How to change a Rotary Blade

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The rotary cutter is one of my favorite tools in the sewing bin.  It helps me slice through layers of fabric with lightning speed in one clean motion.  But after too many turns around the mat it starts to dull and leave sections slightly attached.  This is when it’s time to change the blade.

How to change a rotary blade.  The Sewing Loft

Since the rotary cutter is super sharp and I am totally clumsy, I was extremely reluctant to switch out the blades.  Actually, I even thought about asking Mr. TSL to do it for me.   You see, I have bad history with an X-Acto knife but that’s a story for another day.   No, today, I vowed that I could do it on my own with no injury to report!

 How to Change a Rotary Blade


Let’s break it down! 

With the safety shield in the covered position, twist the back nut to the left to loosen and remove.

How to change a rotary blade. The Sewing Loft

Gently dissemble all pieces and carefully set them down in a safe and out of harms way place.

How to change a rotary blade. The Sewing Loft

Check out the gunk that was tucked all around and under the safety shield. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!

How to change a rotary blade. The Sewing Loft

Replace the safety shield and place the carefully place the new blade over top.

How to replace your rotary blade. The Sewing Loft

Insert the stem through the blade and screw into the nut. Be careful not to over tighten.  There is no need for extra tools here, your fingers are just fine!

Replace your rotary blade in just a few easy steps.  The Sewing Loft

Check out how smooth that new blade slices through the fabric.  LOVE IT!!

The Sewing Loft




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  1. lovefirststitch says

    Just a question is that nut noton the wrong side of the blade in the last Picture?

  2. Glad I have seen this…..I was not looking forward to changing my blade but I don’t feel too bad now!

  3. Just wondering if anyone out there has used any of the sharpening devices sold for sharpening these blades and if so, with what degree of success.
    I was considering buying one with the thought that it might be more economical than buying all the new blades.

    • I sharpen mine with a sharpener & it works quite well. It will put a nice clean, sharp edge to an otherwise dull blade. It definitely saves money by not having to buy new blades every time one gets dull.

  4. Thank you so much for this post. It is time to change the blade on mine too, but I’ve been afraid to do so. I even considered just buying a whole new cutter. NOT ANYMORE!

  5. barbara woods says

    that works if your husband didn’t change your blade for you and then you can’t turn it.

  6. Robin from Israel says

    What great timing! I’ve just bought new blades for mine and haven’t yet had the chance to try changing them. Now I can change them out with confidence!

  7. Great tutorial Heather, it’s important to understand the correct safe technique in replacing simple equipment such as a rotary blade

  8. Heather how do you dispose of the old ones? I have a blade container to put old ones into, Do you chuck them out into garbage,are they going into recycle bin?