{NSM} Rotary Cutter Wrap Up

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In my mind the rotary cutter is a must have in the sewing room and clearly, my creative “Reclaimer” friend Jenelle feels the same way!

National Sewing Month -The Sewing Loft


Jenelle from TrashN2TeesMeet Jenelle Montilone: a creative activist and maker behind TrashN2Tees and instigator of the Create Change Movement.  By 2013 she will have diverted more than 20 tons of clothing from our landfills. (Can you say WOW!)  On November 15th, she is hosting the International Create Change Pledge event encouraging people all over the world to reuse 1 item for 1 day.  (Count me in!)



Rotary Cutter Tool
Ode to the rotary cutter
You save us time
Cut layers like butter
No more snip, snip, snip
Just one straight line
Shears are my favorites
Though, they don’t leave time
To enjoy mojitos or wine
Rotary Cutter
I’m sure many of you would agree, the rotary cutter isn’t a must have tool
for your crafting needs- but it’s certainly nice to have. They’re
available with different size blades and can be used for a number of
needs. I typically use my 45mm Rotary Cutter (everyday!) partnered up
with a ginormous self healing mat and 24-inch Non-Slip Ruler to slice
straight edge cuts through layers of jersey knit t-shirts. You’ll think
they’re dandy too if you are making curtains, garments, quilts, or any
project that requires long straight cuts. I’m excited to share today’s
quick and easy tutorial for an eco gift wrap bow- we all know what they
it’s better to give than to receive. It’s even more fun to give a gift
wrapped in a pretty package!
Rotary Cutter Bows
You’ll need: 
Rotary cutter
Scissors (optional)
Glue gun
Cutting mat
needle/thread (hand stitching optional)
Rotary Cutter How To
1. Spread tshirt out on table
2. Using rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat square up your fabric and cut 3″ wide lengths. You will have
approx. 4 large ‘loops’.
Rotary Cutter in Action
Strips of Tees

3. Take 1 loop and cut to make 1 long strip

Tee Shirt Bow How To
4. Fold strip in half, make 1/2″ cuts down the length of the fabric (pssst! I use scissors here, and generally don’t measure)
Tee Shirt Bow How To
5. Hot glue along the edge & roll as you go continuing to add glue
Tee Shirt Bow Wrap Up
Rotary Cutter Bow Wrap
6. When your finished you should have a pouf that looks similar to this
TrashN2Tees Bows - The Sewing Loft
7. Finish the it off by covering the bottom with felt & hand
sewing. I like to add a pin back that way the gift topper can be reused
as a brooch or a flower for head band.

Now I’m ready to pour a glass a wine, and one for you as well- so pull up a
stool and tell me what crafting tool saves you the most time! Cheers to
National Sewing Month & Heather for inviting me to drop by for the
WOW, Jenlle!  You have me looking at those out grown tees in a totally new way!  This little gem of a “how to” is sure to be put to good use this  holiday season.
The LizzieBCre8ive girls are stopping by tomorrow to wrap up the week.  I can not wait to see what creative goodness they have in store.



  1. How cute is that!

  2. Hey Candace, thanks for stopping by!

  3. I want to rush home and dig for old tees! Very inspiring post. Admire your efforts to lighten the landfill load.

  4. Samina, hurry home- there is crafting to be done! It’s the highest compliment to hear that I’ve inspired you- In case you find a gold mine of useless tees laying about, find some more ideas on the TrashN2Tees Ultimate Upcycled Tutorial List- https://pinterest.com/trashn2tees/the-ultimate-upcycled-tshirt-tutorial-list/

  5. Love It! Plus I’m marking my calendar for November 15th!

  6. Hi Erin! Thanks for your support- if you’d like to please sign up for the Create Change Movement newsletter http://eepurl.com/pe_3j I’ll be sharing some big news in the next few days!

  7. Can you actually mail a package like this?! Because that would be rad!

  8. Oh, that’s a really smart and great idea! 🙂