13 Creative Ways to Reuse Men’s Ties

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I’ll bet that when you were young you never really thought much about Dad’s tie. Nope, it was a thin little accessory that he wore to to work or on special occasions but look at them now and you can see that these little neckties are a wonderful source of fabric. The tiny prints, and the rich colors of the silk make them fun to work with, but what can you make with that small amount of fabric. Here are 13 creative ways to reuse men’s ties.

Grab a handful of men's ties because these creative projects are so inspiring, easy to make and super fashionable to use over and over again!

13 Creative Ways to Reuse Men’s Ties

  1. Bowtie

What do you do when you need a bowtie but only have neckties? Make one from a tie of course!

2. Beautiful Handbag

So many beautiful ties out there. No better way to show them off than a beautiful handbag.

3. Memories Tie Quilt

Making a memory quilt by using your relative’s old ties is a wonderful keepsake to have.

4. Women’s Clutch

Remember those stylish ties from the 70’s? A clutch like this one is the perfect way to give them a second life.

Grab a handful of men's ties because these creative projects are so inspiring, easy to make and super fashionable to use over and over again!

5. Quilt Blocks

Turn those luscious prints into a fantastic quilt!

6. Coffee Cozy

A perfect project for those of us who need that morning cup of coffee on our way to work. Aren’t they simply adorable and so simple.


7. Tie Necklace

A great way to show off the beautiful prints and have a stylish accessory for your wardrobe.

8. Tie Lampshade

Who would have guessed that ties are the perfect shape for a lampshade.

9. Headband

Such a chic and simple hair accessory.

10. Skirt

A great “Father Inspired” skirt to showcase all those old ties dad has received over the years.

11. Ruffle Necktie Tee

Move over boys, ties aren’t just for you anymore!

12. Steampunk Corset Dress

How amazing is this dress! You would definitely turn heads wearing this masterpiece.

13. Ottoman

This would be a perfect showcase piece in a family room. A great conversation piece when company comes over.


Next time you are at the thrift store remember to pick up a few of the beautiful neckties and see what fun things you can make with them. I know I have been inspired to start using them for a few fun projects!




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  1. The coffee cozy idea is the best!

  2. could cover a lamp shade like the purse shown . liked that better for a lampshade than the actual pic of the lampshade.

  3. Daisy Dianne Bromlow says

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE the steampunk dress !!!

  4. Julie Holleran says

    Love that Memories Tie Quilt I hopped over from Magpies Mumblings…hugs, Julierose

  5. Elaine Skoler says

    Is it necessary to take ties apart when using them for a quilt ? Or using them as is OK ?
    Thanks for response.

    • Hello Elaine,
      Yes, I would suggest taking them apart prior to using them for a new project. Doing so would provide an even layer of fabric and allow for a uniform finished project. Otherwise, you could have areas with multiple layers of fabric thickness in some areas and just one layer in others. I hope that helps and can’t wait to see what you stitch up!