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Tulle is a lightweight netting like fabric commonly found in bridal wear. Learn more about the speciality fabric and how to use. The Sewing Loft



A lightweight, very fine netting which is often starched. It can be made in various fibers including silk, nylon and rayon.


This light and airy fabric is most commonly used for making bridal veils, wedding gowns and ballet tutus. It can be tricky to work with and can snag easily. Tulle does not fray and does not require a hem.


Tulle Stats-

  • Details: Light weight and air netting type of fabric.
  • Quick Tip: Tulle attracts static electricity so grab a spray bottle with water and give it a light spritz.
  • Commonly Used: This type of fabric is common found in bridal market and tutus.
  • Where to buy: This specialty fabric can be purchased at your local apparel fabric shop or here on line
  • Video Class to install a zipper: If you want to learn how to make a bridal veil, Craftsy has a VIDEO Class that you can access anytime.


Click photos to learn how to use tulle in your everyday sewing. 

Learn 10 easy tips for sewing with tulle like how to quickly ruffle tulle. The Sewing Loft









This easy skirt tutorial will help make every picture perfect! The peek a boo tulle adds a sweet detail while the elastic waist is easy to wear. The Sewing LoftLearn how to make the fullest tutu ever with The Sewing Loft.


Want to explore the world of bridal veils? Check out this class fit for the modern bride.

Learn how to create vintage inspire veils with Dorene Vandermeer on Craftsy.

In class, instructor Dorene Vandermeer will show you three techniques: an on-trend fascinator decorated with flowers, feathers or buttons, the dramatic “Birdcage” veil of French netting and crystals, and traditional illusion veils in elbow, fingertip and cathedral length. She will show you how to select a look that fits your bride’s dress and style and add the touches to make it 100 percent your own. By the end of the class you will be making stunning bridal headpieces!


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