100+ Free Zipper Pouch Patterns

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Zipper pouches are one of my favorite quick projects of all times!  They are perfect for using up scraps, storing little bits and easy to create for gifts.  Just toss in a gift card and you are good to go!

100+ Free Zipper Bag Patterns Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft

Zipper Pouch Pattern Line Up


NOTE: All the zipper pouches featured in this list are made from FREE tutorials, so get clicking!


100+ Free Zipper Bag Patterns Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft



1. All the Zippered Pouches

2. Dotty Pouches   (pictured) Love me some mini dots!

3. Bow Pouch 

4. Charmed Zipper Pouch This pattern is perfect for making in batches. 

5. Clear Vinyl Pouch

6. Coin Purse  CRAZY Cute!!

7. Color Blocked Zip Pouch

8. Corner Tab Flat Pouch

9. Double Zipper Pouch (pictured)

10. Dumpling Zipper Pouch

11. Easy Zipper Pouch

12. Easy Zippered Pouch Tutorial

13. Easy Zippy Pouch

14. Emergency Kit Pouch – Translate + Sew!

15. Emergency Zipper Pouch

16. Neat n’ Tidy Zippered Pouch

17. Pencil Case (pictured)

18. Polka Dot Foldover Clutch

19. Polka Dot Pouch (pictured) I love the hand embroidered detail.

20. School Supplies Zipper Pouches (pictured)

21. Sketchy Pleat Pouch

22. Slit Zippered Pouch Easy to make and great for smaller scraps.

23. Stand-Alone Zipper Pouch

24. Twelve-Patch Zipper Pouch Tutorial

25. Zipper Card Pouch

26. Zippered iPhone Wallet – (pictured)

27. Zipper Pencil Case

28. Zipper Pouch Tutorial

29. Zippy Wallet (pictured)

30. Zipper De Doo Dah

100+ Free Zipper Bag Patterns Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft



31. Boxy Bag – I’ve made this one myself and it is super quick!

32. Double Zipper Pouch

33. Lace Zipper Pouch 

34. Little Boxy Pouch Tutorial

35. No Guts Boxie Pouch

36. Teeny Tiny Zipper Pouch (pictured)

37. Travel Pouch for Dad

100+ Free Zipper Bag Patterns Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft



38. Air Balloon Zipper Pouch

39. Anthro Asterid Coin Purse Knockoff 

40. Bow Front Clutch

41. Dangerous With Scissors

42. Embellished Zipper Pouch Tutorial

43. Felt Zipper Purse

44. Flower Zipper Pouch Pattern

45. Fussy Cut Zipper Pouch

46. Gathered Zipper Pouch

47. Geometric Leather Clutch (pictured) I love the way the leather pieces are almost 3D on the wool.

48. How to Sew a Wristlet

49. Oilcloth Zippered Pencil Case

50. Quilted Color Pop Zippered Pouch

51. Quilted & Zippered

52. Petite Pleated Pouch

53. Piano Pouch

54. Rounded + Embellished Pouches

55. Ruffle Zipper Pouch

56. Zipper Pouch w/ Iron-On Vinyl

100+ Free Zipper Bag Patterns Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft



57. 2 Sided Zip (pictured)

58. Camera Accessory Clip

60. Clear Vinyl Zippered Bag

61. Crochet Granny Square Pouch (for you crocheters out there)

62. Full of Zippers 

63. iPad Cozy add-on pouch

64. Knotted Zipper Pouch (pictured)

65. Lego Pouch

66. Monogrammed Leather Zipper Pouch

67. Phone Pouch with Zipper

68. Quilt As You Go Pouch (pictured)

69. Quilted iPad Mini Pouch

70. Ribbon & Vinyl Pouches

71. See-Through Purse Pouches

72. Small Crossbody Purse with Zipper

73. Wallet Tote on the Go

100+ Free Zipper Bag Patterns Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft



74. 3D Triangle Pouch

75. Circle Purse

76. Circle Zip Earbud Pouch

77. Fish Pencil Case

78. Gem Pouch (pictured)

79. Ice Cream Cone

80. Lipsie the Pocket Girl

81. Macaron Coin Purse

82. Monster Pouch

83. Nesting Dolls  (pictured)

84. Pencil Bag  This is fantastic. Hit the translate button and stitch away!

85. Pencil Roll

86. Quilted Barrel Pouch

87. Robot Zipper Mouth Case

88. Shark Pouch (pictured)

89. Tea Cup Pouch – Translate and go!

90. Triangle Change Purse – (pictured) Translate & Stitch!

91. Triangle Pencil Case

92. Whale Pencil Pouch

93. Zip Itself Coin Purse out of Ribbon

94. Zipper Mouth Pencil Case

95. Zip Your Lips

100+ Free Zipper Bag Patterns Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft



96. Zipper Book 

97. Necktie Pouch 

98. Sweet Tooth Pouch (pictured)

99. Toilet Roll Case 

100. Pouches from Menswear Jackets

101. Wet Pouch from a Shower Curtain

100+ Free Zipper Bag Patterns Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft



Zipper Tabs – a fun way to add a burst of color to your project while shortening your zipper.

Free Craftsy Class – Bag Making Basics from our friends at Craftsy

Recessed Zipper – Kick it up a notch on any of these pouches with a recessed zipper tutorial.

Choosing a Zipper – Size, length, style, & more!

How about that for a list! From pencil pouches to date-night clutches, there’s something for every person and every occasion here. Plus, since zipper pouches tend to use small amounts of fabric, I’m sure this list can keep your stash under control, too.

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  1. Thank you for including my zipper pouch! Great round-up.

  2. What a great list of zipper bags! I have pinned it!

  3. Thanks for a brilliant round up. I’m pinning this for when I need a stash buster or a ittle handmade gift. #pintorials

  4. Hi Heather, hopefully I’ll be getting a sewing machine this year, after 3 years of wanting one.. so I was curious on if this list will stay up or if it’s something special for the Christmas countdown? 🙂

    • Fingers crossed that a machine is tucked under your tree Valerie! This list will stay live for everyone to refer back to. Zipper bags are a fantastic project to make when time and supplies are limited. Not to mention that everyone can use a new bag!

  5. This is an incredibly helpful list of tutorials! I’m planning a quick backyard wedding and wanted to provide guests with hand warmers…then I thought a customized holding pouch would be a perfect keepsake since the hand warmers are the same size of an iPhone it would be practical for all. Would cotton be the best fabric for that?
    I have no idea how to sew and the wedding is in 2 weeks. Is there any way we can order these or does anyone know someone that could do this for us??

    • That would be a lovely gift Brittany. At this time I do not take custom sewing orders but I am sure you can look on line. Etsy would be a great place to start. Cotton would work well.

      Wishing the Bride & Groom a wonderful life together!

  6. Leila Abbott says:

    I love the zipper pouch have it pinned. Am looking foe the little bag above the skittle pouch. Pls help. Leila ima.abbott1965@gmail.com

  7. #6 – Coin Purse – crazy cute. Link takes me to spotlightstores…..not tutorial for coin purse.

    • Hello Anitra,
      Thank you SO much!! I think the site must have changed over and a new link has been added in it’s place of another personal favorite of mine.

  8. Thanks for compiling such a wonderful selection of zippered pouches!! My stash of scrap fabrics thanks you , too!

  9. Do you have any idea or do you already have a pattern for a little zipped pouch? I’m looking for something I could add a strap to, has a zip at the top plus a couple of zips on the front that all create their own pocket. I saw one in a shop for over $100. and figured I can make that. I’m an advanced sewer, right now don’t have the time to sit and design it myself. thanx soo much!

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