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It’s time to share the next addition in the Blocks 2 Quilt series, the Cross-Eyed Quilt Block but before I do, I need to chat about the Electric Quilt 8 program.

You see about a year ago, I purchased the EQ8 software to help me design quilt blocks with ease but I quickly realized that I could make every excuse under the sun not to sit down and just play. That’s why I started the #Blocks2Quilt series, for the commitment of learning.

Each week while I am sharing a new block for you to sharpen your quilting skills on, I’m actually fine tuning my designing skills and this program has made it a breeze.

Designing in EQ8 | Cross-Eyed Quilt Block

One of my favorite features is the coloring tool. With just a simple click of the mouse, I can switch out the fabrics inside my block. Take a look at the different versions of my Cross-Eyed block. It’s almost hard to believe that the middle sketch is actually the same block as the rest but it is! Now, I like to work in solid color pallets when designing but the EQ8 program also offers a wide selection of fabrics.

You can learn more about the program here and for those TSL fans that are interested in stretching their design wings with EQ8, be sure to use code EQ8HEATHER at check out for a 20% discount. (Then be sure to tag me when you start sharing your designs because I want to cheer you on!!)

Alright, enough of me gushing over the program it’s time to get to this week’s quilt block!

Cross-Eyed Quilt Block is a simple block that is perfect for using scraps.
Looking to improve your quilting skills? Join the Blocks 2 Quilt sew along. Each week a new block will be shared with complete instructions for easy sewing.

The Cross-Eyed quilt block highlights straight seams, simple sub cutting and an introduction to sewing on the bias, making this design perfect for beginners.

Cross-Eyed Quilt Block is an easy to make block that is perfectly designed for using your leftover fabric scraps. Great for all skill levels.

Please don’t worry about the bias, I’ve included several checkpoints to help keep you on track.

Cross-Eyed Quilt Block is an easy to make block that is perfectly designed for using your leftover fabric scraps. Block 2 Quilt

Cross-Eyed Quilt Block Details:

Each finished quilt block measures-

  • 6″ x 6″ (15.2 x 15.2 cm)
  • 12″ x 12″ (33 x 33 cm)

I pulled fabrics from my stash that compliment the Blushing Glory quilt block and since we are redecorating our bedroom, I think this is officially the beginning of a new quilt! I’m kind of excited to spend the weekend sorting my scraps to see if I have enough. (fingers crossed)

Material & Tool Supply List:

easy to make block that is perfectly designed for using your leftover fabric scraps. Great for all skill levels.

This week you can add the Cross-Eyed quilt block pattern to your library for free after that, it will be available for sale in the shop.

Remember, each block in this series has been such a blast to plan and seeing your photos an extra bonus along the way. So, please keep sharing your finished blocks. Between the fabrics that you pull and the personal touches that you add, each week you inspire me! So please, don’t be shy… After your block is stitched please share a few pictures of your work using the hashtags #Blocks2Quilt and #TheSewingLoft so we can all see.

Learn how to make simple quilt blocks like theCross-Eyed Quilt Block. Each block is designed to use your leftover fabric scraps. Great for all skill levels.

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  1. I love the blocks you have designed and then shared with us. Thank you so much. Do you think you might design any more beach themed blocks? I made the three you shared a few weeks ago and would like to use them in a wall hanging for my daughter. I would like to design a simple anchor, a turtle, and…. Thanks for your inspirations.

    • Hello Gail,
      Thank you so much for the note! I love hearing what blocks others are interested in. I actually have two more blocks designed with a beachy theme but love the idea of adding a few more.
      Keep the ideas coming and your eyes peeled!

  2. Kathie L says

    I’m enjoying your weekly blocks. You’ve designed some fun blocks. And it’s nice for you to show the EQ product that you are using.

    • Thank you Kathie,
      I’m really enjoying learning the in’s and out’s of the EQ8 program. It is very easy to and the window for learning is smaller than I thought.

  3. I am just seeing these great blocks. I was able to get the bumblebee block for free which is great because I can’t afford to buy instructions to make quilt blocks. I am confused is the bee part of a series I missed? I am disabled and new at making blocks so I would absolutely love free different block patterns to accomplish a quilt!!!!! Ease let me know if I have missed blocks. If I have to pay for them I will have to just start here with the bumblebees. Sincerely, Sonja

    • Hello Sonja,
      Welcome, so glad you found the series. Throughout the 2019 calendar year, I will be sharing patchwork quilt blocks to help everyone brush up on their skills, build their library and just have fun! Each block is available free for one week. After that, it can be purchased through my shop. To avoid missing out on a block, I suggest you check the site each week and consider signing up for the mailing list as I send a quick reminder to download.
      Looking forward to seeing what you stitch up!

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