Studio Spotlight Kick Off

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I am SO excited to kick off the Studio Spotlight mini series!  There are so many creative spaces to share that I am sure your mind is going to be swirling with fun ideas.  This week-long tour includes an amazing line up of stitchers from around the web.  Including mine.

studio spotlight series | The Sewing Loft

Actually, I am super nervous about sharing my space with you because it always seems to be in a state of chaos.    Please promise, no judging! This is real life….mine.

Studio Spotlight


Studio Spotlight Series | The Sewing Loft

To kick-start the fun off, I am showing something dear to me.  This pen and ink drawing was made by my mother.  The image is of my Great Grandmother, Anna or “Grannie” as she was known.  Her creativity is deeply rooted within the women of my family and this image reminds me that she is always with us, watching.  (silly, I know but I’m a “heart on my sleeve” kinda gal and super sentimental!)

Studio Spotlight Series | The Sewing Loft

Now, for the good, the bad and the ugly.  Remember, real life here.  I’m just putting it all out there to let you know that even if your space is not editorial worthy, it can still be creative.

Studio Spotlight Series | The Sewing Loft

Check out my bare walls, disorganized desk and those pesky wires hanging out.

Studio Spotlight Series | The Sewing Loft

Okay, it’s not all bad. Let’s take a peek at some of the fun stuff like my Ikea bookcases tucked behind my desk.  They are filled with all sorts of goodies. Like reference books, my pin cushion crush and baskets of perfectly folded fabric.  Yes, the bookcases look great for display and storage.

Enough of my space for now, let me clean it up and circle back with you.  In the meantime, let’s have a sneak peek a bunch of creative friends and they are waiting for you to visit!

Studio Spotlight Series | The Sewing Loft

You are going to be inspired by my co-host  Jennifer @ Ellison Lane! ISpy hexies on her table and wonder what she is making.

Studio Spotlight Series | The Sewing Loft

And I am loving the organized thread at Krista Withers Quilting.  Mine does not look that pretty!

Studio Spotlight Series | The Sewing Loft

Holy COW, stop the cuteness and head on over to visit Julianna at Sewing Under Rainbow.  I can not wait to see more!

Studio Spotlight Series | The Sewing Loft

Be sure to stop back all week-long as each day a new batch of designers share their studio space with us.  Plus, on Saturday, we invite you to share photos of your creative space.   I can hardly wait!


The Sewing Loft




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  1. Jennifer @ Ellison Lane says

    Loved peeking into you studio my friend!

  2. I love seeing the sewing studios. Maybe they will inspire me to declutter my own. They all are better then mine:O)

  3. I usually have about 3 projects going at any one time on my sewing area, so it’s a bit disorganized. But like you, my shelves look great! 😉

  4. Oh dear, you all make me jealous. Note to self – tidy sewing room NOW!

  5. Thanks for sharing ur space with us. Looks Great! can we share our sewing studios also?

  6. Can’t wait to see! I know when I redid mine It was crazy. What a mess I had. It was so much fun getting into shape and ready for the HGTV Shaw Contest. I still can’t believe I was a finalist. Now I just wish it stayed that way LOL When you find a little fairy to keep it organized let me know! I know yours will look fantastic. You are so creative! Love the pic your mom did too. I think it is important to have sentimental things in a creative space!

  7. Hi!
    Love your studio! But, I am sorry, I LOVE! LOVE! That little sewing machine pin cushion!
    Please share, if you can, pattern info so I can make one too!
    Thanks for the blog hop!
    Take care, Leslie

  8. Portrait is priceless!

  9. Thanks for sharing your studio. Creativity is not always organized and pretty and neither is real life – roll with it! and your Grannies’ portrait is so perfect for your space!

  10. I enjoy all the color and the different types of creativity your studio exhibits.

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