Oliso Pro Smart Iron Review + Giveaway

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Like most of you out there, I love new toys and ones related to sewing or technology are my favorite. I think that’s why I’m so excited to share this review with you, it contains the best of both worlds for me. Allow me to introduce my new Oliso Pro Smart Iron, she’s a pretty pink beauty.

Learn how to use the Oliso Pro Smart Iron and enter to win your very own.

For anyone not familiar with the Oliso brand, one of the first things you will notice is this iron sits horizontal in a resting state and it’s awesome! Basically, it means that we can skip an entire step when pressing our work. No more picking up the iron to place it back down on our fabric. Instead, just touch the handle and the smart technology feet lower for us to iron but this iron doesn’t stop there.

Learn how to use the Oliso Pro Smart Iron and enter to win your very own.

Here are a few things I love about my new iron:

  • Those smart feet!! I know it sounds funny but I love that when I lift my hand off the iron, it stands up and makes me giggle every time. This feature allows me to never worry about burning my project or ironing board ever again.
  • The speed in which it heats up. I swear, seconds after I turn it on, it’s ready to go and let’s not forget the auto shut off feature. I can not tell you how many times I have the an iron in the house so this safety feature is one I can not live without.
  • Detail tip- this slip under feature is one that I use all the time. It allows me to get inside tight corners and under pleats & cuffs.
  • Steam Feature- There are many options for steam on this model but honestly, the fact that I can use it vertically allows me to never unpack my big steamer again. I’m actually thinking about giving it away to free up space in the house.
Learn how to use the Oliso Pro Smart Iron and enter to win your very own.

Seriously, I could go on but I think you get the idea. I’ve had this pink Oliso Smart Iron for about a month now and I’m very happy with it. If it’s on your wish list, I say go for it and be sure to use this coupon code. It will give you free shipping and save you an extra 15%.

Is your iron Smart? Visit www.oliso.com.

Whoops- just one more thing for those of you who just can’t get used to those cute little feet, just flip the switch on the back of the Oliso Pro Smart Iron to off and you are all set!  The smart feet will retract and you can use it like any traditional iron.

Oliso Pro Smart Iron Giveaway

Now, I’m even more excited to share the good news. One lucky reader of The Sewing Loft is going to receive this new toy for their studio.
Enter below. (The giveaway is now closed.)

Oliso Pro SmartIron Giveaway

**Additional Notes- Quilt Blocks Featured:

Zinnia Block
Pineapple Smoothie

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  1. Debra Stover says

    I dream of owning a Olsio iron!! Love the pink! Would love to win!

  2. Margarita Shea says

    Ooo I have a purple one and absolutely love it! Pink oh yeah!

  3. Melissa Greenfield says

    I would love a Olio iron!

  4. I’ve been admiring this iron!!

  5. Pat Hunsucker says

    I think I’m in love. I Would love to win this iron.

  6. The feet are sticking on mine. What can I do about that?

    • Hello Marcia,
      I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your iron. I suggest you reach out to customer service at Oliso. In the past when I have called, they have been amazing!