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Please give a warm welcome to Caroline from Sew Can She.  Today she is sharing one of her favorite tools in the workspace.  Can you guess what it is?


I had to look pretty hard to find it!

Hello sewing fans! I feel so lucky to be asked to guest post here and share with you my favorite sewing tool. I normally blog over at SewCanShe where I feature a different free sewing tutorial every day. Come over and check it out!

Now to my favorite sewing tool… I actually have a lot of favorite sewing gadgets, but I wanted to share with you one that I discovered this past year and can’t live without: the Thermoweb Superstik.

I can’t tell you how many times this little glue stick has come to my rescue… and I don’t worry about it ruining my fabric or (even worse) my sewing machine because it was made for sewing!


Case Study 1 :  Applique. I love applique. I draw my own designs, I trace designs, and I adore my electronic Slice Cutter for applique too. Most of the time I use a fusible product like HeatnBond or the fusible backing that works with my Slice Cutter. But sometimes the glue backing comes off your piece – have you ever had that happen? Or sometimes (like with this heart applique) I want to cut something out with my little scissors and then applique it. The Superstik is perfect for this. Just put a little bit on your hand cut shape (or on the piece where your fusible glue backing came off) and press it where it belongs. Presto! It sticks while you sew it, no pins required.


Case Study 2 : Oops I need fusible interfacing! Have you ever had one of those moments? I use a lot of interfacing because I love the way it makes my bags and pouches more professional looking, and the fusible stuff goes the fastest. What do I do in a pinch if I only have the sew-in kind? I glue it on with my Superstik. No stress… non-fusible becomes fusible. You can iron it (but you don’t have to), and of course, sewing it is no problem either.


Case Study 3 : No ripple straps. So the other day I was sewing some bag straps… you know, where you fold your long strip like a piece of bias binding and then sew down the edges. Well, it was some pretty linen and the first one stretched on the un-interfaced side and made ripples. How could I avoid that for the second one? I decided to glue the strip together to keep the sides from slipping (and rippling).


Voila! Problem solved. It actually stitched up way faster too.
I could go on and on, but I’ll stop now. There have been so many times when I needed something to stick without pins and I have been so happy to have my little Superstik handy. And this little product is cheap!
So there you go… I hope you’re enjoying National Sewing Month as much as I am. Thank you Heather for hosting this amazing series. I’m finding so many new tools to try.
Please come visit me over at SewCanShe!
Thanks so much for sharing your insider tip Caroline!  I find myself often in a pinch for fusible interfacing and I have to admit, I have grabbed the girls washable glue stick from time to time.  It was one of my silly little secrets but now, I feel much better admitting that yes, from time to time I DO use a glue stick when sewing!
Jennifer from Jennifer Jangles is up next to help add a splash of color and creativity to our space tomorrow and I can not wait!  Love National Sewing Month!
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  1. Love doll, where did you get the pattern?

  2. I think this is one ‘tool’ I need to get!

  3. Thanks for this wonderful tip. Love it!

  4. I recently discovered using sewing glue sticks for help with applying zippers with no pins. It’s amazingly fast and no ouchies! 😀 I have to admit, I have cheaped-out and am using dollar-store glue sticks, so far with no issues (obviously, do so at your own risk) but the made-for-sewing glue sticks are the “way to go”. I LOVE this tool!

  5. Sharon Lefavor says

    Where can you get that glue. I have been using a regular glue stick to hold small pieces to sew. Another thing you can do is put a small dot where you are going to sew your button on with the machine to hold the button in place.

  6. Diana Stansell says

    This was like an Ahh moment. Where did you purchase the Thermoweb Superstick. I don’t recall seeing it @ the fabric store.

  7. Is there any kind of drying time that you have to wait for or can you just start sewing right away? Is it water soluble? I’m really interested in trying this one!

    There was a another brand of fabric stick glue that I tried that you had to wait for it to dry and then it made the fabric little hard. I didn’t like it all.


  8. What does NSM mean in your blog titles? It’s been driving me crazy trying to figure out what that means. LOL

  9. Vintage Quilter says

    Thermo web Super Stik – I have never seen nor heard of it but can’t wait to find one or two and buy it. Thanks so much!

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