Top 5 Avoided Sewing Projects

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Learn how to tackle your most avoided sewing projects. The Sewing Loft

Facebook Discussion- What’s your “must avoid” project?

It all started off so innocent. It was Sunday afternoon and dear hubby just asked me to do my least favorite sewing project….. Hem pants.

It's Sunday afternoon and I was just asked to do my least favorite sewing project….. Hem pants. What's your "must avoid" project?

Posted by The Sewing Loft on Sunday, December 1, 2013

What started off as just a simple post update on Facebook one Sunday afternoon turned into an explosion of comments on worst sewing projects ever! After reading through a variety of hilarious comments, I felt so much better about hemming pants!

The funny thing about “most avoided” sewing projects is that they vary from person to person. What’s undoubtedly a nightmare for me can be a walk in the park for another person, and this usually has nothing to do with sewing skill level. It’s simply a matter of preference.

For example, I like creating appliqué (check out my newest one here), so sewing it is second nature to me, but for others the thought of sewing applique is about as stimulating as looking at a can of creamed corn. Ha! It’s one of the amazing realities of sewing that we can be both endeared and repulsed by our passion depending on which project we hold in our hands.

Top 5 Most Avoided Sewing Projects


Sewing uniform patches can be a challenge but with these easy tips you will have your scout or military loved one looking like a star.

5. Uniform Patches- Many mentioned how hard it is to sew patches onto uniforms, and I’m thinking they need to head over and give this post a quick read. Fingers crossed these tips can help them finish the task fasted.

4. Alterations- This one’s high on my list too.

Mending seems to be high on everyone's list of most avoided sewing projects. Learn tips to make the process easier. The Sewing Loft

3. Repairs/mending- The one that came across loud and clear was crotch repairs, especially on jeans. Another fun one was darning socks.

Easy tips to help you hem commercial garments at home. The Sewing Loft

2. Hemming- Most readers mentioned pants but others chimed in with circle skirts and curtains. Either way, hemming pants is not on my fun list.

Don't toss your favorite jeans, learn how to replace the zipper instead. The Sewing Loft

1. Anything zipper or button related by a landslide! Reading through the comments, I’m impressed at just how many of you actually replace broken zippers. This is something I normally do not do. It is just super time consuming. If you’re game for tackling this task be sure to read this post for easy tips.

One thing I know for certain is that in 2016, I’m determined to tackle my most avoided sewing projects first. That means the pile of mending sitting on my desk must go ASAP! I’m thinking of just eating the frog and getting it done. Then I can sit back and stitch the day away guilt free.

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