Sewing Machine Cover Sew Along

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Are you ready to sew along with me?

Hello, Happy Stitchers! The time has come to discuss a dirty little secret many of us are holding onto: we’ve got naked sewing machines! Are you guilty of this one, too? Don’t be embarrassed; it’s a wide-spread problem in our community!

Many of us probably bought a sewing machine that didn’t come with a case or cover. Maybe you bought a hard case, but do you use it every day, or only when you travel with your machine? Are you letting your machine remain uncovered on your sewing table, or possibly still using a boring plastic cover that came in the box?

It’s time for this epidemic of naked sewing machines to come to an end. Do we need an intervention? Maybe not, but we definitely need a sew-along!


Sewing Machine Cover Sew Along | The Sewing Loft


I’ve put together a great pattern for a sewing machine cover. This protective cover will keep your machine clean, which is essential if you want it to keep working for you, project after project. If you leave your machine exposed, little bits of dust, thread, pet hair, and debris can get into the gears, and over time it will break as a result. Keeping your machine covered is one easy way to prolong its life, and sewing a cover like this one is fun to boot!

So, who’s with me?

Sewing Machine Cover Sew Along


Here are the details:

  • What: A sewing machine cover sew-along, featuring a FREE pattern download from The Sewing Loft
  • When: Next week! February 2nd  – February 6th
  • Where: Right here – The Sewing Loft Blog
  • Who: Anyone is welcome to play along! If you’re comfortable with basic sewing techniques and applique, then this project is for you!


If you’d like to participate, it’s time to gather your supplies and plan your sewing time. The sew-along will run each day next week, giving you the project piece by piece so you can space out your sewing and participate along with us, or wait until the end and do everything all at once.


Now it’s time to dive through your stash or head to the local fabric shop and gather your supplies. Here’s what you’ll need for the sewing machine cover sew along.


  • Sewing Machine
  • Free Motion Transparent Foot
  • 8 oz Canvas Drop Cloth or 3/4 yard of medium weight fabric*
  • Heat Erasing Pen
  • Heat n Bond Lite
  • 6 1/2” Clear Quilter’s Ruler
  • Basic Sewing Supplies
  • Coordinating thread
  • Scrap Fabrics
  • 63” of binding

*For those of you interested in using a fun printed quilter’s cotton, the fabric consumption is based on a 44″ width. 

Please note: We are sewing a machine cover with finished dimensions of approximately 11 1/2 inches high by 16.5 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches deep. Measure your machine now! If it doesn’t fit within these dimensions, you will have to adjust the size you cut your pattern pieces in the first step on Monday.

 I hope you’ll consider covering up that naked machine sew along with us! Leave a note in the comments if you plan to play, and if you have any questions.

Sew Along Line Up

Day 1: Announcement & Material List

Day 2: Cutting Out

Day 3: Applique Template

Day 4: Stitching Together

Day 5: Details

The Sewing Loft




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  1. I can’t seem to find the pattern? I would like to sew a cover for my machine

  2. Hi, Is it to late to participate in the sewing machine cover sew along.

  3. Chrysanthemum says

    Oh dear… I four naked babies downstairs…. Can I adapte this for Pippa, my mid-arm Powerquilter too? She’s a little bigger…Well, Sergei does have a plastic cover, and Bernie has a drape, so please keep the info coming….they all need a coat….

  4. JanetWhiteman says

    I definitely will be part of this sew along. Looking forward to joining in from the UK. Thank you for sharing this project x

  5. Lori Michel says

    Oh yes Heather I would like to sew along…I need a new one for my older machine…It is over 25=+ the cover that is….I find such cute things to make,,,and never cover…….So I will see you on 2/2……

  6. I would love to make one! I think my girls would love seeing this one. (I teach sewing… I love cute things for the girls.). Plus, I haven’t done applique in… too many years. Thanks for offering this sewalong.

  7. Oh this is exciting!! I have 4 ‘naked’ machines that I use regularly & they either have the hard plastic cover or the vinyl cover I bought just to keep the dust out. I’ve always wanted something to match them up since they’re all sitting side-by-side, but couldn’t find what I wanted. Thanks, Heather – can’t wait till Monday!

  8. I plan to join. I will be heavy on mods because I’ll be covering a HuskyLock. It’s one of my 2015 goals so I’m pretty excited about the extra motivation of a sew along.

  9. Denise Skiblics says

    I would like to participate in the sew along .

  10. I’m in! I’m going to go really wild and stashbust TWO…one for my machine, one for my serger:)

  11. I can’t wait to get started. Hopefully my computer will keep working so I’ll be able to follow along.

  12. Is the follow along only going to be presented at a certain time each day or can I see it and follow along at anytime on that particular day.

  13. Yes, I want to sew along with you on the sewing machine cover. I think it is very pretty, and my machine needs something other than the plastic one that I have.

  14. Joan Weaver says

    Something I’ve always planned to make….count me in!

  15. I am game. Thank you.

  16. At what time will this encounter be? I live in Chile and would love to set up my time for when you are on line. Or will you just post the instructions? Please let me know. Txs.

    • Hello Elena,
      Each day the instructions will go live and you will be able to see them here. No need to adjust your schedule.

  17. Sounds like fun. I’m in

  18. Heather C. says

    As all sewing machines are slightly different in size, and there are plenty of people with sergers (I’m one of them), are you going to address the issue of fit and how to alter your pattern?

    • Hello Heather,
      The first post will cover how to measure your machine and make slight pattern adjusts to customize. Plus, you can leave me a note if you come across any questions during the process and I will get back to you.

  19. Heather — I replied to this today, but now the comment is not here. Just wanted to let you know that I’m excited about this & can’t wait till Monday. Thanks for offering!

  20. creativeinstincts says

    Jumping in. Oh! What fun…

  21. I need one too! Hopefully my days aren’t too full to join along.

  22. I NEED this. Thank you

  23. Donna Payne says

    Sounds like a lot of fun! My machine has been naked for too long so yes I am in!

  24. I will look from my IPad, but how long will the directions be available. I am gone the 1st thru the 8th and maybe not able to download?

  25. I would love to joy, have a lovely new machine in need of a cardi! My last cover i made i put handles on it like a bag so I could use it upside down to carry my machine to class

  26. I’m in – I have three machines covered with bits of plastic and t-towels!

  27. This is great, I will color coordinate all of my machines with new do’s and they will all match. Appreciate the follow along.

  28. I’m in as well, I have two machines covered by plastic and my poor serger with a towel!

    • After I finished this one Sharon, my serger is next! That baby gets tucked away in the closet when not in use and needs some love.

      • Heather I have some gorgeous cotton in my stash that is supposed to be a bag but I don’t like patterned bags. It is a lightweight cotton, so how firm should the interfacing be, eg will the Pellon be enough?

        • Hello Sharon,
          This cover is stitched from a medium weight canvas so it does not need additional interfacing but if you are planning on stitching with something lightweight, I would definitely add it. Pellon comes in all different weights so, I would just pick one that provides the handfeel that you are happy with.

          Can’t wait to see how your cover looks!

  29. Lelde Grīnvalde says

    Oh well…that looks promising! And I would really love to join in, otherwise this kind of project keeps being delayed.. 🙂

  30. Fun idea! Added to my social sewing calendar

  31. Looking forward to participating with the sew along.

  32. Excited to give this a try! Look forward to seeing if I can really complete this project. Thanks so much for the chance to be included.

  33. Carol Carlton says

    Maybe I will actually get one made. I’ve had a pattern to do it but haven’t. Quilting calls me too often to stop and cover that naked machine.

  34. I’m in! Very excited to get started.

  35. I’d like to cover my ancient Bernina.

  36. ROBIN A.E. JUERGENS says


  37. Karyn Cowdrey says

    Looking forward to this. I need to make a Machine cover as a Valentine’s Day gift for my Mother’s machine I gave her for Christmas 😉

  38. I have been putting off making a cover for my machine. I will be following along

  39. Fun idea. And I need one. Not sure I’ll be able to follow along day by day, but hopefully I will catch up by the end.

  40. chilebeanz says

    This looks like fun! I’d like a new cover for my sweet machine!

  41. I plan to join you.

  42. Hi, I plan to join, but I like to do projects all at once.

  43. sue kaiser says

    I am with ya. I have wanted to make one for several years!

  44. Robin Welsh says

    I’ll try!

  45. Tambra Vandal says

    Going to try to sew along, sounds like fun & I really do need a cover.

  46. This is just what I need to make – wonderful…. 🙂

  47. I’ll be here to,join in on this fun project!

  48. CT Grandma says

    Yes! I hope to make matching, or at least coordinating, covers for my sewing machine and serger. It’s been put off too long.

  49. Would love to give it a try!

  50. okiemaw9Glenda B says

    I just read your blog and at this late date I don’t know if I will be able to join or not. But I do have a couple of questions. For one I don’t have a Free Motion Transparent Foot. Do I have to have it? And two, what is Heat Erasing Pen? Thank you for taking the time to put on the sewing machine sew along. I would love to join. I hope I can fit it in. I love your blog and read everyone. Thank you for all your posts.

  51. thewellhunt says

    “m in. I need a cover for my serger and a new cover to replace the plastic one on my sewing machine.

  52. Trisha Tarleton says

    I’m naked too- please let me sew something to cover me!

  53. I’m in! Sounds like a fun project!

  54. Maggi Parfitt says

    Would love to join in

  55. I need to make this!

  56. Colleen Gonzales says

    I would like to give it a try too! Not sure of what all the supplies are, but guess I will find out Monday. Is there a start time?


    Yes I’m playing! Can’t wait to get started.

  58. I’m in! Been putting this off for WAY TOO LONG!!! Love the idea of sewing along with everyone! Maybe I’ll actually finish it!!! Maybe you all can shame me into it!!! Gotta get some fabric – OH BOY, a trip to the fabric store! I love this idea already!!!!!!!! Oh I have lots of fabric, but you don’t actually want me to cut it up do you!?!

  59. Janet Rettig says

    Oh dear! my embroidery machine is naked!! So I better join in!! I can’t wait! See you later today….

  60. Ok this sounds like something I can work out with my beginner skills… I’m a visual learner so i hope I can follow along with ease lol

  61. I’m going to give it a try!

  62. Josefina cerecero says

    if my sewing machine is naked, need a dress!!!

  63. Sondra Cherry says

    I want to participate , but I don’t know when or how

  64. This will be a lot of fun. I’m in.

  65. I know its already Tuesday and I don’t have the time to actually sew with everyone this week. But can I still get in on the pattern?

    • You sure can Donna. The “Stitch Me” pattern template is available free to download. Be sure to share a few pictures once you get your cover all stitched up.

  66. You did a GREAT job on the free motion quilting and this newbie is ready for more!

  67. FUN! FUN! COUNT ME IN :))

  68. Marit Hoff says

    I can’t access the pattern either and I would really like to participate in the sew along! Help!!!

  69. Val Atkins says

    Hi I started the sew along but didn’t get the instructions for day3 and 4, how can I get them?