Button Fitting Foot

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Have you explored the button fitting foot yet? Well, if you have ever had to attached a small army of buttons or small trims, this foot and the button sewing lockstitch will quickly become your best friends!

Learn how to use the button fitting foot to attach buttons and small trims. The open foot provides a clear line of site making it easy to use. The Sewing Loft

Button Fitting Foot

The button fitting foot is a strange shaped foot with a prong down the center.  It snaps directly onto the shank of your machine and allows you to easily attach buttons onto fabrics of any thickness. This foot can be adjusted to suspend buttons over the fabric to create a thread shank if needed – perfect for thick coats that need extra thread room with strong stitches. 

Learn how to use the button fitting foot to attach buttons and small trims. The open foot provides a clear line of site making it easy to use. The Sewing Loft

**Some machines do not have a standard button lock stitch. If this is the case with your machine do not worry. Adjust your machine set up as follows: 

  • Zig Zag stitch
  • Adjust length to 0
  • Set width according to button size.

But wait, there is more!

Since the button fitting foot provides a clear line of sight to your project, it is perfect for attaching other small trims. It will hold your notion in place and allow you to be hands free when stitching things together.

Using a button sewing lockstitch to attach small parts. The Sewing Loft

So the next time you have a bunch of small trims or buttons to attach, be sure to dig out your button fitting foot and head over to the machine. This foot is a real gem in my sewing basket! Be sure to leave a comment below if you have other uses for this funny looking foot.


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  1. Looks like a more secure way to keep the buttons in place. I have always used the usual foot with the bottom portion snapped off but it meant hand positioning and sometimes holding the button to keep it from slipping.

  2. Ronda Halvorsen-Ferns says

    Love the button fitting foot tips Heather! Thanks so very much for all you do and share with us!!!!!!
    Ronda in Bend, OR

  3. Lesley Flood says

    Brilliant idea, where can I buy one??

    • Shamra Shaw says

      Some machines come with one. At least my Brother NX600 did. Check at your local sewing machine store. You’ll need to know your machine make and model so you can get the correct one for your machine

  4. Susanne Wilson says

    Well done. Thanks for the suggestion for using this foot for other applications. I wouldn’t have thought of that!