Flower Mini Quilt Inspiration

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I’ve just announced the latest swap and am here to get you inspired to stitch up a storm. Mini quilts are one of my favorite things to swap, and the floral theme has my creative juices flowing. Whether you are in the dead of winter, the heat of summer, or somewhere in between, flowers are always appropriate. And, I promise these won’t require a green thumb or checking the water level in the vase!

Flower Mini Quilt Sewing Patterns

To help keep your creativity flowing, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite patterns on the web.

Flower Mini Quilt Patterns
Flower Blocks and Flower Mini Quilt Sewing Patterns and Tutorials
Join the fun of the mini quilt swap with The Sewing Loft. Sign ups are happening now.

So, if you are excited like me and interested in exchanging a handmade mini with a friend, be sure to sign up and join the fun of my latest SWAP. Who knows, you might even get me as a partner!

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