Halloween Treat Tote Bags

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Before we get started with today’s project, I wanted to say thank you to Plaid Crafts and the Martha Stewart team for sending me a box-load of their new product line: Martha Stewart Decoupage.   The formulas come in a variety of colors, finishes and can be used on all surfaces. (i.e. glass, wood, fabric, paper, metal).  Wait, what?  Did I just say fabric?? Yes, I did indeed.  That’s why I was so interested in the product. To be upfront, I never really thought that decoupage and fabric went together but these Halloween Treat Tote bags but the product to the test.

Halloween Treat Tote Bags


Halloween Treat Tote Bags by The Sewing Loft #MSHalloween

This project is for all levels.

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Supply List for Halloween Treat Tote Bags with Martha Stewart Decoupage Craft Products. Design by The Sewing Loft #MSHalloween

Prep Work:

  1. Cut canvas 7″ wide x 17″ long for goodie bag.  If making several bags it is best to cut them all out now.
  2. Create your design on the front with Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencils and Martha Stewart Crafts Paints.  To achieve my final outlook, I layered each paint color and even played with blending. *Tip:  Trace a glass to create a smooth circle.
  3. To create the house, I cut the paper to shape and applied it with the multi surface decoupage as per instructions on container. (It was super easy!)
  4. Cut ribbon 14″ long for handle.

Bag Assembly:

  1. Fold over 1/2″ of top edge towards wrong and single need top stitch; repeat to other side.
  2. Fold bag lengthwise; right sides together and straight stitch along each side.
  3. Miter each corner by matching side seam to bottom seam.  This will form a triangle.  Measure 3/4″ from the point and straight stitch. Clip excess fabric away and repeat to opposite side. Turn bag right side out.
  4. Create handle with ribbon by turning under each raw edge and machine stitch in place at side seam.  Consider stitching two rows for reinforcement.
  5. Fill with candy and get set to BOO your neighbors!

How to make simple Halloween Treat Tote Bags with Martha Stewart Decoupage Craft Products. Design by The Sewing Loft #MSHalloween

What do you think? Cute right! Want to create your own? Well, all Martha Stewart Decoupage products are available at a Michael’s Store near you!  Remember, the decoupage can be used on any surface such as glass, fabric, paper, metal and wood to create a lustrous finish.  My favorite is the glow in the dark.

Halloween Treat Tote Bags by The Sewing Loft #MSHalloween

Be sure to check out Plaid’s Facebook Page and Pinterest Boards for Halloween inspired ideas from fellow crafters.


The Sewing Loft


*Again, special thanks to Plaid Crafts and the Martha Stewart Team for supplying the materials used in this sponsored post.

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    Those are super cute! Well done!

  2. Very Cute Bags.Fun Project to use on larger bags.

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