Sewing Splurge … If money were no object!

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Have you ever thought about what you would like to have in your sewing life that you don’t have now? If you had no restraints on your time, money, or other real-life issues: what would your sewing splurge be?

We asked our community what they would wish for if they had money to spend on a sewing splurge. The answers might surprise you! Find out more on The Sewing Loft

We asked our community to answer this question:

If you could splurge… I mean really splurge on a sewing something, what would it be?  A fancy sewing machine, a sewing retreat, maybe a sewing cruise or a boat load of crazy expensive fabric?

The answers came pouring in (over 300 plus wishes!)… apparently quite a few of you have had time to think about this and dream up your wishes!

Overall, the answers were pretty similar: we sewing enthusiasts know what we want, and we have great taste! Here’s how those wishes played out:

We asked our community what they would wish for if they had money to spend on a sewing splurge. The answers might surprise you! Find out more on The Sewing Loft

 Sewing Splurge Breakdown


Sewing & Specialty Machines

Speciality Machines were at the top of the Sewing Wish List. Learn more about the results on The Sewing Loft

Almost 12% of the wishes were for a sewing machine. Some of you wanted your first machine while others wanted to add machines to your family or to upgrade your current sewing machine for a nicer model.

Some of you wanted a specialty machine of some sort – one that was made for embroidery, long-arm quilting, serging or some other specialty function. This was by far our biggest wish category, getting 37% of the vote.


A Room of One’s Own

Sewing space was close to the top of the Sewing Wish List. Learn more about the results on The Sewing Loft

Several of our respondents wanted a room to sew and the equipment to go into it. Almost 16% of our wishes were for a sewing room, studio, space, storage equipment, sewing tables, an addition to your house or even a whole new house just for sewing. It seems a lot of us dream of having a dedicated space for this hobby we love!


The Call of the Fabric

Sewing Wishes- Pile of Expensive Fabric. The Sewing Loft

Do you hear fabric calling to you from its shelf at the store, or from an online shop? If so, you’re not alone! If they could splurge on anything at all, 15% our wish-makers wanted one thing: FABRIC. In this category we also counted requests for other sewing supplies such as notions, rulers, cutting mats, and scissors. But the number-one answer in this category involved “a boatload of fabric.”


Come Sail Away

Sewing wishes. Splurge on a Sewing Cruise. The Sewing Loft

Perhaps it was the power of suggestion, but once our wish-makers saw “sewing cruise” in the body of the question, they were hooked on the idea! Some people had never heard of a sewing cruise and others have been dreaming of one for years. Whether it’s an actual cruise or just an around-the-world fabric-buying spree or a retreat, nearly 12% of the wishes made were for some sort of sewing-themed get-away.



The Sewing Genie is here to grant your wishes. The Sewing Loft

Some of you had more practical ideas – if you could just get a little help, your sewing would be so much better! About 2% of our community members said they’d love to have private sewing lessons or some sort of class or local workshop to help them improve their sewing skills. And 3% said they wanted help in the form of a personal assistant, someone to cut the fabric for them, long-arm quilting services, a sewing genie or even the power to bend the space-time continuum to make more time for sewing in every day.


Open Up Shop

Opening a storefront was on the list of "If I could splurge" sewing dreams. The Sewing Loft

Only two people had this wish, but we think it’s a pretty good one: they wanted to open up their very own quilt shop! Perhaps the idea of spending your working life surrounded by fabric and the people who love it seems appealing – it sure makes sense!

So – what do you think? Does your sewing splurge fall under one of these categories, or do you have a different sewing-related dream? We’d love to hear it – share in the comments below!


The Sewing Loft


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  1. Sharon Eshlaman says

    I’d purchase a longarm!

  2. Lela Abate says

    ******I would LOVE a Brother 10 needle embroidery machine******

  3. Well all of them sound pretty darn good. But right now I want the bigger room (of my own) along with a designer to help me set it up!!

    • They do sound good Judy! I think I will take one of everything. Including your idea of the designer to help me set up my new and improved space. I am just struggling to keep everything organized these days.

  4. I’d love a sewing machine upgrade, as well as a few specialty machines (if money is not an issue!). I am currently using a borrowed entry-level machine, so I desperately need a good one of my own!

  5. Monica Simmons says

    I don’t mean to get stuck in the details, but I think you mean “if money were no OBJECT”, right? Because I, for one, am already at the “no option” point. LOL Now, on to the issue at hand–I want fabric. Gobs and gobs of fabric. Not just fabric, really, but the ability and freedom to purchase any fabric I want without having to decide what I can splurge on and what I need to wait on. 🙂

  6. I would a sewing machine and some one to teach me how to make clothes to suit me

  7. I am in with the rest of you. I would love to have my very own, very large sewing room with a designer to make it perfect. Then I would love to have cupboards and a cutting table and a sewing machine table. Then I would love to have all the notions and all supplies wanted, along with all the fabrics that I could ever choose from. Then i would love a serger and embroidery machine.I mean as long as money is no object I might as well dream real big.

  8. Debbie Reaves says

    I’d buy a Brother Dream Creator sewing machine.

  9. Cindy David says

    I would love to have my own shop, too! Not just for quilting, but for all types of sewing from quilts to clothing to home decor to toys, and on and on. With classes for all ages and abilities!
    This way I can also have all the machines and fabric and notions I want to try right at my fingertips!!

  10. Marjorie A says

    An embroidery machine for sure. And if we are wishing big, a bolt of every fabric I have pinned 😀 😉

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