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Lady A and her friends plan on trick or treating this year as super heroes.  They have each picked out someone fun to portray and purchased or made costumes.  When we went to the local party store to check out the costumes, the Wonder Woman Costume was going to ring up to the tune of $50 buckaroos.  It was totally cheesy and way to sexy for my 13-year-old.  It was time to put my sewing skills to the test!

Wonder Woman Costume


Learn how to make your own Wonder Woman Costume by The Sewing Loft  #halloween #diy


This project is for all levels.

Skill Level- 1 Button

The process was pretty easy and since most of the supplies were already on hand the total cost only – $14.00. Let me break it down.


  • long sleeve red tee                  Cost: $11.oo on sale at Target
  • blue satin fabric                                $0  grabbed from my stash
  • 1″ elastic                                          $0 it was left over from my simple skirt project
  • 1/4″ elastic                                       $0  on hand
  • 2 empty toilet paper rolls                   $0  reclaimed from recycle bin
  • gold felt                                             $0 left over from a past project
  • white & gold paint                            $0 pulled from kids craft closet
  • a few feet of yellow rope                  $0 pulled from garage
  • silver duct tape                                  $0 had on hand
  • red duct tape                                    $3.79 Wamart
  • poster board                                     $0 reclaimed old project
  • sharpie marker                                  $0 in drawer

                                                                  Total Cost: under $14.oo

Wonder Woman Costume Supplies The Sewing Loft


  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • ruler
  • baby hem presser foot
  • iron and ironing board

Basic Skirt Instructions:

  1. Prep blue satin fabric by painting white stars on it.  I created and printed a star shape using clip art in word.  I know, totally random but I wanted them to all look the same – ish! Trace around them and paint.  Totally easy!
  2. To create the skirt, I basically used the simple skirt tutorial  for the pattern and just made the following adjustments:  added some fullness to the width and added 1 1/2″ to the length.
  3. Using my baby hem presser foot, I put a quick hem along the bottom edge.  This was super quick and I LOVE the way it turned out!
  4. Fold fabric matching right sides and straight stitch from waist to hem, this will form a tube. Press seam open.
  5. Fold over and press the waistline 1 1/2″ towards the wrong side of skirt.  Straight stitch all around leaving a 1″ opening.  Tunnel elastic through and stitch together.  Close opening.

Headband Instructions:

  1. Cut shape from card stock and paint gold.  Glue red star to the center.  (Headband measures 11″ long x 3″ tall at center.)
  2. Measure around your head and cut elastic to fit.  Stitch elastic in place along each side.

Shirt Instructions:

  1. Cut out Wonder Woman symbol from gold/yellow felt.  Then draw with black marker the outlines.
  2. Position and straight stitch in place. Lady A liked the shirt so, we used large basting stitch for easy removal.

Belt Instructions: 

  1. Measure your waist and create the same shape as the headband from gold/yellow felt. I used 2 layers.
  2. Stitch top and bottom together with matching thread.
  3. Add velcro closure at back.

* My felt was not long enough and needed to be pieced together at side seams.

Add rope and you are good to go.

Wrist Bands:

  1. Cut toilet paper rolls down the length and cover in silver duct tape.

Boot Instructions:

We are still working on these but they will be made from poster board and red duck tape in a shin guard style. Will add a few pictures once complete.

Learn how to make your own Wonder Woman Costume by The Sewing Loft  #halloween #diy


Lady A is SUPER excited with the way that it her costume turned out.  I can not wait to see her dressed with full hair and some make up next week!

Store bought vs handmade - Wonder Woman Costume DIY by The Sewing Loft

What do you think? How did I do?  Plus, I would love to know…. is your Halloween handmade or store-bought?  I would love to hear all about it!

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  1. Awesome!! I’ve linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip:

  2. So cute!

  3. ellisonlanequilts says

    Super cute and very age appropriate! Yours turned out super!

  4. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wait a second – and here I thought I was going to get to see a picture of YOU wearing the costume Heather!! HA! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    • Oh not me my friend! Lady A would not even let me take a picture until she was in full hair and makeup! Will share soon enough.

  6. oh that’s so cute my friend had me help her with one a few years ago we forgot the rope!

  7. I love it. 13 is definitely a hard age for store bought costumes. The ones that fit are way to slinky or expensive. It depends on the year if I go homemade or store bought. But since my youngest is 13 I think we’re getting close to done. My daughter is going as a bride, better than original idea of fashion model-yeah, how would I pull that off? The bride is easy, last year my neighbor gave me a couple of veils that she had bought for the tulle for a costume but didn’t use and I found a dress last spring at a yard sale for $1, if it was originally a wedding dress it’s very simple, but it fits her about perfect, but she will wear a shirt under it since it’s strapless & laces up the open back. I buy semi-formals whenever I can find them for less than $5 so we have a base to work for when she needs them in the future. She’s probably the only 13 year old with 8 homecoming/prom dresses in her closet. lol This year the only costume I’m making is mine-I’m going to be a peacock.

    • WOW, sounds like your bride is all set for the formal dance circuit. Great idea to pick them up on the early side. I’m a last minute girl and always seem to be in a rush. Need to get better at that. Peacock- I totally want to see pictures! Please share.

  8. I agree that your design is more suitable for a younger 13 year old. I actually have the adult women’s version of this WW costume & I must say yours looks more comfortable to wear.

  9. Wow, Awesome job. You should sell these.