RASK Link Love

Hello Friends of First Fridays!  It's TJ Goerlitz here to deliver your monthly dose of sewing humor.  As you may remember from last month, we've announced that this year's goal is to conduct Random Acts of Sewing Kindness (or RASK for peeps in the know). I had hoped to be able to update you on the progress I've made with our new friend Christa from last month but we haven't been able to find … [Read more...]

Random Acts of Sewing Kindness

Hello friends of first Fridays!  It's your old pal TJ from Studio Mailbox, here to roll out our plans for 2016.  I texted Heather while I was formulating this post and she suggested coming up with a theme for the year.  My heart sank like a dude who thinks he's getting trapped into a committed relationship.  A whole theme? I thought, Well, I suppose if I'm going to be spending the first Friday of … [Read more...]

First Fridays Year in Review 2015

Hello Friends of First Fridays, it's your old pal TJ from Studio Mailbox here reporting to you on the first Friday of every month where I strive to provide you with a regular dose of sewing humor.  How fun is it that this Friday also happens to be the very first day of a whole new year?  I'm giddy with the thought of twelve fresh months for creative shenanigans!! But before launching off into … [Read more...]

Scrap Canvas Gift Tags

Hello friends of first Fridays.  It's your old pal TJ from Studio Mailbox here to share some laughs with you as I faithfully report my latest creative disaster. Last month I wrote about handmade holiday preparations and tried to encourage you from over doing it.  So this month it's only fitting that I decided to ignore my own advice and make some hand painted gift tags using scrap canvas. I … [Read more...]

First Fridays Year in Review 2014

It's TJ from Studio Mailbox here to share my first post of 2015!  For those of you new to The Sewing Loft, I tune in on the first Friday of every month to bring a little sewing humor to your lives. I can't believe another year has snuck up on us.  I hope you're all off to a happy and healthy start. I wanted to be sure and let you guys know that I did indeed finish the T-shirt quilt I had … [Read more...]

Like Sewing Water

Hello Friends of First Fridays and a Happy 4th of July to my US peeps!  It's your old friend TJ from Studio Mailbox here to share with you where I'm at on my quilt project.  Can you believe it's July and officially more than half way through the year?  *Gulp* Last month I posted about the backside of the quilt and how I chose the softest cuddliest fabric imaginable to finish this baby off.  As … [Read more...]

{KISS How To} Hangers – Macrame Style

Keepin' It Super Simple! My friend TJ from Studio Mailbox shares my love for reclaiming and when she saw my 1st post for the covered hangers, she emailed me photos of hers.  I just fell in love and asked her to share her "how to". This project is for all levels. Skill Level- 1 Button … [Read more...]

{KISS How To} Simple Friendship Bracelet

Keepin' It Super Simple! Today's post is all about friendship.  A simple act of kindness, a bond between two people. Last year, I had the pleasure of connecting with TJ from Studio Mailbox and am honored to call her my friend!   I just loved her point of view, outlook on art and her outgoing personality. Today, TJ shares an easy "how to" for a friendship bracelet. This project is for all … [Read more...]