{KISS How To} Untangling Threads

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Keepin’ It Super Simple!

Let’s face it, my thread drawer is a mess!  I am terrible about winding them back up again and neatly putting them away.  I waste so much time untangling thread spools when looking for just the right color.

So today, I am determined to clean it out.  Thanks to the help of Art Bin and a Joann’s 60% off coupon, I picked up one of these babies!   You can also find the Art Bin Thread Box on Amazon.

Now that my thread is organized, I am so wishing I picked up 2 or three.  Oh well, next time I see the coupon, that is high on my list!

Remember, Keep It Super Simple!!

Happy Crafting!
**Note,  I use this container everyday and am in no way being paid or compensated for this blog post by Art Bin or Joann Fabrics.  These are my personal views and I love the product.


  1. I use something like this myself for storing threads, and for large cones I use those small stackable drawers. I separate them by the color. After realizing I’d bought 25 boxes now, I have made the decision not to buy anymore thread until I use some of it up tho. My boxes have the threads laying down instead of standing like your’s do and while I’d like them to stand, it is easier to see the colors by having them laying down. Each box I believe holds about 30-50 thread spools nothing larger than a 1000 yard spool tho that’s why larger spools for like serger thread go into the drawer type boxes. Keeps the lint off them and I’ve read they last longer when stored in something versus out in the elements of air in a room. I use to keep everything on a pegboard on my wall, but we move so much that the drawers started making more sense. I bought them all at Joanne’s on sale, or on ebay. They are expensive little buggers tho. 🙂 Can’t remember how much I paid, but it seems I paid around 12.50 for each one on sale at 50% off.

  2. Brenda N Steven Rose says

    Awesome giveaway. Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to enter. Keeping my fingers cross!

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