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Cranky 9 Patch Quilt Block

Welcome everyone to the Quick as a Fox Quilt Along!  If you are just finding this for the first time, you can find all the previous blocks here and the photo gallery here.

Today we are hitting a block that will allow you to break out from the restrictions of quilt blocks! No more rules.  No more points.  Just fun, mindless piecing.

The easier block to learn how to sew cranky way is the 9 patch.  We are going to start off with squares that are bigger than the finished size of block that we are going for.  This is because we will be using our ruler to help us get an angle and cranky up the quilt block.  You are also going to be offsetting those seams– nothing matching here!

I found that I enjoyed taking my own blocks and purposefully not lining them up properly.  Making sure that they were a little bit ‘off’.  {ask my mom, I don’t think I have ever followed the rules!}  In my exploration, I made up my own term and technique of ‘cranky’ piecing.  In fact I made a whole cranky quilt out of it!

So, here is my bit of knowledge for you– if you are sewing along and something totally goes askew….. you just say it has been sewn ‘cranky’ style.  If your points are all cut off and you are squenching with horror- that’s ok too. You did it on purpose because you know the ‘cranky’ technique.  You can blame me for this new found freedom. I can take it. 🙂

Materials needed:

9– 5″ squares

1)  Sew 3 rows of 3 squares in each row

2)  Offset the second row– you don’t want those seams to match, we are going cranky here

3)  Sew the last row on, offsetting again

cranky 9 patch

4)  Taking your ruler, turn it just a little bit on an angle and cut your quilt block to 12 1/2″ X 12 1/2″

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To help us all connect and find inspiration from one another, there is a flickr photo gallery group-  Share your progress, choices, and finished blocks there.  If there is anything I know about quilters and sewists, it’s that we are very visual people.  So, please share it so we can all see it.

The next block– Coloring Page Applique! See you next Tuesday.




  1. Márcia Carvalho de Souza says

    It”s wild!!! Beautiful!