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Some times I am not sure what’s the best part of Summer…

Lazy days, visits with friends, fun travel or trips to the mailbox!

These easy fabric postcards are great for summer vacations. Add your pin dot on the map for a fun visual. The Sewing Loft To be fair, my 2nd grader loves to receive mail.  Watching her skip to the mail box each day hoping for something special always makes me smile.  Today’s how to is all about adding something fun to those unexpected greetings….

This project is for all levels.

Skill Level- 1 Button

Mail is pretty restrictive on size so, be sure when making this project you keep within the maximum size measurements of 4 1/4″ x 6″  by 1/4″ thick for a standard postcard.



Basic Instructions:

  1. Cut your card stock to 4 1/4″ tall x 6″ wide.  Since I like to make a few at a time, I cut a bunch. A rotary cutter will make quick work of this step.   *Remember- size matters here.
  2. Now the fun part! A few of my post cards will be going over seas so, I thought it would be fun to put an image of the USA on them.  I traced my image onto the paper side of freezer paper and ironed the shiny side to my fabric with a low temp setting.  (no steam here)
  3. To create the background on my postcard I cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than my card stock.  Center your image and pin it in place.  With a straight stitch; stitch all around the edge.  To show where we live, I added a fun decorative stitch in a contrast color.
  4. Center your card stock on the wrong side of fabric and all around edge stitch through all layers.  Trim away the excess fabric.  *Tip- Use a piece of double stitch tape or roll out glue to help prevent the fabric from slipping on the card stock.  See video.

These easy fabric postcards are great for summer vacations. Add your pin dot on the map for a fun visual.

I promise you, even the mailman will get a smile!
Here is a video “how to” from my Cool2Craft TV feature.  Stop by and join us for the live stream chat and full “Around the World” episode on June 25th.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COEJEll9e8M&w=480&h=360]
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  1. Jen @ Passion-for-Parties.com says

    Love the video, Heather! Great job! 🙂

  2. candacej says

    Very cool!

  3. This is awesome! So cute!

    Have you heard about our I’d love for you to enter in it! Lots of prizes to be won too!

  4. Nancy in IN says

    Thank you. My grands will love. I have been sending post cards–decorated–for three or four years. I even sent 20 or more at Christmas. People love and the postal people love.
    Love to win. Post cards are winners. I always send !st class mail but as a post card–no envelope

  5. Betsy @ Romance on a Dime says

    This is a very cool idea. Nice job on the video. I LOVE your new header!!

    Thanks so much for linking up at Romance on a dime! I’m pinning this.