daughters and for the pouches too. I would love to make hair clips with them and maybe some brooches too.

  88. I’d love to make some hairbows for my granddaughters!

  89. I would love to put the flowers on pouches! They are so cute!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. The first things I’d make are brooches for all the ladies attending my Mother’s Day tea party. Then I’d start making flowers for everything from totes and jacket lapels to gift box toppers.

  91. I would make them into pins. I love recycling old skirts and blazers.

  92. I’d love to make some hairbands & hairclips for my nieces! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  93. Such lovely flowers! I would love to make a pin for my sister. I’d also make a headband for my daughter and I’d love to add a beautiful flower to my purse.

    Thank you for an awesome giveaway and a chance to win.


  94. I would love to put some flowers on headbands for my daughter. Thanks for the chance!

  95. Carmen Nuland says:

    Can I decorate my car with these? LOL

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