100+ Pincushion Patterns

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Okay, I know, I’ve said it before but I have an obsession for pincushions.  So, to help bring you over to my side of the line, I have surfed the web and gathered up some of the most Ah-Maz-Ing free pincushion patterns.  That’s right, they are all free!

100 plus pincushion projects. All patterns are free with step by step instructions.  The Sewing Loft #sewing #fatquarterfriendly

From toadstools to eyeballs, I am confident that there is a pincushion pattern on this list just waiting to be added to your sewing space.   Each one is super cute and the options are endless! It is really hard to pick just one.

100+ Pincushion Patterns

Free pincushion patterns. The Sewing Loft

1. Doll 

2. Fabric Weaving

3. Flower Pincushion

4. Handy Dandy

5. Hexie Caddy

6. Off Set Wristlet

7. Toadstool Cuff

8. Pretty Purse

9. Puffy Wrist

10. Put a Ring on it!

11. Scrappy Arm Rest

12. Sewing Caddy

13. Stylish Wristlet

14. Thumb Ring

15. Wrist Magnet

Free pincushion patterns. The Sewing Loft

16. Birdie

17. Little Birdie

18. Blow Fish

19. Chicken 

20. Country Mouse

21. Hedge Hog

22. Kitty Kat

23. Ladybug

24. Little Turtle

25. Owl

26. Porcupine

27. Turtle Love

28. Mouse

29. Peacock

Free pincushion patterns. The Sewing Loft

30. Autumn Pincushion

31. Scrappy Pincushion

32. Embroidered Tomato

33. Garden Glory

34. Hand Embroidered

35. Mason Jar

36. Pin It Heart

37. Sunflower

38. Snowflake

39. Embroidery Hoop

Free pincushion patterns. The Sewing Loft

40. Apple Core

41. Cherry Pie

42. Layer Cake

43. Mushroom & Friends

44. Over(ly) Easy Pincushion

45. Pea Pod

46. Pear Shaped

47. Pretzel 

48. Stacked Pumpkin

49. Starfruit

50. Scrappy Strawberry

51. Pineapple

52. Toadstool

53. Tomato

54. Watermelon

Free pincushion tutorials. The Sewing Loft

55. 9 Patch Pincushion

56. 9 Patch Square Hang Up

57. Basket Weave

58. Boxed Out

59. Faux Cathedral Window

60. Star

61. Heart 

62. Herringbone

63. Crumb Crush

64. Pincushion Trio

65. Granny Pins

66. Pouf Pincushion

67. Miniature Patchwork

68. Sweetheart 

69. Cute as a Button

70. Halfsies

71. Dresden

72. Wagon Wheel

73. Pinwheel

Free pincushion tutorials. The Sewing Loft

74. African Violet

75. Amish Puzzle Ball

76. Antique Bonnet

77. Pincushion Cottage

78. Boat

79. Cactus

80. Cottage Pincushion

81. Color Wheel

82. Cookie Cutter

83. Double Pincushion Flower

84. Dress Form

85. Eyeball Pincushion

86. Flower Power

87. Flower Pot

88. Framed Pincushion

89. Glamper Camper

90. Hexie Pincushion

91. Triangle Log Cabin

92. Large Bottle Cap

93. Egg Cup

94. Geometric

95Ride Along

96. Scallop Edge

97. Soda Can Pincushion

98. Square Deal

99. Succulent Flower

100. Tea Light

101. Tea Pot

102. Tree Stump

103. Vintage Spool

104. VooDoo Doll

Woo Hoo! How is that for creative ideas? These pincushion patterns are fantastic and free!  That’s right, every project on this list includes a free pincushion pattern or tutorial for you to make.  So, be sure to Pin This post for easy reference.

100 plus pincushion projects. All patterns are free with step by step instructions. The Sewing Loft #sewing #fatquarter

Now that you’ve had your fill of pincushion inspiration overload, it’s time to start thinking about pincushion stuffing. Be sure to check out these options.  

The Sewing Loft

**Broken links and out of date patterns have been updated July, 2020.


  1. These all look sew fun to make!! I can’t wait to make some. Thank you for the patterns. 🙂 Pinned

  2. I just made my first pin cushion (a very boring rectangle), but I thought it would be fun to make some pretty ones sometime! Just pinned your post so I can try one or two in the future!

  3. Heather, You are tooooo generous! Thank you!!!

  4. Thank you so much for including my pretzel pincushion in this great list!

  5. I see you have included my free strawberry pincushion pattern.

  6. So many cute options–thanks for sharing!

  7. Buttons and Paint says

    Wow so many pincushions to try out – thanks for sharing! Thanks as well for featuring our Pincushion Boat 🙂 x

  8. maker*land says

    Thank you so much for including my hedgehog pincushion! It’s inclusion also introduced me to your wonderful blog – I’m off to explore it now!

  9. Great round up Heather! Thanks for sharing the mod flower with your readers. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sara. There are so many fun ideas out there – I just need to find time to stitch them all up!

  10. Thank you! I love all pincushions, and these are some fabulous renditions.

  11. Jen Funk Segrest says

    Thanks or picking two of my pincushions for this post! (violets and eyeballs)

  12. Thanks for showing my pincusion. I did a TY post on my blog 🙂 cm


    • How awesome is that! Your pincushion is super cute Connie and I’m so happy to hear that you are seeing some traffic from it. Yay!!

  13. The first pattern and the second pattern are the same.

  14. I wanted to make the kitty lat pincushion but did not see the pattern pieces or templates mentioned in the first sentence of the instructions.

  15. Ramona Wolfe says

    How can a person purchase this book ?

  16. Patricia says

    I am looking for a cell phone embroidery pincushion pattern. Do you know where I can find it?

  17. I am looking for a pin cushion made from denim and looks like overalls.Any ideas?

    • Thanks for your note Gerlinde. There are so many patterns on this list but I do not recall one made with denim overalls. Perhaps you will be interested in one of the other designs.
      -Happy Stitching

  18. hi am trying to buy your book on 100+ pin cushions,i can not find it anywhere !.please can you help.

    • Hello Teresa,
      I have received many requests for this post to be turned into a book for purchase but right now it is only offered online.

  19. You are AWESOME!!!. I am in this phase of sewing pincushion.