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Hi, I am the one and only Lady A.Lady A loves to sew. Follow her adventures on The Sewing Loft.

I know a lot of you have heard of me but know little to nothing about me.

  • I am currently a sophomore in high school.
  • I am on the varsity lacrosse team, and enjoy arts and crafts.
  • I guess the gift of being crafty was passed down to me by my mom.
  • I look at everything with a different perspective than other people.  They might just see a piece of fabric and I see, woah that’s super cute and I can totally use that to make a, for example, wallet.
  • I am also really into design.  I love to make croquis and sketches.  This is partly because when I was little I was, and still am, obsessed with Project Runway.  For my birthday or christmas or whenever I could get a gift I always would ask for a Project Runway kit.  Tim Gunn was, and still is, an inspiration.  He would always say to the contestants, “Make it work!”.  My mom and I would always joke around when something didn’t work out for us we’d say, “Make it work!”.  And then afterward we’d always have a good laugh about it.Lady A loves to sew and Make it WORK! Follow her adventures on The Sewing Loft.
  • Now just like any other teenage girl, I love my magazines.  My parents were nice enough to get me a subscription to Marie Claire so that I receive their monthly issues.  (Thanks Mom and Dad!)  What they didn’t know was that every time I got a new magazine I tear out the pages of the things that I liked or was inspired about (sorry magazine lovers for tearing out your precious pages).  So I dedicated a wall in my closet to be my “inspiration wall”.  It has now grown to be my “inspiration closet” because of all the things that I have hung up.  (You can work wonders with a little scotch tape.)  Not only do I put up magazine pages but I also hang up my designs and little things that inspire me as a designer (and as a person of great taste and fashion expertise.)   Thankfully mom is down with this whole “redecorating and putting stuff on my walls thing” I have going on in my closet.  (Sneaky me I haven’t showed dad for the fear of him making me take it down.)


And that’s me!  Hope you liked getting the inside scoop from me, Lady A.

~Lady A

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