Muslin Fabric – Sewing Term

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Muslin fabric is commonly used when creating apparel and sewing projects. Learn more about this standard sewing term and characteristics.

Muslin –



  1. a cotton fabric made in various degrees of fineness and often printed,woven, or embroidered in patterns, especially a cotton fabric of plain weave, used for sheets and for a variety of other purposes.
  2. an item sewn from such fabric


Muslin is a type of cotton fabric. It is sometimes printed, but most often in the sewing world when you hear the term it’s going to refer to a type of unprinted, plain fabric that is relatively inexpensive. Sometimes a seamstress will refer to “making a muslin,” which means she is making a “practice” version of a garment out of this cheaper fabric before she makes the real garment out of more expensive fabric. You can purchase muslin fabric by the bolt on-line here or by the yard at most fabric stores.


Click photos to learn how to use muslin in your everyday sewing. 

create a muslin and make sure the pattern is fitting just the right way. Always create a muslin for pattern fittings. Learn how to create Pre Fit on The Sewing Loft


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