{Friday Finds} Do you Pin?

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Pin It! -The Sewing Loft

No, not pin the tail on the donkey, I mean Pinterest!

You know, that place where you can store all your favorite findings from the world-wide web.  I like to think of it as one giant pin board.  Only I can sort, tag, leave a comment and more.

Which for me is like heaven!  You see, in my house, I am infamous for tearing out pages of magazines, thinking one day, I’m going to use this! Well, when that day comes, good luck finding it!  So, this is a win/win for me. (well, really everyone in my house. DH does not need to toss out papers, I don’t need to feel guilty and the kids don’t have to hear about it.)


Don’t get me wrong, it could be a total time suck if you let it but I just love discovering vintage finds and seeing all those fun ideas. Not to mention, that all this eye candy is downright inspiring!

Here are some of the latest finds on my boards.

Scrap Inspiration-

Scrap Inspiration on Pinterest

          1. DIY Colorpath Pillow by Jessica at Sew Home Grown
          2. Wedding Quilt by Traci at  Stolen Moments
          3. Scrappy Ribbon Garland by Whitney at Whitney Caroline Designs
Or how about these from Vintage Findings-
Vintage Finds on Pinterest
          1. Vintage Machine via flickr 
          2. Vintage tape measure & thread via Rustic.Meets.Vintage
          3. Wooden spools via tumbler


Want to see more?  Well, you will have to come find me first. But don’t worry, I love to share.  I pin everything from cool studio inspiration to party ideas.  There are even something for your inner clean freak! You will not be disappointed.

The Sewing Loft Pinterest Boards

Hope you enjoyed some of my eye candy and discovered some new Friday Finds.  And remember, if you need a filing system for all those cool magazine tear outs, come find me and we can collect together!


  1. Oh my heck! I LOVE Pinterest! It’s crack for your eyes!

  2. I agree with you: ever since Pinterest, I’ve been able to give up (most) of my ripped magazine pages as well as all of those “bookmarks” on my computer that became a big jumble. I heart Pinterest!

  3. Pinterest really is crack for your eyes lol! I just headed over and started following you! Can’t wait to check out your boards!

  4. I adore Pinterest. Jumped in when it first started and I can’t seem to get off! I find so many ideas, tutorials and its great to see what other artists are doing. Its been such an amazing marketing tool for my Etsy shop. Come on over and follow me back. http://pinterest.com/jillv/.

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