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Woo Hoo, we are in the home stretch of the 2016 Block of the Month Sew Along and this month’s block is Four Corners.

Come join the fun and Increase your skill set with a block of the Month sewing series on The Sewing Loft.

Not only is this block super easy to make but it’s made from our scraps!! Remember in block 7 Split Geese I mentioned saving your scraps? Well, this block is the reason why!

It's time for the next block in the Starry Night Quilt Sampler - Four Corners Quilt Block 9. Come join the fun and Increase your skill set with a block of the Month sewing series on The Sewing Loft.


We will be using those leftover bits of goodness to create two blocks for our Starry Night Sampler and they go together fast!

Here are a few quick tips-

Use flat head straight pins to keep your seams lined up.

Use flat head pins to line seams up for easy stitching.

It is helpful to “nest” your seams.

Nest your seams to keep your block flat. The Sewing Loft


As always, pressing is your friend. Remember, to avoid stretching, we are pressing and not ironing our blocks.

Pressing and Ironing are common terms in sewing but do you know what they mean? Let's breakdown the differences. The Sewing Loft #sewing #ironing #quilting


Hope on over here for the full instructions for the Four Corners block!

Remember, the Starry Night Quilt Sampler was designed to showcase traditional quilt blocks with a modern twist and I am so excited to see your quilt blocks come together. Be sure to share them on social media using the #StarryNightQuilt for us to see!

Well, that’s it for now. Don’t forget that I’ll be back next month with a next block in the Starry Night Quilt Block of the Month series. In the meantime, be sure to come find me on social media and share a few pictures of your finished block using #StarryNightQuilt as a tag, I want to see your blocks stitched together!

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  1. Hello! Any plans to make this available again? The links to the block instructions are broken.

    Thank you!

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