Walking foot with Guide

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If you’ve ever tried stitching straight lines on a big momma quilt or larger scale project and been disappointed, let me introduce your new best friend! Meet the walking foot with guide bars. (insert rays of sunshine and cue the music)

Learn how this special foot can change your world! The Sewing Loft

Walking Foot with Guide Bars


Even though the walking foot with guide bars looks like a monster piece of machinery being attached to your machine it is really simple to use. Let’s break it down and take a look at each part.

Not only can the walking foot with guide glide through thick projects but it can provide a helping hand and keep everything straight. Learn all the details. The Sewing Loft


  • This foot has a 1/4″ cut out on the inside sole plate. Not only does this feature provide you with a clear line of sight but you can easily aline previous seams 1/4″ away.
  • The 1/4″ vertical marking on sole plate allow for easy and accurate corner pivoting.
  • V-groove rubber feeding system helps feed fabric evenly under the needle.
  • Feed fork with plastic cover provides quiet and smooth performance.

Not only can the walking foot with guide glide through thick projects but it can provide a helping hand and keep everything straight. Learn all the details. The Sewing Loft

How to attach:

  1. To attach the walking foot simply remove your standard presser foot, the presser foot holder and the presser foot holder screw. This will leave you with just the presser bar and needle. Feel free to remove the needle if you like.
  2. Attach the walking foot to the presser foot to the presser bar and raise the “lobster claw” (aka lever) to slip over the needle clamp bar.
  3. Secure foot in place with the presser foot holder screw. Now it’s time to attach the guide bars.
  4. Place the U shaped bracket over the top backside of foot and line up with the holes.
  5. Insert seam guide bar into the U shaped piece, straight through the walking foot and out the other side. Repeat on opposite side.
  6. Push guide bars to correct spacing and insert large screw in place at the top back to tighten all parts in place.

Learn how to attach the walking foot with guide bar and keep everything straight. Learn all the details. The Sewing Loft

Helpful Tips:

  • This foot can be used for forward stitching only.
  • Slow down! This foot works best at a slower setting. I would recommend no higher than a medium speed.
  • Keep your eye on the bar, not the presser foot!
  • It is important that the large screw is tightly attached. This will prevent the guide bars from moving.

Are you ready to see it in action? Well do I have a treat for you! I’ve partnered with BabyLock & Sew at Home to bring you a fun project that will inspire you to grab this foot and sew. Here is just a snip it of the walking foot with guide in action and an idea of what we will cover in class.

Let’s become better sewers this year by learning how special accessories like the walking foot with guide bars can showcase our talents. Come stitch with me and make this Growth Chart. You can download the pattern watch the class for free today.


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  1. Anne Mccollam says

    Where can I find the walking foot with guide?!

    • Check with your local sewing machine dealer Anne. They will have it in stock and if not, they can order it for you.

  2. My walking foot for my new machine doesn’t have holes for a guide bar. Is that normal? My last one did.

    • Every brand/maker has different designs for their feet so perhaps yours does not come with that option. I would check with your local shop for more information.

  3. if I already have a walking foot, can I just buy the guide bars?

  4. Thank you so much, I was going nuts trying to figure out what that guide thingy was for! Looks useful, I’m going to try it!

  5. Nancy Lowrey says

    How do I replace/switch out the sole? Thanks!!

  6. I need my guide to be on the left. I want to quilt circles. Do they make them for both sides?