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Today, I am over at Skip to my Lou guest posting in theย Holiday Bake Craft Sew Along. homemade holiday Here is a quick sneak peek of what I’m sharing! Hint- it’s my easy way to keep the holidays festive and stress free.

Holiday Bake Craft Sew Along Guest Project by The Sewing Loft

Plus,ย I get to treat you to a SEW Amazing giveaway as part of our crafty series.

We are giving away a fabulous Prize Package worth more than $1000!
sew amazing giveawayOne lucky winner will receive…
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Be sure to check out all the fabulous sewing projects shared this month for this Holiday Bake Craft Sew series going on all month long!
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  1. Eileen DiPietro says

    I’ve never received a handmade gift, but it’s better to give!!

    • Melissa Endicott says

      We started a tradition to reign in Christmas. Our kids get one Santa present, one mommy/daddy present and one Mommy made present. They loved the Mommy presents and still use them all the time.

    • Charleen Wozniak says

      Handmade can be just a card or cookies. The simple things in life.

  2. My favorite gift is a quilt from an aunt – sewn by hand 50 years ago:)

  3. I would love to win a prize ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I actually have several favorite handmade gifts. I think two of my most favorite are:
    My Denim quilt made from mostly my grandfathers overalls and denim shirts for the top and many old clothes from the family for the back.
    The last doily with my name crocheted that my grandmother made for me before she passed.

  5. Ooo…I’d love to win ๐Ÿ™‚ Such an awesome prize pack!

  6. Lisa Locklear Scott says

    my favorite was a purse.

  7. I’ve always wanted a serger – let’s hope this is my merry Christmas!

  8. favourite craft I received–probably a pouch I recently received! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I am so behind on my handmade holidays this year, and your craft along ides may be just what I need to whip up some awesome gifts for my family.

  10. A homemade University of Texas Longhorns blanket.

  11. I would love to win! I need to win!

  12. Diane ebel (@DianeEbel) says

    My favorite handmade gift was the santa claus my baby sister made out a coffeecan in kindergarten…she’s horrified that i still put it out!

  13. My mother used to knit beautiful sweaters. I received one as a gift. I wish I still had it.

  14. Wow, what a wonderful giveaway! Unfortunatly, life has gotten in the way of crafting this year!

  15. My grandmother used to knit sweaters when she lived in Alaska. My favorite one had a hood on it and was multi-colored. She taught me to knit and sew. I love sewing an am teaching my niece to sew for her little girls

  16. wishing for win

  17. My fav homemade gift is a candy countdown my mom made for me when I was very young and I still use it every Christmas.

  18. My favorite handmade gift technically wasn’t for me – it was a sweater my mom knitted for my firstborn son….

  19. Melissa Greenfield says

    I have never received a handmade gift from anyone other than all the wonderful items my 3 kids made in school and I love every one of them. Wow that was long ago;)

  20. Linda Pawlak says

    This is sure a FABULOUS giveaway! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed! Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Deborah Clark says

    this will be my first holiday as a newlywed and I am so looking forward to new and shared holiday traditions. my crafting gifts has already begun…new machines and a gift card would help though! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Deborah Clark says

    missed the part about the handmade gift: I’ve been blessed to receive many. Aprons, a table (i know!), journals, but I think my favorite was a memory box one of my best friends made me. It was painted and decoupaged and inside was filled with notes and mix css and little cut outs from things we loved.

  23. My favorite handmade gift ever is a Christmas ornament stitched by my late mother-in-law. It’s so pretty and reminds me of her every year when I hang it on our Christmas tree. Thanks for the sweet giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Christine K. says

    I would love to win this!!!!!!

    • Christine K. says

      My favorite gift was a homemade magnet my son made for me in kindergarten, he’s now 23 and I still have it hanging in the fridge.

  25. Leonor Rousse says

    I would love to own a sewing machine to make crafty items..:}
    favorite handmade gift given to me was Christmas ornament.
    and thank you for giving me the chance to win….:)

  26. HI, it would be a handmade quilt from my Grandmother!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  27. Lorinda Davis says

    My favorite handmade gift was a pair of flannel pajama shorts from my sister. I wore them for years!

  28. ellisonlanequilts says

    Fav Handmade gift: items from my sweet friend Linds. She spoiled me with handmade kitchen goodies.

  29. Kandace White says

    My son gave me a handmade heart-shaped pillow for Valentine’s Day when he was in grade school.

  30. Angie Bratcher says

    The best handmade gift that I ever received was a handmade mini-art kit from my best pal that understands my desire to create, and my total lack of opportunity to do so! She’s the BEST!

  31. My mom made me some ultra cool socks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Leigh Ann Ziegler says

    A beautiful hand sewn quilt from my co-workers. It was a gift for my newborn daughter.

  33. Shirley Sparkman says

    I end up going to Jo-Ann’s once a week for supplies, they seem to have everything.

  34. Carrie Goode says

    Favorite handmade gift…..wooden nativity

  35. I love all things hand made! My favorite hand made gift that I like to give as well as receive is a handmade quilt. Thanks!

  36. Great prize, definitely could use a serger!

  37. Leesa Miller says

    What a great give away. Just think of all the things I could make with that.

  38. My favorite gift is from my son when he was in 3rd grade and made a clay figure of our dog then painted it the same colors. I still have it in my living room.

  39. Derb Springer says

    All hand made presents are the best. Way better than those purchased at a store.

  40. A huge box of barbie clothes my grandma spent a whole summer making me after “stealing” one of my dolls for fitting. She even crocheted a lace wedding dress. My daughter still uses them.

  41. Well I just won a Quilt calendar but not received it yet, I know I will love it and I go to JoAnns a lot.

  42. What a dream come true this would be, to *finally* set up my studio with all the needed supplies! This is amazing, crossing my fingers!

  43. My favorite handmade gift was from my daughter, she crochets and made me some beautiful face scrubbies in a glass jar that are too pretty to use!!!

  44. Jessie Gaskin says

    My favorite homemade Christmas gift is a Santa made by a dear friend.

  45. becky kendrick says

    my favorite handmade gift was crochet baby shoes, made by my grandmother for my new born son. She made me ten pairs, all different colors. I was able to let all 5 of my children wear them, giving each a special pair. I now hang a pair on my Christmas tree, in honor of her.

  46. My favorite homemade gift ever received was a hand piece and quilted quilt from my mother. Love it!!

  47. WOW !! my favorite all time hand made gift was a part china doll and part rag doll from my grandmother. Then my 2nd favorite was a crocheted blanket from a friend’s grandmother for our 2nd child.
    Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway .. Thank you for having this wonderful site for all of us out in Cyberland !

  48. My favorite handmade gift?
    My son and dil are artists. One year he painted a picture of my kitty ~ Isybelle and my dil painted a bird. I love both of them and the art they do ~ so precious to me.

  49. A quilt from my aunt and a Christmas quilt from my sister in law

  50. What a generous prize!!! My most treasured gift was from my son when he was in the 5th grade. Using a clothes peg, red pipe cleaner, wiggly eyes and ribbon, he made me a reindeer necklace. Simple but made with perfect devoted love.

  51. A hand painted porcelain mug from my 8 year old niece.

  52. I once received a circle skirt that my sister made me for my birthday that I really liked, but as I can’t think of any others, that would have to be my favorite!

  53. Dale Hunsberger says

    My first love has always been sewing! As I am disabled – crafting has made me happy and fell a sense of worth,

  54. My Grandmother made handmade pot holders, I treasure them to this day!

  55. I have only dreamed about one of these machines. I would love to win. My favorite handmade gift was a homemade angel wall hanging from a secret santa gift.

  56. Deborah Ward says

    my favorite gift was a bedspread that my grand mom made me back in 1976, I still have it she is 98 yrs old ๐Ÿ™‚ it took her 2 yrs to make it as she had to keep hiding it. we lived next door and seems every time she thought the coast was clear to work on it, in I would pop!!! not sure if it’s knitted or crocheted. she made all of my children sweaters, hats & booties to come home from the hospital in and through out the years more sweaters, mittens, slippers and I finally asked her to make them each a bedspread which she did!!

  57. My favorite hand made gift(s) that I have ever received is crocheted dish cloths that my niece makes for everyone every Christmas. I love them!

  58. My favorite was a quilt made by my mother for me when I was a baby

  59. My wonderfully talented grandmothers, aunts and mother have each given me amazing handmade gifts all my life, but my favorite (this minute) is a rustic picture frame and watercolor my (9 years younger) brother made in Boy Scouts, and gave to me when I was in college. I hung it in every dorm room and apartment until I got married, and I still have it tucked away.

  60. Wonderful giveaway…..thanks so much!

  61. Diane Krebs says

    My favorite handmade gift came from my husband not long after we were married. I had mentioned once while we were dating that I collected Raggedy Ann dolls.
    He spent a few months actually making me one. He didn’t even use a pattern! I was stunned that he would do this!

  62. Diane Krebs says

    I already entered with my hubbie’s hand made Raggedy Ann gift. I wanted to also thank you for bringing attention to all of the wonderful FB pages! I joined almost all of them. Being somewhat new to sewing I look for inspiration and tips all the time, and I probably wouldn’t have found these wonderful ladies if not for your blog!!!

  63. My family doesn’t typically give handmade gifts… they are so commercial, I’m almost ashamed to claim them. I would so love to recieve gifts from the hand and the heart as opposed to something someone just bought with the thought that I might like it.

  64. Lora Howard says

    The most memorable home/handmade item that I ever received was a crocheted poncho from my grandmother. Now mind you, I didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have back in the day, cause let’s face it, what kid wants to open CLOTHES for Christmas! But I remember that darned poncho like no other gift ever!

  65. Anything baked!

  66. We enjoyed many homemade Christmases in the past. Would love to scale back and make a difference in the world experiencing the real meaning of Christmas !

  67. My favorite handmade gift (other than all those precious things my sweet boys made as they were growing up) is a big beautiful quilt my mother in law made for my husband and I shortly before our fifth wedding anniversary. She hand quilted every tiny stitch herself and I love it more today than when we first received it. Guess I just have a greater appreciation for all the thought and work she put into it.
    Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize!!!

  68. Chelle Chapman says

    My Gram used to make us Barbie clothes for B-Day’s & Christmas & I honestly think those were the BEST things our Barbie’s EVER wore!! Gram had a whole slew of antique Barbie’s she used for models & we could play w/ them IF we were good! I bet my Sister & I were on our best behavior when at Gram house!!

  69. I have a doll that was made for me. I don’t remember who gave it to me but I’m 62 years old and I still love that little doll. My mother-in-law made me a beautiful shawl and afghan. I still have both.

  70. Debbie Pilgrim says

    I have received many wonderful handmade gifts and have treasured them all, but the one I treasure most is a floral arrangement floating in a beautiful bottle with a raffia bow my son made me.

  71. Donna Phelps says

    This is a super giveaway. I never seem to win anything, soooo….PICK ME, PICK ME please.

  72. I haven’t received a handmade gift, but I’ve given lots!

  73. Laura Brown says

    I’m usually the only one who makes handmade gifts for Christmas. My SIL did make a set of coasters one year for us, and she painted pictures for my children. That’s about it. No one else is crafty enough I guess!

  74. The most memorable girft was a beautiful crocheted Christmas wall hanging that one of my husband’s patients made for us. We hardly knew her and it touched my heart that she would spend all that time making us something that beautiful!

  75. Marcia Pearson Herath says

    The most memorable handmade gift I received was a luncheon set hemmed by hand by a 90+ y/0 client who told me she didn’t even have to wear glasses yo do it.

  76. As a mom, the most memorable gift(s) I’ve ever received are all the hand crafts my boys made in school through the years! I continue till this very day to display some of the ornaments and decor, those which have survived, with great pride.
    Behind my children’s crafts are a knit blanket from my mother and a crochet blanket from my grandmother.

  77. My mother gave me a hand crocheted bedspread that my grandmother had made. She crocheted the bedspread using bedspread weight cotton thread and It must have taken her months to crochet It. I will be passing it on to my daughter In the near future.

  78. I still have a crocheted cross my great grandma gave me when I was a baby. Now my granddaughter is crocheting and has given me a couple purses that she made. I love handmade gifts and am working on several right now. I’d love this prize.

  79. The best handmade gift I’ve ever received was a hat my sister made. I’ve had it for fifteen years.

  80. I haven’t really received that many handmade gifts :-/ But the best handmade gift I’ve received so far has been a construction paper purse/book my daughter made for me for mother’s day last year. It had a cute story of all of her favorite things that we do together, baking, singing, and me running through the house with her in the laundry basket ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Cathy Martin says

    I received a handmade yarn wreath years ago from my sister in law. None of us had any money. It was such a thoughtful gift. I cherish it.

  82. Dennis Mullins Sr says

    I don’t remember ever getting a handmade gift. I have given a lot but never received one.that I can remember but my memory is not as good as it was before.

  83. Cheryl Morris says

    The handmade gift that I remember most is a crocheted bedspread that my Grandmother made. It is so beautiful and made with such love that I hate to put it on the bed as the children and dogs all think they belong there.

  84. My quilts. I have multiple from my grandmother, one from my great grandmother, and one they both collaborated on. They warm my heart every time I take them out to use them.

  85. A tiny knitted sweater for my newborn….so cool!

  86. Judith Martinez says

    My favorite handmade gift was the hand crocheted afghan I got at my high school graduation. My great grandmother made it.

  87. Kim Leachman says

    My favorite handmade gift was a ceramic horse my grandma made for me when I was 8.

  88. Dawn Leonards says

    My favorite handmade gift was a Smurf nightgown my grandmother made me when I was about 9 years old. The knit fabric was so soft and just got softer each time my Mom washed it. In fact I loved it so much I wore it well into my high school years, actually it pretty much fit like a shirt by that time.

  89. Janee' Hassell says

    A serger would be sewwwwwww awesome! Thanks!

  90. Demetria Santillan says

    I have gotten a lot of handmade gifts so it is very hard to decide which one! I am desperate for a new sewing machine & I would love all the other stuff! Yum!

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